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Solanum Nigrum

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        Staphysagria is considered as very useful remedy for curing sexual diseases of both the sexes (man and woman). This medicine is very useful for curing diseases occurring due to involving much in sexual intercourse, bad consequences of masturbation, and early ejaculation and sperm related problems.

Useful in various symptoms:-

Mind-relate symptoms:-

        The patient becomes very angry and suffers from weak memory and mental disturbance due to any disease. The patient goes on thinking about sex all the time and feels problems by living with other people, so he likes to live alone. The child becomes too stubborn. If the child goes outside for wandering, he asks for everything and starts crying if he does not get them. If someone gives him anything, he does not take that thing. Giving Staphysagria to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.    

Head-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive headache due to which, the patient feels as if his head has frozen on a place which ameliorates by yawning, sensation of head squeezed, feeling of lead ball on the forehead and itchy pimples on the back and upper portion of the ears. 

Eye-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria should be used in the cases of shrunken eyes with blue circles around the eyes, itching in the eyelids, diseases of the inner corners of the eyes, cracking and rending wounds in the cornea, syphilis and intensive pain of the eyeballs during rheumatic-iritis. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms. 

Throat-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is very useful remedy in the case of pricking pain inside the throat that is moved to the left ear while swallowing anything.  

Mouth-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria can be used for curing symptoms as toothache during menstruations, black and zigzag shape of the teeth in woman, decayed tooth due to worms, excessive salivation from the mouth, excessive softness of the gums, incontinence bleeding from the gums, swelling in the lower glands of the jaw, jaw wounds.  

Stomach-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is a beneficial remedy in the cases of stomach weakness, desire for eating stimulants, feeling of stomach emptiness, fast desire for taking tobacco, feeling hunger in spite of eating much food and retching after operation of the stomach.

Abdomen-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is used in the cases of stomachache after angry, stomach pain due to filling hot air inside the stomach, intensive pain in the stomach after operation, loose motions with groaning after drinking cold water, constipation and piles with the enlargement of prostate gland. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.

Symptoms related to men diseases:-

        Staphysagria is an effective medicine in the cases of penis excitement itself, after masturbating, thinking about sex all the time, excessive weakness of the body due to night fall, terrible eyes, sperm coming with urine with back pain and weakness, difficulty in breathing (dyspnea) after sexual intercourse.   

Gynecology-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is a great remedy in the cases of excessive vulnerability of the genitalia organs which aggravates by sitting, ureter excitement of the new brides, leucorrhoea, torn uterus with the feeling of shrunken stomach and pain around the buttocks.

Urine-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria should be used in the cases of ureter inflammation after delivery, pressure on the ureter as if it is not empty even after urination, urethra inflammation during urination, prefixes of the prostate glands, frequent urination, intensive pain after urination and pain after operation of the stone. The new brides feel as if urine is coming, but it does not come even after going for urination. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Skin-related symptoms:-

        Staphysagria is an excellent remedy in the cases of boils on the head, ears, face and other parts of the body, thick coats on the skin, intensive itching of the skin which ameliorates by scratching the suffered part, but itching occurs again on the other organs, burning sensation of the fingers bones, tumours with joints swelling and excessive sweating at night.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

        Staphysagria is used in the cases of crushing pain in the tarsals muscles, back pain specially before getting up in the morning, intensive pain in the hands and feet as if someone has beaten them, neuralgic pain in the joints, buttocks pain that occurs slowly and is moved to the back and femoral joints. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.  


Causticum calo. 

Anti-miasmatic medicines:-

        Camphora is used for removing all the bad effects of Staphysagria.


        These symptoms are aggravated due to insulting by someone, angry, unhappiness, due to excessive sperm ejaculation, by taking tobacco, masturbating, due to involving much in sexual intercourse, by touching the suffered part slightly, taking cold products, at night, in the morning, due to living with suffocation, repenting.


        These symptoms are ameliorated by heat, taking rest and after the breakfast. 


        Staphysagria can be compared with drugs like- Causticum, Coloc, Igre, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, etc.