Sunlight and color therapy


Some important facts about sun treatment :

          All the animals, plants, creatures and living things are live on this earth only due to sunlight.

         The human also gets his physical strength from sunlight. We get sunlight in two forms. First, we get it directly with our naked body and second, it is obtained through trees, plants, animals, birds and diet. Trees and plants gets sunrays in the forms of protein, vitamin. Animals and birds get fat, color and vitamin from sunrays. Approximately 0.15% of total sunrays coming on the earth are obtained by plants and 90% energy of it is obtained by sea plants. In this way, only 0.15 % of total sunrays are obtained by earth plants. Sunrays are very beneficial for our body. Sunrays kill (destroy) harmful bacteria. Trees and plants observe sunrays and provide foods, medicines, herbs, oil, etc. to human. By the process of converting sun energy into chemical energy, the stocks of petrol, coal and oil can be formed on the earth. With the help of sunrays, water changes into vapor after evaporation and converted in to clouds that come on the earth in the form of rain. Weathers always depend on sunrays. The life of all living creatures on the earth depends directly or indirectly on sunrays. If we take sunrays with our naked body in the morning everyday, our body remains healthy naturally. It enhances resistance power of our body and the body becomes disease free.