Strontiana carbonica




           Strontiana carbonica has proved as very beneficial drug in the cases of rheumatic pain, chronic sprain pain, bones inflammation, additional bleeding after any type of operation and pharynx contraction due to high blood pressure.   

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

           Strontiana carbonica is an excellent remedy in the cases of headache due to head roaming, retching, pain in the back portion of the neck that is moved to the upper portion and ameliorates by tying warm cloth on the head, neuralgic pain which aggravates slowly, blood coats inside the nose, facial redness with burning sensation and nose itching, burning sensation.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

           Strontiana carbonica should be used in the cases of eyes inflammation with redness, eyes pain due to working with eyes, dripping tears from the eyes and seeming as if something is dancing or changing its colour before the eyes all the time. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

           Strontiana carbonica is a great remedy in the cases of anorexia, retching by looking at meat, feeling hunger all the time, belching after taking meal and chest pain caused by hiccup. The patient also does not feel real taste of eatable.  

Stomach-related symptoms:-

         Strontiana carbonica is used in the cases of loose motions which aggravate at night, fast excretion which reduces at night, anus inflammation for a long time after excretion, stomach swelling and pricking pain of the stomach. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

           Strontiana carbonica is a beneficial remedy in the cases of sciatica with filling water in the ankles, rheumatic pain of the right shoulder, arthritis with loose motions, pain with numbness of the soles, shivering specially in the ankles’ joints for a long time, swelling in any part of the body caused by filling water, feet coldness like ice and neuralgic swelling of the hands.  

Fever-related symptoms:-

           In fever, the patient wants to put off all his cloths due to increasing body temperature. Giving Strontiana carbonica to the suffered patient cures above symptom. 

Skin-related symptoms:-

           Strontiana carbonica is very useful remedy in the symptoms as excessive sweating during sleep at night, sprain and filling water in the ankles’ joints and skin pimples having itching and burning sensation by that crop of, the patient feels much trouble in the open air.


        These symptoms are aggravated with changing weather, initial stage of calming and beginning stage of moving. 


           These symptoms are ameliorated by drenching in hot water.


           Strontiana carbonica can be compared with drugs like- Arnica, Ruta, Silicea Carbo, Stroshi-iod, Baryta-carbonica, Strotium brome and Stroti-nitra. 


           The trituration of 6th or 30th potency of Strontiana carbonica should be given to the suffered patient.