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Sugar is sweet, smooth, cool in nature and useful for the eyes. It is anti-bilious, powerful and stops vomiting. It increases the body strength, sperm count and eliminates gas. Introduction:

           Sugar and jiggery are mixed with blood after digesting in small intestines. Sugar gets gathered in the liver as glycogen after dissolving in the blood. Every person has the different process of absorbing sugar. Carbohydrate provides strength to the muscles of the body because of that the sugar and jiggery mix in the blood easily. Sweetness is very useful to provide power quickly in the weakness of the heart muscles. Carbohydrate is necessary for enhancing the calorie in diet because taking fat is harmful in the diseases of heart and gall bladder. There is lot of need of energy in growing child, so they want to eat sweets unknowingly. Dry fruits, honey and jiggery should be given to the children in instead of sugar. They will get fat, heat and energy along with sweetness.

           Sugar is sweet, smooth, cool in nature and useful for the eyes. It is anti-bilious, powerful and stops vomiting. It increases the body strength, sperm count and eliminates gas. The sugar, which is excessive white like sand (balu), is called Sita. It is sweet in taste; cool in nature and increases appetite too. It ends blood disorders, inflammation, senselessness, vomiting and fever. Sugar is cool in nature and increases sperm count too. Sugar is white, sweet and light. It is useful to end bile disorders and blood disorders. Loaf sugar (khari sugar) is light, cool in nature and anti-bilious. It starts loose motions. It ends giddiness, swelling and burning sensation as well as eliminates gas too. It also ends blood disorders caused by bile.

           According to scientists- carbohydrate foodstuffs are as taken, the same proportion of vitamin B-1 has to be required. In the lack of carbohydrate, a person suffers from anorexia, indigestion, fatigue and lack of zeal and weight.


Owing to excessive quantity of sugar in the body generates wounds, swelling and inflammation originate in stomach and intestines caused by acidity. Consequently, obesity and diabetes and rheumatism originate in the body too. The body becomes the house of diseases. Taking excessive quantity of sugar after mixing with water generates inflammation. If excessive sugar enters in the stomach, inflammation occurs in the internal skin of the stomach. Consequently, excessive mucous and acid digestive juice is excreted. The sugar damages children teeth definitely. Mostly, the candy and chocolate spoil the teeth of children. Chocolate contains 45% sugar and candy contains 90% sugar. The patent, who suffers from diabetes and rheumatism, should not take sugar and jiggery because it is harmful for them. Taking sugar increases cholesterol too. 

Useful in different diseases:

1. Giddiness: Chewing loaf sugar and dried coriander two spoons each together is useful to prevent giddiness.

2. Itching: Taking sugar or food stuffs that are prepared from sugar end itching.

3. After burning by fire: Make a paste by dissolving sugar with water and mix little water in it to prepare a dark paste. Coating this paste on the affected part is useful to end inflammation.

4. Different type of diseases of the summers: Taking curd with sugar in the summer season quenches excessive thirst and provides relief in sun-stroke and the inflammation of heat. Cold and catarrh are cured by its use. It is also useful to increase sperm count.

5. Source of strength: Mix sugar and ghee each two spoons with 10 ground pieces of black peeper. Licking this preparation on empty stomach regularly provides freshness to the brain and ends headache caused by weakness.

6. Cough: If someone suffers from relapsing cough, put the pieces of sugar candy in the mouth. It is useful to cure cough.

7. Stone: Grind 15 seeds of big cardamom, 1 spoon musk-melon seeds and 2 spoons sugar candy together thereafter it mix with 1 cup of water. Taking this preparation twice a day regularly breaks stone and brings out from the kidney. 

8. Anorexia: Mix sugar (According to taste), ¼ spoon fine ground filtered tamarind and black peppers with one cup of water thereafter filter it. Taking this preparation 4 times a day is useful to cure anorexia. 

9. Migraine: If head pain increases while sunrise and decreases while sunset, stand in front of sun while sun rises. Now take 150 ml water after mixing with 60 grams sugar (shakkar) gradually. It is useful treatment to cure migraine.

10. Delay in delivery: When there is no obstacle for delivery at the last stage of delivery time, the stupor of uterus is the cause of delay in delivery. In this situation, mix 25 grams sugar in water and give it to the woman many times after every half hour. The woman will give birth to a baby soon without agony by following this formula. 

11. Loose motions: The loose motion causes lack of water, salt and strength in the body. Therefore, mix a pinch of ground salt and 1-2 spoons sugar (According to taste) with 1 glass of boiled water. Giving this mixture to the patient again and again is useful to the suffered person because it completes water quantity in the body.

12. Anuria-dysuria: Mix sugar (shakkar) and ghee with water thereafter give it to the patient, cures anuria-dysuria or mix sugar and ghee in lukewarm milk and give it to the patient, provides relief in anuria-dysuria. Curd can be taken with sugar to end anuria-dysuria.

13. Stye: Apply sugar (shakkar) in the eyes twice a day regularly, cures corneal opacity within some days. Chronic corneal opacity takes long time to cure.  

14. Eye diseases: Taking sugar (shakkar) and dried seeds of coconut is useful to cure the eyes diseases.

15. Coryza:

  • Boil husk of wheat-flour with one cup of water and filter it. Mix sugar (shakkar) and milk in this preparation thereafter give it to the patient. Using this process is useful to cure catarrh and coryza.
  • Spray sugar (shakkar) on burnt coal and inhale the smoke through nose. Catarrh is cured by following this formula.

16. Amoebic dysentery:

  • Taking about 480-960 milligrams resin with sugar is useful to cure amoebic dysentery.
  • Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of white resin and sugar (shakkar) together. Taking this powder is useful for the patient of dysentery.
  • Dysentery is cured by taking sugar with whey of cow milk.

17. Dropsy: The patient, who suffers from dropsy, should take sugar and black pepper with whey.

18. Nose diseases: Mix sugar (shakkar) with cow milk and take its smell from the nose. It stops nose bleeding or cures epistaxis.

19. Diabetes (excessive urine): Taking 3 grams ground cubeb with 500 ml water is useful to end urinary problems.

20. Infantum diarrhoea and bloody diarrhoea: If children suffer from bloody amoebic dysentery, mix 240-480 milligrams sugar with water and give it to them. Using this process provides relief in bloody diarrhoea and infantum diarrhoea.

21. Anemia: Taking 300 milligrams powder of red lead-wort with sugar regularly increases blood quantity and flesh in the body.

22. Thirst and inflammation: Boil 250 grams flowers of rose with 2 liters water until it remains half quantity then mix 500 grams sugar in this preparation to prepare syrup as treacle. Take this preparation, cures inflammation and quenches thirst caused by syphilis or hot air.

23. Eye pain:

  • Make the fine powder by grinding 1 part of sugar (shakkar) and 3 part of coriander together thereafter mix it with boiled water and cover. After 1 hour, filter this preparation with the help of cloth and fill it in a bottle. Dripping 2 drops from this preparation in the eyes is useful to reduce eye pain within 2-3 hours.
  • Taking loaf sugar (Bura) or sugar cake (batasha) with chapatti provides relief from eyes pain.

24. Solutions of reduce sugar:

  • The juice of fresh fruits should be drunk without sugar.
  • Sweets should be taken in minimum quantity.
  • Take one fruit in the breakfast instead of biscuits and chocolate.
  • Excessive sugar should not be used in the dishes.
  • Avoid from sweets and processed.

25. Precaution:

  • Teeth should be cleaned neatly after taking sugar (shakkar) or sweet foodstuffs otherwise teeth may be destroyed. The person, who suffers from diabetes, should not take sugar or sugar made foodstuffs.
  • Granular (Danedar) sugar is called white poison according to natural treatment. It generates tuberculosis, rheumatism and blood pressure and owing to this reason the patient desires for having wine. Sweet fruits, jiggery, sugar (shakkar), ground sugar (bura) and sugar candy should be used instead of granular (Danedar) sugar. Its use makes a person the victim of irritation and anger. Its use ends the vitamins and calcium in the body. Sugar is not necessary for the health.