Stomachache because of swallowing any stimulating substance



          A person suffers from stomach ache if he swallows any stimulating substance or indigestible thing. Use of such things becomes the cause of stomachache. A person gets rid of this problem according to natural treatment.

Natural treatment if a person has swallowed any stimulating substance:

  • If a person has been suffering from stomachache because of swallowing any substance, he should apply hot and cold fomentation on the stomach one by one. After that, apply mud pack on the stomach. Keep on changing to the mudpack after regular interval of 20 minutes. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so. Lukewarm water should be given to the patient to drink while treating to the disease.
  • The patient should keep fast until stomachache ends. He should drink the juice of fruits if it is necessary. The patient should adopt enema during fast too. The patient becomes healthy if the treatment is done according to naturopathy.