Steam bath


Steam room-

          Steam room is a type of room or box, which has been made for taking steam. This room is closed from each side and there are some small holes in the room to supply steam. The patient is made sit in this room and steam is supplied in the room through these small holes. Thus, the patient is kept in the room for about 10-12 minutes or until too much sweat perspires from the patients body.

Technique of taking steam-

          Before going in the room for taking steam, the patient should drink 1-2 glasses of cold water and he should take bath with cold water. Drink one glass of cold lemon juice just after taking bath because it generates freshness in the body. Now he can go in the room to take steam and stay in the room for 30-45 minutes.


        Sometimes, the patient feels giddiness by taking bath with cold water in the condition of disease or he feels nervousness. In such condition, bring the patient out from the room and give one glass of cold water to the patient and his head should be washed with the cold water. Give full rest to the patient until the patient gets free from giddiness and restlessness. The patient, who is suffering from weakness, heart problem, high blood pressure and fever, should not take steam bath.

Benefits by taking steam bath in steam room-

        Thus, all types of polluted liquids stuck on the body skin come out from the body by taking steam on the body and the body becomes clean and fresh. Arthritis, rheumatism, disorders of uric acid and obesity (fatness) disappear  by taking steam. All types of chronic disorders of blood disappear by taking steam in the steam room. The weakness of face and backbone and disorders of spinal cord disappear by steam bath. It is also beneficial in the case of chronic nephritis, migraine and weaknesses of the nerves (which originate due to malaria). 

Taking steam through nostrils -

        A different type of machine is available for taking steam through nose. For it, the machine (which is used for facial sona) is used. If the machine of steam is not present, boil the water in any pot and steam can be taken. The activity of taking steam through the nose is done for about 5-8 minutes.

Technique of taking steam through the nose-

  • For taking steam, put the machine of taking steam on the stool first and fill one cup of water in it. Start the switch of the machine. After sometimes, steam starts to come from the machine. When the steam starts properly, put a stool with the machine and sit on the stool by keeping mouth towards that side. After that, bring the mouth in the direction of steam and inhale steam through the mouth and nose. Put the towel on the head while taking steam. Keep attention that do not take steam much deep because sensitivity of nose can be destroyed by taking steam deeply. There can be inflammation in the eyes.
  • After taking steam, wash face with light cold water and mop with the help of towel. If the steam machine is not present, you can take steam by boiling water in a pot. For taking steam, boil the water in any pot. When the steam starts to come out from the water, put a chair near that pot and sit in the chair. After that, put a thick towel on the head and inhale steam by bending the head downwardly.

Benefits in diseases by taking steam-

        Cold, catarrh, diphtheria, tonsillitis, sinusitis etc can be cured by taking steam. The person who has been suffering from swelling or cold in pharynx or larynx and closed condition of Eustachian tube, should take steam through the nose because it is beneficial in this case. It is useful in the case of headache due to sinusitis or coldness in the blood or chronic catarrh. It is also helpful in expelling the phlegm out in the disease of asthma and emphysema.

Benefits by taking steam bath-

        All the holes of the skin become open by taking steam bath and body dirt disappears from the body soon. This bath makes the blood circulation fast, increases the red corpuscles and makes the heart strong. Kidneys do their work properly by it. Rheumatism, vatta disorders, fatness (obesity), skin diseases, asthma, pharynx swelling, gonorrhoea, tuberculosis disappear by taking steam bath. Taking steam bath in gonorrhea and tuberculosis is very beneficial.