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[ S ] Related homeopathic drugs:


           Spigelia is an excellent remedy in the cases of all types of neuralgic pain of the entire body as head, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, mouth, teeth and heart. It provides relief from pain quickly.

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Mind-related symptoms:-

           The patient feels fear by looking at any pointed thing as needle, pin, nail and peg. Giving Spigelia to the suffered patient checks above symptom.   

Mouth-related symptoms:-

           Spigelia is an excellent remedy in the cases of intensive toothache, which is aggravated after eating food, severe offensive smell from the mouth, tongue pain due to tongue cracks and bad taste of the mouth.   

Eye-related symptoms:-

           Spigelia should be used in the cases of dilated pupils, eyes’ pain due to light, neuralgic pain of the eyelids which is real nature, neuralgic inflammation, sensation of the dilated eyes with pain by moving the eyes, cataract due to arthritis and intensive pain in the eyes and around the eyes which is moved to internal parts the eyes. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   

Rectum-related symptoms:-

           Spigelia is a great remedy in the cases of rectum itching with sensation as if something is crawling in the rectum, frequent desires for excretion, but stool does not come out during bowel movement, rectum worms.  

Heart-related symptoms:-

           Spigelia is used in the cases of pulse irregularity, slow palpitation of the pulse, dyspnea (difficulty in breathing), neuralgic pain that starts from one arm and is moved to the other, heart swelling due to arthritis, pain in the left side of the body, burning sensation with pain in the internal portion of the heart and fierce pulsation. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms.   Nose-related symptoms:-

           The patient suffers from dryness in the front part of the nose all the time due to discharge from the nose which comes from the posterior portion of the nose. The patient also suffers from chronic catarrh with discharge from the posterior portion of the nose. Above symptoms can be cured by taking Spigelia.

Head-related symptoms:-

           Spigelia is a beneficial remedy in the cases of pain in the lower portion of the temples and forehead which is moved to the eyes, pain which begins with sunrising and ameliorates with sunset, pain in the one side of the head due to which, the patient starts suffering from intensive pain of the left eye which is aggravated by sexual intercourse, intensive headache as if someone has tied any bandage around his head tightly and lack of hearing power due to head roaming. 


           Spigelia can be compared with drugs like- Acon, Arse, Cact, Digitalis Naja, calm, Kali-carbonicum, Spongia, etc.


           These symptoms are aggravated by any type of movement, loud noise, touching, turning the eyes and moving.


           These symptoms are ameliorated by lying on the right side and putting up the head.


           2nd to 30th potencies of Spigelia should be given to the suffered patient.