Sunbath of dr. rickli


        Sunbath of Dr. Rickli is very popular. According to him, sunbath should be taken by naked body with standing in sunlight. This bath is very useful in the morning. In this bath, whole body does not exposed to sunlight suddenly, but on first day, the calves of both our legs are kept in sunlight by spreading them and next day, the whole legs are kept. On third day, sunbath is given from the thighs to whole legs. In this way, the entire body of the patient is kept under sunlight within 10 days to take sunbath. When we start taking sunbath of our whole body, the body is kept under sunlight only for 10 minutes.

        In this way, we should take whole body bath 3 times a day up to 15 days. In case of benefits, this bath can be given 4 times a day. After each bath, the patient should be kept in shade for minimum 5 minutes. After that, the whole body should be wiped with a towel soaked in cold or lukewarm water and then sunbath should be started again.

        This bath is very beneficial in white flecks, indigestion, T.B., infantile rickets, deficiency of blood in the body, physical and mental weakness of children, infantile irritation due to liver disorders, etc.