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 The Sunflower moves around the sun whole day. Sunflower moves its mouth towards sun. Its flowers blossom as sunrises and fade with sunset.Introduction:

         The Sunflower moves around the sun whole day. Sunflower moves its mouth towards sun. Its flowers blossom as sunrises and fade with sunset. Its plants are found in the gardens, on the road sides, near by villages and in the fields. Sunflowers of purple colour are widely found from Bihar and orissa to Gujarat and south India. There are three kinds of Sunflowers– white, yellow and purple. All the types of Sunflower have equal properties.

Name in different languages:

English     -        Sunflower

Hindi        -        Surajmukhi, Hurhul

Sanskrit    -        Suryavrat, Suvarchla

Gujarati     -       Surajmukhi

Marathi     -        Bramhika, Suchhphula

Bengali     -        Surajmukhi

Persian     -        Aaphtabi, Gule, Aaphtab

Arabic      -        Akshvan

Telugu       -       Aaditya bhakti

Scientific name - Aestreses

Outer structure: Sunflower plants are 1-4 feet high. Its leaves are divided in 5 parts at the frontal portion. Its flowers are white, purple and yellow. Central part of its flower contains saffron. Its plants are grown from its seeds.

Chemical structure: Oil is extracted from the plant of its tree after crushing which has all properties like garlic and mustard. This oil is not found in dry plant of Sunflower. Its seeds contain stable oil.


Sunflower eliminates vatta and kapha. Alcoholic syrup of its panchang has good ability to fight against cancer. It ends the burning sensation and digestion problems. It kills stomach worms and gets rid of pain. Using all the kinds of Sunflower externally affect like Indian mustard seed. These are stimulant and end the inflammation of the body. These also get rid of pain.

Useful in different diseases:  

1. Syphilis: Grind the leaves of Sunflower plant and tie on the affected part. Its use ends the disease named syphilis.

2. Cholesterol: Sprouted seeds of Sunflower can be eaten. This formula keeps cholesterol level normal.

3. Fever:

  • Tie the root of Sunflower plant on the ear. Its use abates the fever caused by ghost.
  • Grind equal quantity of Sunflower leaves and black peppers together. Make tablets equal the black pepper of this mixture. Taking one tablet thrice a day for 3 days is good remedy in influenza.
  • Make a decoction by boiling 10 grams root of Sunflower plant. Drinking 20 milliliters this decoction twice a day abates fever caused by cold.
  • Taking 60 ml decoction of Sunflower leaves twice a day abates paratyphoid.
  • Take powder of Sunflower’s panchang with trikuta, milk and ghee following by rice and ghee. Its use provides quick relief in asthma caused by vatta and pitta.

4. Migraine: Mix Sunflower seeds in juice of Sunflower’s leaves and heat it. After that, apply this mixture on the head regularly for 2-3 days, it ends migraine.

5. Ear diseases:  

  • Mix a little dry ginger, black pepper and long pepper powder in the juice of Sunflower leaves and heat it slightly. Dripping 1-2 drops of light warm mixture into the ears destroys ear worms.
  • Make oil by boiling leaves of Sunflower plant and its powder together. Dripping this oil into the ears gets rid of earache and otorrhea. Its leaves’ juice also can be used.

6. Goitre: Grind the root of Sunflower plant and garlic together and make piece of it. Tie this piece on the throat to get rid of goitre but the patient suffers from intensive pain by its use.

7. Stomach pain: Give 10 drops juice of Sunflower mixing with milk to the affected child; it gets rid of stomach pain and flatulence.

8. Purgative: Dripping one drop oil of Sunflower seeds on the navel causes loose motions and makes the stomach clean.

9. Strangury: Take fine powder of Sunflower’s seeds with stale water; it provides relief if a person has been suffering from strangury.

10. Hemorrhoids: Taking 3 grams powder of Sunflower seeds mixing with 3 grams sugar twice a day is a good remedy for hemorrhoids caused by gas trouble. The patient should take only ghee, mixed heap (Khichdi) and whey during the treatment.

11. Vaginal inflammation: Grind the root of Sunflower plant with rice boiled water (Maandh) and apply this mixture in the vagina. It provides relief in this disease.

12. Stone: Grind the root of Sunflower plant with cow milk and take. Its use breaks stone soon.

13. Worms:

  • Take 1-3 grams seed of Sunflower to destroy stomach worms and earthworms.
  • Take 1.5 to 3 grams powder of Sunflower seeds with sugar twice a day for 2 days and take castor oil on third day. Its use causes loose motions and throws the worms out.

14. Swelling: 

  • Tie the leaves of Sunflower plant on boils to reduce swelling caused by boil.
  • Washing boils and pimples with the decoction of Sunflower leaves provides relief. Grind its leaves and apply it on the affected part. Its use cures elephantiasis and reduces the swelling caused by boil.

15. Otorrhoea: Mix juice of Sunflower leaves in mustard oil and drip this mixture into the ears. It is good remedy in otorrhea and its use gets rid of earache.

16. Hemorrhoids: Mix double quantity of sugar with the powder of Sunflower seeds. Taking 2 grams this mixture twice a day cures both types of hemorrhoids.

17. Indigestion: Take 5-6 seeds of Sunflower with sauce of mint or ginger; it provides relief.

18. Metrorrhagia (Bloody leucorrhoea): Take the decoction of Sunflower mixing with honey twice a day to get rid of metrorrhagia.

19. Stomach worms: Taking approx 4 grams ground seeds of Sunflower ends stomach worms and throws them out with excretion.

20. Hemicrania: Make a paste by grinding about 5 grams seeds of Sunflower with 10 ml juice of Sunflower fruits. After that, apply of this paste on the forehead. It is good remedy to get rid of hemicrania.

21. Headache: Grind the powder of Sunflower with Sunflower juice. Apply this mixture on the head to get rid of headache and hemicrania.