Sulphuricum acidum



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        Although, Sulphuricum acidum drug is used for curing many types of disease but specially this medicine is used in the symptoms as weakness and shivering of the body.  

Useful in various symptoms:-

Eye-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum is a great remedy in the cases of blood accumulation inside the eye due to any injury or hurt on the eye and excessive swelling of the sclera along with intensive pain. 

Gastric-related symptoms:-

           Sulphuricum acidum drug should be used for curing the symptoms as chest inflammation, sour teeth due to sour belching in the whole day, desire to drink wine, sensation of the stomach emptiness, nausea due to smell of coffee, sour vomiting, frequent hiccup and retching along with feeling of cold.

Mouth-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of mouth blisters, incontinence bleeding from the gums and offensive breathing. 

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum drug is used for curing the symptoms as menorrhagia along with menstrual excretion before the time, wound on the uterus mouth of the old woman along with incontinence bleeding from the wound and sharp and inflammable leucorrhoea

Rectum-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum is a great remedy in the cases of black and offensive loose motions along with sour smell from the body, sensation like a big round thing has put in the rectum, unconsciousness along with feeling of stomach emptiness and discharge from the piles moles.

Head-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum drug can be used in the cases of neural pain in the right side of head, intensive pain, sensation like brain is rolling here and there in the forehead, pramastishk sanghatan while the patient suffers from skin coolness along with drenching the whole body by cold sweat, pain along with pressure in the one side of behind portion of the skull, headache which ameliorates by putting hand nearby the head and sensation like someone is piercing anything in the right side of the temple or affixing the cork. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum is very useful remedy in the symptoms as sensation of excessive weakness in the stomach along with feeling of strain in the buttocks and back like they are about to replacing specially in the left side.   

Mind-related symptoms:-

        The patient becomes very irritable and does not talk to others properly. He always lives in haste and wants to complete the work what he has. If someone questions to the patient, he is unable to reply. Giving Sulphuricum acidum drug to the afflicted patient checks above symptoms.       

Respiratory-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum drug should be used in the cases of fast breathing along with lancinating pain of the neck glands, nostrils cramps, larynx up and down rapidly and burning sensation in the trachea of the child along with haltingly cough by that patient trouble. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.   

Skin-related symptoms:-

        Sulphuricum acidum is an excellent remedy in the symptoms as problems due to any injury inside the body along with crushing pain and bluish skin, blue spots on the skin, red and blue flecks on the skin which contain itching along with black bleeding from these flecks and cracked heels along with swelling 

Symptoms related to external organs of the body:-

        Sulphuricum acidum drug is used in the cases of fingers shocks while writing and contraction with pain and numbness (baynto) of the whole arms like paralysis. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  


        These symptoms aggravate by excessive heat or cold and at the noon or in the evening.


        These symptoms ameliorate by warmth and lying on the side of suffered part.




        Sulphuricum acidum medicine can be compared with Arni, Calendula, Ledum, Calcarea and Sipi medicines.


Giving 3x potencies of Sulphuricum acidum medicine to the afflicted patient provides quick relief.