Due to walking in the sun or due to getting other type of heat, if a person feels headache and vertigo, pain in the upper section of the stomach, nauseate or vomiting, having dry skin as in winter season, feeling weakness, lack of vision, becomes unconscious with coming much sound from the nose, chocked breath, frequent urination, etc. are found due to getting sun-stroke.

Treatment of sun-stroke with different drugs:-

1. Glonayan- This drug acts better on the brain and the spinal cord. If a person gets sun-stroke, this drug is known to be very effective. In the condition of becoming the face yellow, staring, becoming the tongue white, fast pulse rate, heavy breath, etc., Glonayan 6 or 30 is beneficial. If a person feels vertigo or over tiredness, Lackesis can be given to him. If memory fall weak due to sun-stroke, giving Anacadium is very useful.      

2. Belladonna- If the person feels vertigo due to sun-stroke, becomes unconscious, the face becomes red, the eyes are changed into red, having severe fever, throbbing sensation with headache, etc., Belladonna 30 can be given to him.

3. Jelsimium- If a person has symptoms of coma with other symptoms due sun stroke, giving Jelsimium to him is beneficial.

4. Natrum-carb- If diseases occurred due to sun stroke, become chronic and headache that occur due to high heat, etc., Natrum-carb is beneficial in such symptoms. This drug is also very useful in neuralgic excitement occurred due to storm. Besides it, if patient feels much weakness with headache due to sun heat, Natrum-carb 6 is very useful in such symptoms.


  • If a person gets sun stroke due to walking much in the sun light, he should take away to shady place.
  • Put off all the clothes of the suffere and clothe should be wrapped over the patient’s body after immersing it in cold water.
  • Give air to the patient continuously.
  • When the temperature of the sufferer’s body fall below 100 degree, remove out wet clothes from his body, but giving air should be continued.
  • When patient becomes conscious, give water or solution of salt and sugar.