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[ S ] Related Medicines:


          Spung tree is also called “Samee”. Its tree is huge. The shape of spung leaves is like shape of tamarind leaves. It is used in religious sacrifice fire (Hawan). It is also used for worship on vijayadashami (Dashahara) at several places.

Name in different languages:

English                        :                         Spanjtree

Hindi                           :                         Chhoker, Sami and keeker

Sanskrit                      :                          Sami

Marathi                       :                          Sami

Gujarat                       :                          Khijro or samri

Bengali                       :                          Saibabla

Kannada                     :                          Banni

Telugu                         :                          Shamichettu or Nabichettu

Latin                           :                          Prosopirat paisijera

Spung tree: Spung tree is dry and cool in nature, bitter, pungent and vapid in taste and purgative. It ends disturbance in blood caused by bile, leprosy, diarrhoea, piles, asthma, phlegm, doughty and fatigue. It kills stomach worms and brings out phlegm too.

Spung tree fruit: Its fruit is pungent and tasty in taste, hot in nature and heavy in digestive. It cures bile disorders and is harmful for hair.

Chhoti Sami: Chhoti sami is vapid in taste, dry and cool in nature and small. It ends blood disorders caused by bile and diarrhoea, and cures piles, leprosy, asthma, white leprosy and brings phlegm out too.

The fruit of chhoti sami: Its fruit is heavy, tasty, dry and warm in nature. It cures wound and itching. It generates bile.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Ringworm: Grind spung tree leaves with the curd of cow milk and apply it on ringworm, it cures ringworm.
2. Nails poison: Make a paste by grinding bark of spung tree, neem and banyan together thereafter apply it on the nails. It alleviates poisoning.
3. To make sperm thick: Grind equal quantity of spung tree flower and kinkirat’s flower with some cumin seed thereafter mix about 250 ml water in it. Filter this preparation and mix 20 grams sugar in it. Give this mixture to the patient; it makes sperm count thick.
5. Anuria-dysuria: Grind spung tree flower with cow milk and mix ground cumin seed and sugar in it. Taking this preparation is useful to prevent anuria-dysuria.
6. Sperm with urine: Heat milk with juice of spung tree flower there after mix cumin seed and sugar in it. Give this mixture to the patient; it ends sperm with urine.
7. Snack bite: Giving juice of spung tree leaves to the patient checks snack poisoning.
8. Ulcer: Grind dried fruit of spung tree with water and coat it on the affected part. Using this process matures the ulcer soon and cures by itself.
9. Stop abortion: Grind flower of spung tree and shuffle it with sugar candy. Giving this mixture to the pregnant woman twice a day to drink is useful to end fear and abortion.
10. Disturbance in blood caused by bile: Take 40 ml decoction of spung tree bark twice a day; it ends disturbance in blood caused by bile.
11. Cosmetic: Make the ash by burning buds of spung tree and rub it on the body, it ends extra heir from the body.
12. Syphilis: Mix cumin seed and sugar with juice of flower or leaves of spung tree. Taking this preparation for 14 days regularly is useful to cure syphilis.