When a person gets injured suddenly or muscular becomes erect because of any jerking or pain starts in any joint of the bones due to any accident, this stage is called spasm. Bleeding starts after bursting the joints of bones or membranes; the joints become weak and pain and inflammation start in them along with swelling. 

Treatment of spasm according to nature therapy:

  • First, spasm affected portion should be massaged with oil for the natural treatment.
  • The patient should take complete relief for the treatment of spasm.
  • Piece of ice should be applied on the spasm affected portion. Apply piece of ice at the interval of two hours. The patient gets lots of relief by doing so.
  • A cold bandage should be kept on the spasm affected portion. Blood veins become contracted and flow of the blood stops. In addition to, swelling of blood veins reduces. Thus, spasm disappears.
  • Swelling of the spasm affected portion reduces if the victim keeps his spasm affected portion on a high place.
  • The patient should take bath with cold water. He gets relief by doing so.