Sulphurosum acidum




          Sulphurosum acidum drug is used for curing throat swelling and mouth wounds.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

          Sulphurosum acidum is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive headache, which ameliorates by vomiting, restlessness due to headache, and patient fights with others for the small matters and sensation like many bells are ringing in the ears.  

Mouth-related symptoms:-

          Sulphurosum acidum drug should be used for curing the symptoms as burning sensation due to any types of wound in the mouth, thick coat of filth on the tongue and redness or blueness of the tongue.

Gastric-related symptoms:-

          Sulphurosum acidum is a beneficial remedy for curing the symptoms as anorexia and fierce constipation.

Respiratory-related symptoms:-

          Sulphurosum acidum drug is used for curing the symptoms as dyspnea, sensation of the chest contraction, hoarseness and frequent dyspnea along with cough and discharge of excessive phlegm. It makes patient healthy within some days. 

Gynecology -relatedsymptoms:-

          Sulphurosum acidum is a great remedy in the case of body weakness due to discharging of white water from the vagina.


          Giving 3 potencies of Sulphurosum acidum medicine to the suffered patient makes him healthy within some days.


          Sulphurosum acidum drug can be used as spray for curing the throat swelling. Taking 10-15 drops of Sulphurosum acidum medicine before 10 minutes of eating the food ends filled water of the mouth. This medicine is also used for curing the mouth wounds.