Spigelia athalmintica



            Spigelia athalmintica is considered as very useful for curing heart problems. It is very beneficial in the case of fast heartbeat. Besides heart problems, this medicine is also useful for curing chronic problems of heart.    

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Head-related symptoms:-

            Spigelia athalmintica is an excellent remedy in the case of pain in one side of the rear of the head which is moved and stopped in the left eye. This pain is aggravated by little noise and with sunrising and ameliorated with the sunset.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

            Spigelia athalmintica is used in the cases of feeling as if the eyeballs are coming out from the eyes after dilating, intensive pain on the eyelids and watery eyes all the time. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.


            These symptoms are aggravated by movement, loud noise, inhaling, moving the eyes, in the rainy season, in cold weather and with sunrising.


            These symptoms are ameliorated by lying down quietly, in dry air and with sunset. 


            Spigelia athalmintica can be compared with drugs like- China, Spigelia and Belladonna.