Sumbul ferula sumbul




          Sumbul ferula sumbul drug is used for curing the symptoms as hysteria, neural problems, neural pain and heart problems.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-related symptoms:-

      The patient can do lots of work in the evening but he does not like work after awaking in the morning. He becomes very emotional and suffers from adhesive and yellow discharge from the nose. If he does any work related to reading or writing, he does wrong. Giving Sumbul ferula sumbul drug to the afflicted patient checks above symptoms. 

Heart-related symptoms:-

         Sumbul ferula sumbul is an excellent remedy in the cases of pulse irregularity, dyspnea caused by doing little work, asthma due to any problems of the heart, pain of the left hand, heaviness and numbness and neural pain around the left nipple and in the left side of the womb.  

Throat-related symptoms:-

         Sumbul ferula sumbul drug should be used in the symptoms as sensation of suffocation, intensive pain in the throat while swallowing something, belching due to stomach gas, pharynx problems and frequent discharge of phlegm from the throat. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

          Sumbul ferula sumbul is a great remedy in the cases of stomach pain due to flatulence, neural pain in the ovary glands and excessive sexual excitement during menstrual excretion.   

Urinary-related symptoms:-

          Sumbul ferula sumbul drug is used in the case of oil substance with urinating. This medicine prevents oil substance with urine.


          Sumbul ferula sumbul medicine can be compared with Asafi and Maskas medicines.


          Mother tincture or 3 potencies of Sumbul ferula sumbul medicine should be given to the afflicted patient.