Sun bath

 For sunbath, let the patient sit in sunlight in the morning and evening for little while. While sitting in sunlight,

Sunbath by seven rays of the sun is like that of complete sunbath that is taken locally (completely) or partially. All the seven rays of the sun make white ray after gathering all together, that’s why sunlight is white in color.

Curative (healing) properties are found in the seven rays of sun that is obtained from sunrays bath, sunbath, and seven rays’ bath. Well, in winter days, all of us take sun bath with naked body, but in the case of disease, we can become disease free by taking sunbath scientific way.     

Scientific ways of sunbath:-

1. The head should be kept protect from sunlight during sunbath. For this purpose, the head should be kept in shade or it should be covered with wetted handkerchief or green leaves. Before sunbath, it is necessary to wipe the head, face and neck properly after washing them.

2. Sunbath should not be taken in too bright sunrays. For taking this bath, morning and evening time are beneficial.

3. The period of sunbath should be increased gradually. This bath should not be taken for more than one hour, because as well as excess food is harmful to our body whether it is so tasty, excess sunlight is also harmful. By taking sunbath in appropriately, human body gets different types of benefits. It enhances vital power of our body and the bones of our body become strong; our body get vitamin D from sunlight and many diseases of our body is cured by it...............

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