Starting of menstruation




Menstrual cycle of a girl starts when she reaches in the age group of 12-14 years. It is called 'periods' in general language. It is called menarche too. A red color secretion comes out from the uterus through vaginal way every month. It is the symbol that a girl has become young. This cycle starts when a girl touches the age of 13-14 years in India. It starts in the age of 16 in cold countries. It starts soon in those girls who eat sour things, sour powder, egg, meat, fish or hot food stuffs. Menstruation cycle can start soon if girl thinks about sex and reads adult book or watches pornographic movies.       

In some girls, it starts once and appears again after some months but after sometimes, it regulates properly month after month. It continues from the age 14-45 continuously either. Day of its appearance can be reduced or enhanced but it continues with an irregularity. It does not appear during pregnancy and in the period of breast feeding (when a mother feeds milk to her baby).

It has also been observed that a mother who feeds milk to her baby undergoes this cycle. It stops gradually within 2-3 years after 40-50 years and then never appears again.

There is a gap of 28 days between two menses. It can  appear two days further or later than the first menstrual excretion. This cycle continues for 3-4 days. If it does not appear in this way, it is called irregularity of menses. It is because of any cause. In this case, a woman must consult to a gynecologist soon. If it is two days further or later, it is not a disease. The color of this secretion is red with clots. 

This cycle hints that ovum of a girl has been started to mature. If a girl makes sexual relation with a man after starting menstrual cycle, she can be pregnant. Here one thing is necessary to tell you that an ovum keeps on destroying every month if ovum does not meet with the sperm of a man. This ovum comes out from the body through the vagina in the form of blood and clots. This process is called menstruation and it continues for four five days.

Before menstruations, such kinds of symptoms appear in a woman as heaviness in the body, laziness, lack of hunger, headache and normal fever.

Some women who are fat, tender, lazy, and libidinous read or watch pornographic books or films, suffer from backache, pain in the abdomen, tiredness in hands and feet. A woman victim of constipation and indigestion can suffer all above-mentioned symptoms. The woman keeps on facing these kinds of problems until menses start continuously.

A woman suffers from many diseases because of disturbed menses. Thus, a woman faces several kinds of troubles.  

Do’s or not do’s during menses:-

1.          Women should not done such kinds of deeds during menstrual excretion as walking, anxiety, grief, domestic work, sweeping, painting with cold water, washing hands and feet and bathing.

2.          Do not take cold things at all.

3.          A menstruant should not come out in cold winds and rain.

4.          She should not do hard work.

5.          A menstruant should take full rest and she should pass her time on bed.

6.          In this time, woman should not have shame. Due to shame, she can do such work which can bring lots of problems that provides bad effects on the body.

7.          In these days, if the woman does not do the work of kitchen, she gets benefit.

8.          A menstruant should not take bath during menses because it can be the cause of white leucorrhea by doing so. Besides it, a woman will face several difficulties.  

9.          A mother or elder sister of 11-12 years old girls must tell her about the menses. They must tell how genitals are cleaned with the help of cloth.

10.    They must tell her what works should not done by her during menses because a girl become nervous and disturbed when menses start.

11.    A mother, bhabi or elder sister should tell to the younger girls without hesitation. They should not feel ashamed in this work. If enough knowledge about menses will be provided to a girl, it will be more beneficial for the girl in future.


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