Stellaria medica



         Stellaria medica is considered as very useful drug for curing arthritis and Vatta (gastic) problems.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

         Stellaria medica is an excellent remedy in the cases  of intensive headache as if a rope is tied around the head tightly, severe pain in the skull bones, slanting pain like sawing and cutting in the head, vertigo with head roaming and pain of the eyeballs and eyebrows specially on the right eye with unconscious.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

        Stellaria medica should be used in the cases of eyes pain with retching and sensation as if anything has entered in the eyes. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Stomach-related symptoms:-

         Stellaria medica is a great remedy in the cases of any type of ulcer in the stomach, feeling of body weakness due to retching daily in the morning, anorexia, retching due to food smell and belching all the day due to stomach gas.

Abdomen-related symptoms:-

         Stellaria medica is used in the cases of flatulence, stomach pain from right to the upper portion of the navel, liver swelling due to any problem of the liver, pricking pain in the stomach, sensation of pressure on the stomach and gripping with pain in the small intestine. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Mind-related symptoms:-

         If the mentally disturbed patient goes to the crowded place, he feels himself alone. He does not like to do any work and suffers from laziness. He is seemed as sleepy even in awaking condition. The patient feels body tiredness all the time. If someone speaks loudly in front of him, he starts shivering. The patient always thinks about something. Giving Stellaria medica to the suffered patient cures above symptoms.   

Stool-related symptoms:-

          Stellaria medica is a beneficial remedy in the cases of constipation, intensive pain in the rectum after excretion and excretion as chalk. Sometimes, stool does not come out due to constipation and sometimes the patient has to run for excretion again and again caused by loose motions.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

       Stellaria medica is very useful remedy in the cases of feet stiffness with pain caused by touching them or inability to walk properly, rheumatic pain in all the joints of the body parts and severe rheumatic pain in all the parts of the body.    


         These symptoms are aggravated by heat, taking tobacco and taking rest.


         These symptoms are ameliorated by cold air in the evening.


         Stellaria medica can be compared with Nux-vomica and Pulsatilla.