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Structure: The stem (axis) of sugar-cane plant is 180 to 360 centimeters high, round and with knots. Its leaves are 90 to 120 centimeters long and 6 to 9 centimeters wide.Introduction:

           Sweet juice is important among 6 juices of diet. Jaggery, sugar and sugar-candy are made from juice of sugar-cane. Sugar-cane’s native place is India. In India, it is grown widely in Punjab, Hariyana, Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal and South India. Sugar-cane is also grown widely in the other countries of the world like- Java, Kyuba, Morishious, West Indies and East Africa. Sugar-cane is grown thrice a year that is in the months of January-February, June-July and October-November. Sugar-cane is also called “Eikh” and “Satha”.

           There are many kinds of sugar-cane like- white, black and brown etc. The juice of red sugar-cane is very sweet. As much sweet is sugar-cane as much useful it is. Sugar-cane has many types like- raw, half ripe, ripe and much ripe. Because of different kinds, it effects on sugar cane qualities. The juice of sugar-cane root is very sweet and juice of its middle part is sweet too. The juice of sugar-cane’s top portion and knots is salty. In the summer, sugar cane juice is useful like nectar.

           Sucking sugar-cane checks bile and blood disorders. It provides body strength like sugar. Sugar-cane increases phlegm and ends burning sensation. The juice of sugar-cane which is prepared with machines is dirty because of grinding and mixing insects and knots of roots. Its juice causes inflammation because of getting store for a long time. It stops the stool and heavy in digestion. Sugar-cane juice which is prepared with the help of machines causes burning sensation and flatulence. In the summer, extract fresh juice from sugar-cane and mix salt and lemon in it. Drinking this juice is very tasty and beneficial.

           The person whose sperm is impure because of Vatta and bile, sugar-cane juice is very useful for him. Sugar-cane juice is useful for the throat and ends retention of urine. Sugar-cane is sweet like sugar. It enhances body power and quenches thirst. It is useful for the treatment of acidity, illusion, strangury and inflammation. It ends exhaustation and weakness. Sugar-cane is very useful to cure jaundice. The patient who suffers from jaundice should suck sugar-cane regularly. It passes urine out properly and provides quick relief in jaundice. Sucking juice of sugar-cane is useful to end tiredness. Its juice increases breast milk and sperm count. It also makes powerful and wise to the person. The person who feels excessive tiredness after doing a little bit work, sugar-cane juice is very useful for him. Sugar-cane is beneficial to end inflammation in any organs of the body.

           Drinking sugar-cane juice before the meals eliminates bile disorder. Drink sugar-cane juice after the meal; it causes gas trouble and indigestion. Sugar-cane’s any part should not be wasted. Its root’s pieces are fed to animals. The juice of every types of sugar-cane checks bile disorders and increases body power, phlegm and sexual power. Sugar-cane juice is cool, oily, heavy and sweet. It increases urine too. Raw sugar-cane causes phlegm and spermathorrhoea (permeh). Medium sugar-cane is sweet and eliminates gas trouble and bile disorder.

Name in different languages:

English             :           Sugar cane

Hindi                :           Eikh, Ganna

Sanskrit           :            Ekshu, Dhirghchhad, Bhumi ras, Gud, Mul, Asipatra, Madhutran

Bengali            :            Ekshu, Kushir

Marathi            :            Oosi

Gujrati             :            Shredi

Telugu             :            Chirku

Persian           :            Neshkar

Arabic            :             Kasbu, Shakkar

Latin               :             Saccharum Offcinarum

Structure: The stem (axis) of sugar-cane plant is 180 to 360 centimeters high, round and with knots. Its leaves are 90 to 120 centimeters long and 6 to 9 centimeters wide.

Precautions: Sugar-cane is sweet, cool and smooth. So, it is not useful to cure the children diseases like-diabetes, fever, cold, indigestion, skin diseases and worms. Besides it, the person who has permanent problems of catarrh, asthma and cough should not take over quantity of sugar-cane. Taking over quantity of sugar cane is harmful for the phlegm natured persons.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Stomach pain:

  • Fill 5 litre juice of sugar-cane in a smooth soil’s pot and close its mouth with a cloth. One week later, open its mouth and filter juice. Mix 3 grams black salt in this juice for one month to prepare the mixture. Drinking 10 ml lukewarm this mixture is useful to end stomach pain quickly.
  • Take 2-4 grams caraway powder with jaggery and live with abstinence, it checks blood disorders and ends stomach pain within 7 days.

2. Anorexia: Heat sugar-cane juice lightly on fire or in the sun and store in a lead bottle or chines soil’s pot for 7 days. Taking this preparation is beneficial to cure anorexia and increases digestion power. Gargling with this preparation makes throat clean. This juice should be taken in quantity of 10 to 20 ml.

3. Anuria and dysuria (Burning sensation of urine):

  • Drinking fresh juice of sugar-cane passes out urine easily and cures all urinary problems.
  • Drinking 40 to 60 ml decoction of sugar-cane’s root is beneficial to end anuria and dysuria.
  • Boil sugar cane juice until remain its half quantity then cold it and mix ¼ ml honey in it, and store it in a soil pot. Or mix 120 ml sugar cane juice, 10 grams jaggery and 20 grams honey together and store it into a pot for 2 months to prepare vinegar. Taking 10 to 20 ml of this vinegar with water is useful to get relief in burning sensation caused by fever and anuria and dysuria.

4. Cough: Boil 1 litre fresh juice of sugar-cane with 250 grams fresh ghee until remain only ghee then takes its 10 grams quantity twice a day, it provides relief.

5. Manthar fever: Mix 30 ml water in 10 ml juice of sugar-cane. Apply this mixture on the body with light hands; it cures chicken pox, small pox and Manthar fever.

6. Catarrh: Mix 10 grams jaggery, 40 grams curd and 3 grams chilly powder together. Take this mixture in the morning regularly for 3 days; it cures chronic and dry catarrh, throat diseases, cough and catarrh along with breath problems. It also prevents offensive smell from the nose and mouth.

7. Body strength: Sugar cane digests food easily and provides body power. It increases fat and cures the chest inflammation. It also reduces stomach warmth. 

8. Hiccup:   

  • Mix a little quantity of jaggery in the water and grind a little quantity of dry ginger with this water. Dripping this mixture in both the nostrils is useful to prevent hiccup and headache.
  • Taking 10 to 20 grams sugar-cane juice provides relief in hiccup.

9. Headache: Grind 10 grams jaggery and 6 grams sesame with milk. Mix 6 grams ghee in the above mixture and heat it on the fire. Taking this preparation is useful to get relief from headache.

10. Goitre: Take 2 to 4 grams myrobalan powder afterwards drink sugar-cane juice, it provides relief.

11. Hoarseness: Toast sugar-cane in warm ash and suck, it provides relief.

12. Asthma: Take 3 to 6 grams jaggery with equal quantity mustard oil; it provides relief.

13. Breast engorgement: Grind 5-10 grams root of sugar-cane plant and take it with vinegar, it enhances breast milk.

14. Bloody diarrhoea: Mix sugar-cane juice with equal quantity of pomegranate juice. Drink this juice; it provides relief in bloody diarrhoea.

15. Indigestion: Take a little quantity of cumin seed with jaggery; it provides relief in indigestion, cold and vatta disorders.

16. Stone:

  • The patient should sit down in the lukewarm water after ending stone. Mix jaggery with milk and make it slightly hot and give it the patient, it brings out excessive urine and removes stone.
  • Suck sugar-cane regularly; it breaks the stones and throws them out. Sugar-cane juice is also beneficial to take in this condition.

17. Kidney pain: Grind 11 grams jaggery and 500 milligrams quenched lime together and make 2 tablets from this mixture. Give first 1 tablet with lukewarm water to the patient, if patient does not get relief, give second tablet, it provides relief from kidney pain.

18. Leucorrhoea:

  • The blank packet of jaggery, in which jaggery has filled since 2-3 years, burn this packet and filter its ash then store. Take 3 grams this ash; it cures white and blood leucorrhoea within some days.
  • Drinking sugar-cane juice is useful to cure leucorrhoea caused by bile.

19. For sperm growth: Take jaggery with 2-4 grams powder of Indian gooseberry; it enhances sperm count and ends tiredness. It cures haemoptysis, inflammation and anuria and dysuria. It also provides relief from pain.

20. Centipede bite: If centipede or other insect has bitten to someone, burn jaggery and apply it on the bitten part, it provides relief.

21. In several diseases: Take 5 grams jaggery with 5 grams powder of ginger or dry ginger or long pepper or myrobalan and mix any powder with jaggery. Taking 10 grams this mixture with lukewarm milk twice a day is useful to end swelling, catarrh, throat diseases, mouth diseases, cough, asthma, anorexia, pinus, typhoid, piles and sprue. It also eliminates vatta and phlegm.

22. Burning sensation: Mix jaggery in the water and filter it 25 times with the help of a cloth. Drink this water; it ends burning sensation and reduces warmth due to fever.

23. Pricking pain:  If thorn, stone and leads or other things have pricked in the feet, heat jaggery and apply it on the pricked portion, it provides relief.

24. Nalwat: Mix jaggery in the fresh milk of cow to make the sweet milk. This milk should be drunk in standing position and do not sit till 3 hours, it provides quick relief.

25. Mouth blisters, eyesight and fever:

  • Keep a piece of sugar-candy with a small piece of catechu in the mouth for sucking, it provides relief in mouth blisters.
  • Grind sugar-candy with water and apply it in the eyes, it makes eyes clean and ends eyesight weakness.
  • Drink sugar-candy and ghee mixed milk; it reduces fever.  

26. Epistaxis (Nose bleeding): Dripping sugar-cane juice in both the nostrils is useful to prevent bleeding from the nose.

27. Phlegm: Take old jaggery with ginger juice; it brings phlegm out.

28. Constipation: Grind barley buds with juice of sugar-cane and drink, it cures constipation.

29. Surfeited: Boil sugar-cane juice and drink it after cooling, it ends surfeited.

30. Parturient problems: Old jaggery is used to end the problems associated with parturient.

31. Urticaria: Taking honey with sugar-cane juice is beneficial to reduce body warmth caused by bile.

32. Body hardness: Taking jaggery during the meal is useful to make the body hard and strong.

33. Heart problems: Eat jaggery or jaggery products; it makes the heart strong.

34. Indigestion: Take jaggery after meals; it helps to digest food properly. 1 year old jaggery is better than new jaggery.

35. Vatta disorders: Take old jaggery with myrobalan; it eliminates bile disorder. Taking old jaggery with dry ginger is useful to check all the disorders of vatta.

36. Whooping cough: Mix 58 grams juice of raw radish with sugar-cane juice. Drinking this juice twice a day is useful to get relief in whooping cough.

37. Eye disease: Drink sugar-cane juice in the summer; it enhances eyesight.

38. Dry-cough:

  • Drink 1 glass of sugar-cane juice twice a day; it provides relief in dry-cough.
  • Drink sugar-cane juice; it provides relief in dry cough and cures chest movement.

39. Vomiting:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons pure honey in 1 glass juice of sugar-cane. Drink this juice many times a day; it checks vomiting due to heat.
  • Cool sugar-cane juice and drink, it prevents vomiting.

40. Diarrhoea:

  • Mix pomegranate juice in sugar-cane juice. Drink this mixture; it provides relief in diarrhoea.
  • Taking sugar-cane juice with pomegranate juice is useful to get relief in bloody diarrhoea.

41. Bloody diarrhoea: Mix pomegranate juice in sugar-cane juice and drink, it cures bloody diarrhoea.

42. Acidity: Heat sugar-cane juice lightly and mix a little quantity of lemon juice and ginger juice in it. Drinking this mixture is useful to end surfeited and indigestion.

43. Stomach worms: Soak 25 grams raw chicken pea in vinegar of sugar-cane at night. In the next morning, filter it and drink, it kills stomach worms.

44. Nail wound: Mix turmeric powder with jaggery and heat it on the fire. Apply this preparation on the nail wounds; it cures them quickly.

45. Jaundice:

  • Drinking sugar-cane juice is main natural medicine for jaundice. If sugar-cane is not available, make syrup from sugar and mix lemon in it. Drinking this syrup is useful to get relief in jaundice.
  • Mix 2-4 teaspoons of juice of fresh Indian gooseberry with 1 glass of sugar-cane juice. Drinking this juice 2-3 times in day is beneficial to cure jaundice.
  • Cut sugar-cane into pieces and put these pieces on the roof at night. In the next morning, suck these pieces after brushing regularly, it provides relief in jaundice within 4 days.
  • Taking parched barley with fresh and pure juice of sugar-cane provides relief.
  • Take a little quantity of cassia fistula’s pulp with sugar-cane juice 2-3 times a day; it provides relief in jaundice.
  • Mix sugar-cane juice, pomegranate juice, juice of Indian gooseberry and honey together. Taking this mixture is useful to cure jaundice and enhance blood quantity.
  • Eat parched barley afterwards drink sugar-cane juice; it cures jaundice within one week. Suck sugar-cane in the morning and drink sugar-cane juice many times a day. The patient should take much quantity of liquid products during this process.

46. Tonsil: Heat sugar-cane juice and mix a little quantity of milk in it. Tonsil swelling can be ended by drinking this mixture.

47. Anaemia: Mix 5 ml juice of Indian gooseberry and 5 ml honey with sugar-cane juice. Drinking this mixture is beneficial to end anaemia.

48. Scrofula: Take myrobalan powder with sugar-cane juice; it cures scrofula.

49. Body strength: Drinking sugar-cane juice regularly is useful to enhance blood and body power.