Sticta proves as very beneficial when the patient feels illness as cold and catarrh are about to occur in the patient and feeling little pressure on the forehead. Besides it, this medicine is also very effective for curing neck stiffness caused by arthritis.

Useful in various symptoms: 

Mind-related symptoms:

           The patient thinks about strange views as if he is flying in the air and suffers from brooding. The patient wants that someone goes on talking with him all the time. Giving Sticta to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.  

Head-related symptoms:

           Sticta is an excellent remedy in the cases of slight headache, pain in the forehead and nasal joints with little pressures on them, headache before the discharge of cold, feels as if the patient’s skull has become very small, eyes inflammation, any problem of the eyeballs and burning sensation of the eyelids.  

Nose-related symptoms:

           Sticta should be used in the cases of burning sensation due to nose swelling, sensation of fulfillment around the nose joints, dryness of the nose membranes, dry coats of the nose in the evening and at night, hay fever and sneezing all the time. The patient goes on cleaning his nose all the time, but nothing comes out. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Abdomen-related symptoms:

           Sticta is a great remedy in the cases of loose motions, excessive and dilute excretion in the morning, frequent urination and pain due to any problem of the ureter.

Gynecology-related symptoms:

           Sticta is used for curing symptom as lack of breasts milk.

Respiration-related symptoms:

           Sticta is a beneficial remedy in the cases of excessive phlegm coming with cough in the morning, burning sensation of the cervical duct, pain from the sternum to the back bone that is moved to the chest, cough after romantika (disease), relapsing cough during sleep at night which aggravates by inhaling and heart pulsation from right portion of the sternum to the stomach.  

Symptoms related to the external orgasm of the body:

           Sticta is very useful medicine in the cases of rheumatic pain in the right portion of the shoulder joints, triangular muscle of the shoulder and Dvimund muscle, joints’ swelling, warmth and hardness, intensive pain with strain in the joints, unconsciousness, sensation as if his feet are flying in the air, burning sensation in the membrane of the knee joints, intensive pain of the knees, redness in the joints and near the muscles of the joints and rheumatic pain before the symptoms of cold.  


           These symptoms are aggravated by sudden changing of temperature.


           Sticta can be compared with drugs like- Datura aarboria-bugmashiya cadida, Aconite, Ammonium-Carbonica, Eriji, Drosera, Stillingia, Camphora, Rumex Nux-vomica, Sambucus, etc.


           Mother tincture or 6th potency of Sticta should be given to the suffered patient.