Sutra neti



        There are two kinds of neti as water neti and sutra neti. The nose is made neat and clean and breathing activity is made proper by these two types of neti.

Technique of this activity-

        Take 1.5 feet long and 1.25 inches wide piece of silky cloth for this activity. After that, rift this cloth from the middle till the half length and make like rope. Now melt pure wax of the bee hive in a bowl and put rope in it. Now bring it out and rub it for making it smooth and there should no less or much wax on the rope viz the wax should be equal on the rope. After making the rope smooth, make one side thin by rubbing from the fingers as the point of the thread is made thin for thrusting into the needle.

        Now, make the pointed part of this rope in crescent shape by rotating. Now sit in kaga asana and interpose this pointed side into one nostril slowly and take breath through the nostril. The thread will come in the mouth by doing so. Bring this thread out by holding it with the help of fingers slowly. Thereafter, interpose it into the second nostril and bring out from the mouth. Do this activity from both the nostrils 20 to 40 times.

        If you are not able in making proper sutra (thread) by house cloth, make it by the raw thread of cotton of the house. For it, take soft, knotless and 1.5 to two feet long thread of raw cotton. The thickness of the thread should be so much that it may interpose into the nostril and bring out from the mouth easily. Immerse this thread in boiled water and make the top part in the shape of crescent.

        Now sit in kaga asana and hold one end of the thread and make the second side pointed by rubbing with the fingers. After that, interpose it into the running nostril (by which the breath is being taken) and take deep breath. Thus, the thread will come out from the mouth by passing through the nostril. Thereafter, pull the thread outwards with the help of the fingers slowly. Now interpose thread through the second nostril and bring it out from the mouth. Thus, do this activity for 20 to 24 times by both the nostrils. In the last, interpose thread in one nostril and bring it out from the second nostril. A person should do this activity in 2-3 weeks or the person who has weak eyes, should do the practice of this activity in 2-3 months.


        The practice of this activity is difficult, so do rubber neti activity before the practice of this activity in which rubber sutra is used. This activity should be done in the supervision of any yoga guru in the beginning. Don’t do this activity hurriedly otherwise it may be harmful. Drip some drops of pure ghee in both the nostrils before doing sutra neti in the beginning.  


        The practice of this activity makes the nasal pipe clean and ends the dirt of the nose and throat. It purifies skull and cures all the diseases above the shoulders. It cures catarrh, common cold, headache, and cataract, eye diseases, breathing problems, asthma and other diseases. It enhances eyesight and the person does not become the victim of cataract. A person gets rid of enlargement of nose bone or flesh by the practice of sutra neti.