Color: Sulphur is yellow.  Taste: It is vapid and offensive.  Structure: Sulphur is a type of mineral substance. It catches fire early. Mostly, there are two kinds of sulphur.Color: Sulphur is yellow.

Taste: It is vapid and offensive.

Structure: Sulphur is a type of mineral substance. It catches fire early. Mostly, there are two kinds of sulphur.

  • Nainiya
  • Amvalasar

Amvalasar is used in the medicines.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it may be harmful for the brain.

Removing bad effect: Sterculia urens removes the bad effects of sulphur.

Compare: It can be compared by hartal.


Sulphur purifies the body and ends swelling. It generates dryness and purifies the blood. It provides warmth to the body and ends itching. Dripping sulphur in both the nostrils is useful to cure epilepsy, senselessness and migraine.

For reading tips click below links Sulphur (Gandhak*) is useful in different diseases:
1.     Asthma:


    Taking sulphur powder with ghee of cow milk is useful to cure asthma.
    2.     Impotency:


      Mix ground sulphur with honey and coat it on the penis thereafter make sexual relationship, it increases sexual power.
      3.     Cough:


        • Make fine powder by grinding 50 grams sulphur (Indian gooseberry’ alkaline) and 50 grams black pepper together. After that, take 4-6 grams this mixture with ghee, it cures cough.
        • Grind sulphur (Indian gooseberry’ alkaline), morrow of colocynth’s fruit, black pepper, flavieria repanda, cedar and dry ginger 8 grams each together thereafter prepare 14 dosages from it. Taking 1 dosage with honey twice a day regularly cures cough.
        4.     Sprue:


          Make fine powder by grinding 2 grams pure sulphur, 10 grams dry ginger, 5 grams long pepper, 5 grams five black salt and 2 grams toasted intoxicating together. Taking two pinches this powder with cold water is useful to cure sprue.
          5.     Bloody diarrhoea:

          Bloody diarrhoea:

            Taking 2 grams sulphur oil twice a day is beneficial to get relief in blood diarrhoea.
            6.     Piles:


              Taking tablets of sulphur regularly is useful to cure piles.
              7. Stomach worms:

              Stomach worms:

                Make fine powder by grinding 10 grams sulphur, 10 grams mercury, 20 gram collyrium, 30 grams parsley, 40 grams barbering, 50 grams pure kuchila, 60 grams common fumitory and bustard teak’s seed together. After that, take 1-3 grams this powder with decoction of cyperus, it brings out stomach worms with stool.
                8. Satisfaction to women:

                Satisfaction to women:

                  Make fine powder by grinding sulphur and mix honey in it. Apply this mixture on the penis (leave only front part) and make sexual relationship after sometime, it satisfactions the women while sexual intercourse.
                  9. Stomachache:


                    Taking 5-6 drops of sulphur acid with 30 ml water is useful to end stomachache.
                    10. Eczema:


                      Mix pure sulphur and sugar candy together and take 3-6 grams this mixture twice a day regularly; it cures scabies, itching and eczema.
                      11. Psoriasis:


                        Mix pure sulphur with mustard oil and keep it in sun light for some time. After that, apply this hot oil on the affected part, it provides relief in psoriasis.
                        12. Syphilis wound:

                        Syphilis wound:

                          Mix fine powder of sulphur with ghee and apply it on the affected part, it cures wound caused by syphilis.
                          13. Rheumatism:


                            Mix vinegar with sulphur and apply it on the affected part, it ends swelling caused by rheumatism.
                            14. Ulcer:


                              Apply sulphur paste on ulcer and its knot, it cures wound caused by ulcer.
                              15. Skin diseases:

                              Skin diseases:

                                Mix some sulphur with lukewarm water and take bath with this water in the morning to cure skin diseases.
                                16. Itching:


                                  Soak 10 grams pure Amvalasar sulphur with water at overnight. In the next morning, filter this mixture from thick cloth and drink, it cures itching early. The sulphur which remains after filter mix with coconut oil and grind it. Now, applying this mixture on the body in sun heat is useful to cure itching.
                                  17. Elephantiasis:


                                    Grind equal quantity of sulphur, mercury, blue copper sulphat, catechu, henna, hen bane seed, wais and staff tree together thereafter filter it. Mix this powder with cow urine and store it for one day. Firstly, apply collyrium of mercury and sulphur on the affected part; thereafter rub above mixture upon it. Using this process is useful to cure elephantiasis and blood diseases. This paste also can be used to cure itching and ringworm.
                                    18. White flecks:

                                    White flecks:

                                      Grind 20 gram sulphur, 10 grams menosal, 10 grams blue copper sulphate, 10 grams murda shankh, 10 grams hartal, 10 gram vermilion, 10 grams borax and 10 grams mercury powder together thereafter mix it with half cup lemon juice. Applying this mixture on affected part for two months regularly is useful to cure white flecks.
                                      19. Ringworm and scabies:

                                      Ringworm and scabies:

                                        • Mix Amvalasar sulphur with one bottle kerosene and fill it in bottle. Put this bottle in the sun light for one month. Applying this mixture on the ringworm with the help of cotton is useful to cure ringworm early.
                                        • Mix about 58 grams sulphur, madar milk and cow milk together after that pestle this mixture whole day to make tablets from it and then dry it properly. Cook these tablets with 2 li water until oil begins to float on the water of surface after that remove out this oil and cool it. Coat this oil on inside edges of the plate by hand. Thereafter, fill remained oil in the bottle and throw remained water. Applying this oil on the affected part is useful to cure ringworm, scabies, itching and leprosy.