Stomachache due to the wounds in the stomach or intestines



          In this disease, wounds occur in the stomach of a person because of which he feels excessive pain in the stomach. Wounds occur on the walls of the stomach. This disease is called gastric ulcer. This disease can be cured by nature therapy.

Symptoms of gastric ulcer:

  • A person feels light continuous pain in his stomach or intestines if he has been suffering from gastric ulcer. Stomach ache becomes fast after having meal.
  • Sometimes, the patient suffers stomachache before having the meal and this ache is enhanced after having the meal.
  • The patient feels ache in above the naval and inside the stomach. Sometimes, the patient feels vomiting and nausea due to this disease. The patient feels a little relief after vomiting. 
  • Sometimes, the patient vomits blood with a little blackness. This disease is called duodenal ulcer. When this disease becomes very chronic, blood starts to exude from the wounds because of which blood becomes polluted. 
  • The patient of this disease suffers from several other diseases due to this disease.

Causes of wounds in the stomach and intestines:

  • Excessive gathering heterogeneous liquid in the body is the main cause of this disease. These heterogeneous liquid pollute to the blood and become the cause of constipation because of which swelling and wound occur in the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it can be said that mostly this disease occurs due to constipation.
  • This disease can occur because of any kind of injury in the stomach and intestines because the wounds occur in the stomach and intestines due to injury. In this way, a person becomes the patient of gastric ulcer. 

Treatment of the patient of gastric ulcer by nature therapy:

  • When the patient of gastric ulcer has eaten something solid foodstuffs, he feels excessive pain and trouble according to nature therapy. Hence, the patient should not eat any kind of solid foodstuff.
  • The patient of gastric ulcer should drink 3-4 liters milk in the doses of 2-2 cups at the breaks of 2 hours for the treatment of stomach and intestines’ wound. This milk should be drunk from 7 am to 7 pm. Orange juice should be drunk with milk too. Thereafter, juice of fruits and vegetables should be taken by the patient. After that, the patient should eat simple food and drink water after the use of fruit and vegetable juice.
  • The patient of this disease should never use salt because the disease may be serious by its cause. 
  • The patient of this disease should drink sweet whey in the morning and evening regularly. The disease is cured soon by drinking whey.
  • The patient of gastric ulcer should have fast for 2-3 days while drinking only water. Thereafter, he should have fast for some days by drinking milk. Consequently, the disease is cured soon within some days.  
  • The patient should adopt enema according to nature therapy until the constipation of the patient is broken. After that, the patient should take Epsom salt bath twice a week (mix a little salt in lukewarm water and take bath with this water). Take bath four times a day with this water. The patient should take cold bath at night before sleeping and he should tie a wet bandage on the waist.
  • The patient of gastric ulcer should keep a wet bandage on the stomach twice a day. Take hot and cold fomentation on the stomach to get rid of stomach ache.
  • If the patient of this disease is vomiting continuously or vomiting of the patient is not stopping, a wet bandage of cloth or cold bandage of soil should keep on the stomach. Vomiting of the patient stops soon by this formula.
  • If the patient of gastric ulcer has been suffering from blood vomiting, make him lie on the back and keep pieces of ice into his mouth continuously. Thereafter, he should take cold sitz bath and towel bath twice a day.


          The disease named gastric ulcer is cured soon if the patient adopt above mentioned treatments of nature therapy. The patient will get rid of stomachache.