Stomachache in children




        Sometimes, child suffers from stomachache due to the lack of nutrition in the milk or because of any reason by which the child weeps very much. This disease can be cured through nature therapy.

Natural treatment of stomachache in children:

  • Prepare a decoction by boiling coriander and dry ginger in water and give one spoon of it to the child in the morning and evening for the treatment of this disease.
  • Grind asafetida with water and apply on the naval of the child. Stomach ache of the child disappears soon. 
  • Cold and hot fomentation proves beneficial to get rid of stomach ache of children.
  • A bandage of hot soil should be applied on the stomach of a child who has been suffering from stomachache but remember that the bandage should be so hot that the child may bear it easily.
  • Give one gram caraway with lukewarm water to the child twice or thrice a day if the child has been suffering from stomachache. Its use provides relief.


          Stomachache disappears soon by doing the treatment through nature therapy.