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          Stramonium acts better on the mind, so this medicine is very useful for curing any type of mental disorders. This medicine cures any type of unconsciousness quickly.

Useful in various symptoms:

Mind-related symptoms:-

            The mentally disturbed patient starts laughing himself and goes on muttering all the time. He goes on talking to himself and goes talking meaningless all the time. He takes oath on every matter and suffers from memory weakness. The patient feels as if ghosts are walking before him and hears strange sounds. His face seems sad even at any function too. He speaks absurdly all the time. He thinks about himself as if he is a great personality. He fears due to living alone and in the darkness. The patient suffers from unconsciousness by looking at any bright thing. He screams loudly with desires for escaping anywhere. Giving Stramonium to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.   

Head-related symptoms:-

            Stramonium is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive headache due to which, the patient has to keep up his head from the pillow many times during sleep, pain on the eyebrows and forehead about 9 o’clock in the morning which is aggravated till noon, glaucoma before piercing severe headache, titubation during walk due to fast blood circulation in the head with sensation of falling on the left side towards front and illusion associated with hearing.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

            Stramonium should be used for curing symptoms as dilated pupils, sensation of exophthalmus, blindness, seeming small things as big, feeling of excessive swelling in all the parts of the body, squint and seeming of everything as black.

Face-related symptoms:-

            Stramonium is a great remedy in the cases of cheek redness and sensation of warmth, redness and swelling of the face, but the hands and feet remain cold. The patient’s face seems nervous and scared too.  

Stomach-related symptoms:-

          Stramonium can be used in the cases of over thirst, feeling of bad taste of any eatable as if he has eaten straw, vomiting of phlegm and green bile. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Urine-related symptoms:-

           Stramonium is a beneficial remedy in the cases of scanty urination, dripping urine drop by drop, retention of urine and dirty colour urination.

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

            Stramonium is used in the cases of excessive sexual excitement with talking and posturing obscenely and desires for keeping the hands on the genitalia organs all the time. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Stramonium gynecology symptoms:-

            Stramonium is an effective medicine in the cases of bleeding from the uterus between the periods of two menstruations with delirium, excessive sexual excitement during delivery, praying and singing song with mental symptoms, excessive sweating and unconsciousness after delivery.

Sleep-related symptoms:-

            The patient awakes suddenly during his sleep and begins screaming due to fear. The patient suffers from loud snores while sleeping. He feels much sleepy, but he is not able to sleep even after trying to sleep. Giving Stramonium to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.    

Mouth-related symptoms:-

          Stramonium is an excellent remedy in the cases of dripping saliva from the mouth all the time, feeling of excessive dryness in the mouth, retching by looking at water, lisping, dysphagia caused by unconsciousness, the patient moves his mouth as if he is chewing something. The patient makes strange shape of his mouth too.   

Fever-related symptoms:-

            Stramonium should be used for curing symptoms as severe fever with excessive sweating and restlessness due to above symptom by that crop of; the patient does not get relief at anywhere. 


            These symptoms are aggravated by living alone, in a dark room, looking at too shining thing, swallowing after sleep, due to fear, suppression of secretion, by taking additional intoxicants, involving much in sexual intercourse and after getting up from sleep.


            These symptoms are ameliorated by heat, bright light and living with friends.

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

            Belladonna, Tabac, Nux-vomica, etc. are used for removing all the bad effects of Stramonium.


            Stramonium can be compared with Hyoscyamus and Belladonna.


            Giving 30th or lower potencies of Stramonium to the suffered patient makes him healthy within few days.