Sugar Beet



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Color: Sugar beet is red.  Taste: It is some sweet.  Structure: Sugar beet is a kind of vegetable which is a root of a tree.  Nature: It is hot in nature.Introduction:

             The sugar beet is an edible root. It contains protein too. It is useful to keep the intestines neat and digestive system. It purifies the blood and enhances the body power. It ends body weakness and makes the body red. Taking the juice of sugar beet removes roughness of the body too. It increases the different type of vitality and consciousness power in the body. Besides it, sugar beet increases the breast milk and provides relief in joint’s pain. It provides power to the liver and keeps the brain fresh and active.

According to Scientists: Sugar beet contains protein, sugar, starch 10 percent each and besides these vitamin ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’, calcium, iron and phosphorus also present in it. Its leaves also contain vitamin and alkali in excessive quantity.

Note: Sugar beet is nutritive but it is heavy in digestion because of tuber-root. Taking over quantity of sugar beet causes gas in the stomach sometimes. The person who suffers from weakness of digestive system should take sugar beet with understanding.

Color: Sugar beet is red.

Taste: It is some sweet.

Structure: Sugar beet is a kind of vegetable which is a root of a tree.

Nature: It is hot in nature.

Precaution: Taking over quantity of it, bloody dysentery originates.

Bad effects removal: Meat removes the bad effects of sugar beet.

Compare: Sugar beet can be compared with turnip.


Sugar beet purifies the body and makes the body healthy. It brings phlegm out after making loose. It cures rheumatism and provides relief in kidney pain too.

Different elements existed in Sugar beet:






     1.7 %


   0.25 %




0.4 milligrams / 100 grams


     13.6 %


8.8 milligrams/ 100 grams


     83.8 %




210 milligrams/ 100 grams


90 milligrams/ 100 grams

Useful in different diseases:

1. Genitals diseases: Mix about 1 glass of carrot juice with sugar beet juice and give it to the woman twice a day regularly. It cures all the diseases of the woman pertaining to genitals.

2. Stone:

  • Make soup by boiling sugar beet with water and give it to the patient or give juice of sugar beet to the patient. 3 ml juice or soup should be taken. Using this process 4 times a day for some weeks regularly brings out stone after breaking. It cures kidney swelling and increases urine quantity. It is useful in all the kidney diseases.
  • Taking the juice of carrot, sugar beet and cucumber each 50 grams brings out stone after breaking.
  • Make a soup by boiling sugar beet with water and store it. Taking 30 ml this soup 4 times a day for 2-3 weeks regularly breaks stone.

3. Phlegm: Taking sugar beet brings phlegm out and keeps clean to the trachea (breathing pipe)

4. Dandruff and lice in hair: Boil sugar beet leaves with water and wash head with this water. It ends dandruff and lice.

5. Alopecia: Grind sugar beet leaves or extract juice of its leaves. Mix turmeric in this preparation and apply it on the head. Using this process prevents the hair falling or cures alopecia.

6. Piles: Taking sugar beet or drinking its juice regularly ends the moles of piles.

7. Tumour: The patient who suffers from tumours should take seasonal fruits and vegetables at the starting two days. On third day, mix lemon juice and four spoons honey in one glass of water thereafter give it to the patient to drink in the morning. Drink 1 cup grapes’ juice 4 times a day and mosambi juice 1-2 times a day but the patient should live far from physically work. The patient should take rest completely while this period. On the fourth day, take half glass of carrot juice with half spoon juice of sugar beet for some days regularly. Normal, light and sprouting grain should be taken. In this way all tumours will be broken within some days.

8. Cosmetic: Taking the juice of sugar beet and carrot together regularly increases blood and fairs complexion.

9. regularly.

10. Breast milk: Take the juice of sugar beet regularly, increases breast milk.

11. Digestive power: Taking the juice of sugar beet regularly increases digestive power.

12. Cancer:

  • Sugar beet juice is anti-cancer and the source of strength. It enhances the weight of the body too.
  • Giving half cup of juice of sugar beet to the patient regularly 3-4 times a day is useful to get relief in blood cancer.

13. Blood disorder: Sugar beet juice is useful to purify the blood and make the body red too.

14. Anaemia: For the treatment, first of all keep fast for tow days. After that, take juice of any fruit for three days. There after, take the juice of sugar beet and carrot 200 milliliters each with 50 milliliters spinach juice. It is a dosage only for one day. It is very useful treatment to end anaemia and increase blood.

15. Dandruff in the head: Make a decoction by boiling sugar beet root and its leaves with water there after mix a little bit salt in it. Rubbing this mixture on the head is useful to reduce the dandruff.

16. Constipation: Constipation is cured by taking sugar beet.

17. Ear pain: Dripping light hot juice of sugar beet leaves in the painful ear is useful to end ear pain.

18. Menstrual excretion disorders: Taking one glass of hot juice of sugar beet with a little bit of rock salt regularly for some days makes the menstrual excretion normal.

19. Urinary problems: Taking the juice of sugar beet, Indian gooseberry and amaranths each one spoon is useful to cure all the types of urine diseases.

20. Rheumatism: Mix the juice of knolkhol, sugar beet and cabbage one spoon each together. Mix a little black salt and ground powder of 2 cloves in this juice. Giving this juice to the patient is useful to get relief in knee pain.

21. Low blood pressure: Taking about 150 ml fresh juice of sugar beet twice a day regularly makes blood pressure normal. It should be taken regularly.

22. Anaemia: The patient who suffers from anemia should take one glass juice of sugar beet regularly, because it increases blood quantity in the body.

23. Coma: Mix sugar beet and aloe vera with water thereafter filter it. Dripping 2-4 drops this mixture in both the nostrils provides relief in coma.