Spinal bath


Introduction :

        The back or spinal cord is cleaned by rubbing after wetting in water in this bath. The spinal cord becomes strong and flexible by taking this bath. Spinal cord becomes clean and the brain remains calm by this bath. This bath is taken by six techniques as-

First technique :

        First, immerse a towel in the cold water and squeeze it for this bath. After that, hold both the sides of the towel by both hands and bring at the backside. Thereafter, rub the spinal cord and whole back by this towel properly. Thus, after rubbing with this method for about 1-2 minutes, when the towel becomes warm, immerse it in the cold water again and rub the back again like before. After doing so for five minutes, wash head with cold water and finally take cold friction bath. Finish the process of bathing by taking cold friction bath.

Second technique :

        In the second technique of spinal cord or back bath, take a dhouti of cotton cloth or sheet first for this bathe. The length and width of cotton bed sheet should be so much that its width is one fit, length two fits and thickness half inches in fold condition. Lay this sheet on the thick surface of wood. Thereafter, immerse this bed sheet in water properly. After that, lie down on this sheet in nude condition so that wet sheet may remain in the contact of whole back properly. Keep one thing in the brain that only back should be on the wet sheet and head and legs should be far from the sheet.

        Now cover the whole body with a blanket except the head properly. You can cover the chest, stomach and the whole body with blanket by covering a thin cloth if you want to do so. Stay in this position for about five minutes. When you begin to feel warmth, stay in the blanket for sometime. After that, remove the blanket and wash head with cold water for successive friction bath. Finish this bath after cold friction bath. If the person feels sleepiness while taking bath, keep the bath continue until  he wakes up.

Third technique :

        For the spinal cord or back bath, sit on the table of a wood with bare body straight and say to other person to fill cold water in a lota and pour it on your back. In this activity, keep on pouring light stream of water on the spinal cord for five minutes continuously. In the last, clean that part of spinal cord with dry cloth by rubbing. After that, wash head with cold water and take successive cold friction bath.

Fourth technique :

        A tub is needed in the fourth technique of this bath. The length of the tub should be 6 feet long and three feet wide. Fill about three inches water in this that tub. Thereafter, lie down on the back in the nude condition and cover the whole body by the blanket along with tub. Keep your legs out from the tub on any tripod. Put a wet cloth on the chest and stomach too. After that, sit in the tub by standing after 1-2 minutes and dry to the back by rubbing with a dry towel. After that, lie down in the tub again. After this activity for ten minutes, wash head with cold water and finish the successive cold friction bath in the last.

Fifth technique :

        In this technique of spinal cord or back bath, make a pad of wet cloth and put in an empty tub. After that, take bath by lying on that pad. For this bath, make a pad and immerse it in the water first. Keep one thing in the brain that complete back should be come on the pad properly. Immerse this wet seat in cold water one time again. If you do not feel well while lying down on pad, make it light wet and lie down upon it. After lying down, pour water on it slowly and make the pad wet completely.

        Lie down in tub with nude body and put legs outwardly on the table. Now cover the whole body with blanket except the face. Keep one thing in the brain that water of wet pad should not come in the contact of the stomach and chest. Immerse a towel in cold water and put it on the stomach and chest if you want. Stay in this condition, for ten minutes. After that, mop the back with a dry towel properly. If you feel sleep in the tub, stay in this position.

Sixth technique :

        A tub is needed in this technique of spinal cord bath in which back bath is taken by lying down. For this bath, water should be filled in this tub first. Thereafter, sit in this tub in such condition that only spinal cord may come in the contact of water. Thus, immerse spinal cord in water and take bath for ten minutes. After that, rub the spinal cord with towel and wear the clothes and then make the body light warm by doing some exercise. This makes backbone and the spinal cord healthy, which flows with spinal cord.

Benefits by spinal cord or back bath :

        Physical vitality power becomes strong and unnecessary warmth of the spinal cord disappears by this spinal cord bath or back bath. Physical health remains normal by it. It is also useful in the case of low blood pressure and insomnia. It ends physical tiredness and circulates the strength and energy in the body by ending physical weakness. It is also beneficial in the contraction of nervous system. Blood circulation remains normal in the body after this bath and pure blood circulates in the whole body.