Strikniya provides strength for breathing (inhaling and exhaling). Besides it, this medicine is also very useful in the case of curved back like bow.   

Useful in various symptoms:-

Throat-related symptoms:-

          Strikniya is used for curing symptoms as any type of wound in the pharynx, dysphagia, feeling vomiting all the time and excessive vomiting.

Gynecology-related symptoms:- 

          Strikniya is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive desire for due to much sexual excitement and excessive sexual excitement even after little touch.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

           Strikniya should be used for curing symptoms as dyspnea and feeling of suffocation.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

          Strikniya is a great remedy in the cases of excessive of the hands and feet with shocks and stiffness, severe shocks of the back bone and sensation of cold in the back bone as if cold is landing downwards.

Mouth-related symptoms:-

           Strikniya is a beneficial remedy in the cases of jaws stiffness and loud sound in the ears with vertigo.  


        These symptoms are aggravated by little touch or touching softly, due to sound or odour, by any type of movement and after meal.   


           These symptoms are ameliorated by lying straight on the back.