Stillingia sylvatica



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          Stillingia sylvatica acts better on the bone membrane. This medicine is very effective in the cases of syphilis, vatta problem of the bone membrane, chronic arthritis, swelling of the skull bone with tumours or tumours in other parts of the body, buttocks problems and back related diseases.    

Useful in various symptoms:-

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Stillingia sylvatica is an excellent remedy in the cases of dry cough especially in the evening which occurs on a regular time, cough with pricking pain in the throat duct, feeling of numbness in the throat duct as if it is not working, larynx contraction with stinging pain as if any poisonous insect has stung in the larynx, irregularity of the pulse and intensive pain of the heart.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

          Stillingia sylvatica should be used in the cases of pain with warmth in the right elbow and right hand daily in the evening, intensive pain in the arms like gun shoot which is moved to the fingers, pricking pain in the upper portion of the arm inside the front part of the hand, pain in the right side of buttocks to the feet and claws, itching and burning sensation in the lower portion of the knees, enlargement of the feet joints (Asthivesthan). This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Urine-related symptoms:-

          Stillingia sylvatica is a great remedy in the cases of intensive pain and burning sensation in the whole urinary bladder which aggravate by dripping urine as drop, sweating due to severe pain, slight pain in the kidney, red or white particles coming with urine which is frozen just after urination, thick, dark coloured and scummy urination. This medicine makes the patient healthy within few days.

Throat-related symptoms:-

          Stillingia sylvatica is used in the cases of throat dryness, throat inflammation as if any poisonous insect has stung, watery mouth daily after noon and retching just after going to bed. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Stomach-related symptoms:-

          Stillingia sylvatica is a beneficial remedy in the cases of pain with cramping in the navel, burning sensation of the stomach and intestines, loose motions with rolling in the intestines and frequent and scummy loose motions or constipation due to heat. 

Head-related symptoms:-

          Stillingia sylvatica is very useful medicine in the cases of swelling in the bones of forehead and head, violent slanting pain in the head with vertigo, boils and pimples of the skull, scratched skin due to discharging of pus from boils and pimples of the skull and intensive burning sensation in the eyes with violent headache.


          These symptoms are aggravated by moving, after noon and in cold air.


          These symptoms are ameliorated by taking rest.


          Stillingia sylvatica can be compared with drugs like- Arg, Kali-iodatum, Arrum, Mercurius, Mezereum, Hepar, Phytolacca, Rhus-toxicodendron and Sulphur.



          Giving mother tincture or 1st potency of Stillingia sylvatica to the suffered patient makes him healthy within few days.