Introduction of space therapy



        Among five elements- water, earth (soil), air, sky and fire, the first and very useful element is ‘Sky element’. This element is also called ‘Vacant’ (space). As the God is spiritual (formless) but true, sky element is also formless, but true. Sky element can not be destroyed. It is genuine and formless (spiritual). Thus, we get purity and cleanness from it. The sky is known as the residence of the God who is immortal. We can too become diseases free and can live for longer but not immortal by using this sky element appropriately. The strength getting from sky element is very beneficial. It makes healthy by soul, mental and physical. It is also not hidden fact that if there is no sky element found, we can not breathe and have not our existence. Also, the base of remaining four elements is sky.     

        The sky is also the base of the universe. For getting this element, there is an effective way, called ‘fast’ (starvation). We can become happy and peaceful after getting this precious element also by eating little less than hunger everyday. After becoming the victim of any disease, we can fulfill required sky element in our body after stopping other physical works by vital power getting by being fast resulting we are become healthy by ourselves. The sky element is responsible for grief, sex, anger, affection and fear. The particular places of sky element inside our body are head, throat, heart, stomach and waist. Sky present in our brain is the part of air that is the main place of life. Heart is the part of native glory that is the main place of bile. It helps in digestion. Stomach is the part of native sky water; it helps in removing out all types of waste product from the body. Sky native of waist is the part of earth. It is too solid and the habitation of odor (smell).     

        A great scholar has said that sky element is the supreme of healthier living. According to him, knowing the mystery of sky is similar to knowing the mystery of the God. This great element will be as much practiced and used as we will get healthiness. As well as the sky is present around us, it is also present inside our body. It is present in each pore and the space between two pores on the skin. We should not try to fill the vacant place of this element. If we take as much daily food (diet) as our body required but not more than hunger, vacant space will remain in the body. Thus, it we perform fast once in a week, everything can become normal. If there is no possibility of performing fast for whole day, taking food only once in a day is also beneficial.   

Celibacy, restraint and copulation (sex) :

According to Shastras, celibacy has divided in 2 types :

Upkarvan celibacy and Naistik celibacy.

1. Upkarvan celibacy :

        The student, who enters in familiar responsibilities with the advice of his teacher (guru) after getting the complete knowledge of 1-2 or 3 Vedas, is called ‘Upkarvan celibacy’.

2. Naistik celibacy :

  • The student who has taken celibacy for his whole life is called ‘Naistik celibacy’.
  • Leaving (quitting) all types of sexes (copulation) is called celibacy. In Shastras, the following types of sexes have described-

Types of sex (copulation) :

Mental sex :

  • Thinking (thoughts) about the body and charm of any female.
  • Thinking about the bad activities of a bad male.
  • Thinking about your sexual activities done earlier.
  • Thinking about involvedness in sexual intercourse with a woman in future.
  • Thinking vulgarly after looking naked photos of any woman.

Kali sex :

  • Dancing and enjoying with women.
  • Going in club, bar for enjoyment.
  • Doing vulgar act with women.

Kirtan sex-

  • Taking vulgarly.
  • Describing beauty, color, youth of women.
  • Taking about sex.
  • Reading vulgar books, listening vulgar songs.

Prekshan sex :

  • Looking the body parts of women.
  • Watching the photos of any beautiful woman, cinema.
  • Watching excited objects and decoration.

Sringaar (make up) sex :

        Making different types of hair styles for impression, combing the hairs, putting on quality clothes, using perfumes, garland of flowers, applying surma in the eyes, fitting gold in teeth, using lipstick for making lips as red, etc. are come under make up sex.

Guhyabhashan sex :

        In lonely place, taking vulgar talks with woman, describing her beauty, youth and her body, joking and enjoying with her, etc. come under guhyabhashan sex.

Touch sex :

        With the view of sexual desire, touching the sensitive organs of a woman, kissing, involving in sexual intercourse with a woman, etc. come under touch sex.

Look sex :

        Narrating dirty story to women or that enhances sexual desire, describing of the beauty, look, body organs, etc. come under look sex.

Sperm and ovum or egg :

        As butter presents in milk, oil in mustard or sesamum seeds, sweetness in sweet eatables and fragrance in flowers, etc., sperm is found in male and ovum or egg in female. It has narrated in old granthas that 1 kg blood is made by 40 kg food and only 20 g sperm is produced with 1 kg blood. If a person takes 1 kg food daily, he takes 40 kg in 40 days, means- being produce only 20 g sperm, 40 days are required. In this way, if 20 g sperm came out from the body, it is equal to 1 kg of blood. But modern anatomist does not believe in it. According to Shastras, after ejaculation once, the age of ones is decreased about 1 month. So, destroying our sperm for little enjoyment, how can it become foolish act? But most of it is false.

There are 2 motions (movements) of sperm and ovum-

  • High motion (salvation).
  • Decline motions (down fall).

High motion (salvation)-

        When sperm and ovum became high with blood, is called salvation.

Decline motions (down fall)-

        Coming out ovum or sperm is called decline motion of it.

Important tips:-

        When ovum and sperm is produced inside our body and if not destroyed, it is become in to vitality (vigour) after mixing with blood and distributed in the entire body that increments glory, luster, strength with appearing all the symptoms of masculinity in male and all the symptoms of youth in fair sexes.

Easy ways to protect from ejaculation-   

  • To prevent ejaculation, we should keep distance from all the eight types of sexes said above.  
  • We should take vegetable and natural food stuffs in our daily diet instead of red chilies, hot spices, sour, pickles, meat, fish, tea, coffee, etc.
  • Any type of intoxicating materials or liquid like- alcohol (liquor), hemp, opium, charas, smack, etc. should not be taken even tea and coffee.
  • We should get up in the morning before 2 hours of sunrise and walk in fresh air. In this period, up to sunrise, southern air moves every day and every season which is healthier. So we should get the benefits of this air. It is stopped moving after sunrise.
  • Stale food, left at night, should not be taken. If this type of food has to taken, boil it first.
  • The food stuffs that are responsible for constipation should not be taken, because constipation generates other diseases.
  • Over eating should be avoided. As much feel hunger as less than of it should be taken.
  • Minimum one asana or exercise must be taken daily.
  • We should perform fast once in a week only on water.
  • We must walk in fresh air twice a day.
  • Masturbation should be always avoided.
  • Sexual intercourse with many women should be avoided.
  • We should always try to think healthy and should sustain natural life.
  • We should always engage in good work.
  • Before going to bed, we should wash our legs with cold water after urination and go to bed with chanting our God’s name.
  • Before going to bed, hot milk should not be taken, because it causes bad dreams and night fall is taken place. If ones has such habit, should quite it and instead of it, he should drink half or a glass of lukewarm water after squeezing half or a lemon in it.
  • While sleeping at night, we should not wear tight underwear or langot, it causes night fall and penis weakness that can be become the responsible for impotency later.
  • Different types of drugs should not be taken to prevent ejaculation.
  • If ejaculation turned in to night fall, we should take treatment by an expert natural doctor.

Use restraint like divine weapon:-

        There is deep relation between celibacy and restraint. Abstinence (restraint) is the highest idle of human life. He can remain healthy completely by both physically and mentally with following all the activities of life like- eating, living, thinking, behaving, etc. only avoiding unstable senses is the art of life. It gives a lot of benefits even the way of life full of restraint seems taste less. 

How control our mind?-

        In controlling the mind, the biggest difficulty (obstruction) is dependant of senses that is the main reason of unstable mind. Different types of desires make the human dance like a puppet. As like the desire wants to make human dance as he dances. A human surrounded by touch, look, enjoyment, smell, sex, anger, greedy, proud, etc. keep on jumping (unstable) like a ball. These types of desire are neither fulfilled nor calm down. One desire of human is incomplete and second is arise, and then third and it goes on continuing this way. He has no free time to think about his welfare and it is the only way of his ending. Therefore, it is better for us that did not follow our senses.  

        In human life, eating food, walking, working, rest, etc. all are needed, but depending for it on our senses is a foolish act i.e. which is to be taken and how much is to be taken, when  and how should we walk, how much work and rest are to be taken, etc. If the brain does these works, it is better. If we try, our brain will become capable to control our senses otherwise it becomes dependant of senses. Thus practicing of dhyanas for purification of our mind in a quite place helps a lot. Daily at night, on the bed, before going to bed, thinking and analysis of bad and good works done in the whole day are the works of great people. Later, it helps to control instability of our mind. We all can hide our many demerits from others, but it is not possible to hide them from ourselves. Thus, when we think about our whole day activities at night, all the demerits appear one after another. At that time, we are shocked by ourselves after knowing our proud, cheat, lower and bad works and decided to stop these bad activities.     

        Another way to control our mind is devotion of the God. So, the rules for worshiping, praying, namaz, etc. are described in all the religions of the world and it is the order of granthas to follow these rules daily that are not useless. It helps in controlling our mind or in cleaning (purification) of it. If we performed devotion of the God with heart and soul daily only for 20-30 minutes, our mind will be controlled without any doubt.

How do we control our language (tongue)?-

        Tongue has the ability to operate senses, so controlling on tongue is too necessary for a human. Giving taunt to any one, teasing, using abusive words, hate behavior, dirty joking after looking as dirty view, etc. are the symptoms of uncontrolled tongue. Avoiding them is called having control on tongue. Rough (hard) tongue generates diversity and can break true friendship of years in second while by sweet tongue, biggest enemy is also become friend.

        Tongue has much power. The other means of mantras is only tongue that also makes impossible as possible. But each word (tongue) can not be mantras. Like that, each word spoke by someone can influence other. The person, who has controlling power, has wonderful power only in his tongue that makes other own (impressed). 

        Only one way of controlling our tongue is to be remaining quite (silent). Silence has much power. It is also known as ‘Peace’, which is the creator of everything. In Vedas, silence has also known as ‘Shantam’ means happiness and enjoyment. Shantam is called pranav and soham that are involve in our inhaling and exhaling. All the activities of the world are operated silently. The grown of womb inside ovary takes place silently. Plants and trees germinate silently and grow silently.       

Celibacy (abstinence) on duty (work)-

        Understanding right and wrong (true and false) and behaving according to it is called celibacy of duty. We should act with intellectual. The work, liked by brain, should be started. If your mind says to give charity, you should do this immediately. Actually, there is a certain taste of duty that is present in our duty.    

Morality (good behavior)-

        In Bhagwat Geeta, 30 ways (rules) of dharma have described for all humans. Following these rules is known as ‘Morality’ or purification (sanctity) of both body and soul is called morality. Purification of the soul is possible only by morality. Morality is a true way of eternal soul peace. It is an easy way to get dignity in this world and this word has the power of shaking the world. If morality had defined in a sentence, eternal happiness and peace of every caste, society, countries and person are present in morality.   

Mental discipline and balance-

        The soul of a person is very powerful. Soul peace is responsible to good or bad health. So, during disease, the patient’s disease is aggravated or ameliorated according to his mental conditions. Why only disease, death can also come when that person has accepted it. death or any disease or good health, when ones will have desire for getting it in his mind, the environment for it is made by itself. It is a natural way. The soul is a centre of hidden power. The progress, decline, happiness, sorrow, etc. all are depend on the soul. The devil (bad) desires of soul must affect on human body later and generate physical and mental diseases. In this way, many people have lost their life due to fear of ghost, devil, gin, etc., that is actually the fear of our soul. It is observed that the reasons of different diseases generating inside our body are the bad desires of our mind and if thoughts are healthy (good), it also acts like a medicine for the patient.       

        There are two types of soul- direct soul and indirect soul (inner and outer). When the desires of a person does not able to complete, makes him worry after collecting in the indirect soul. Due to it, worried people often dreams strange dream. There are different types of disorders related to blood occurred due to persisting worry and irritation up to long time. In the condition of blood poisoning, circulation of blood is stopped that causes diseases in the body. Modern scientists have found by research that if a person gets angry once, about 1.5 lakhs cells are destroyed in his mind that is not recovered again. The destroyed cells of the body are recovered again by any means, but the brain cells, once destroyed, are not recovered. According to a doctor, the person surrounded by house related worry has mostly upset stomach that is converted in other disease later. Like this, if bad news is told to a person, his hunger even violent is ended, because that news affects the brain first. Even in few cases, people of weak heart are dead.        

Mental discipline is the most effective medicine to cure diseases:-

        As well the body becomes sick slowly due to any worry in mind as disease can be cured by thinking healthy in mind. Changes start in the body just after changing thoughts. Human health depends on his desires. In modern age, many diseases are removed only by our internal advice. The method of this treatment is called ‘Mental treatment’. According to a principle of psychology, the person has as well thoughts as he becomes. This principle is most effective to cure disease. When the person has negative thoughts, disease but also all the bad incident of his life are aggravate his disease, but when thoughts are positive, his health remains in better condition. So, in the morning and at night before going to bed, if the patient thinks with faith and true heart that his disease will be cured, he will find that a type of glow is appeared on his body and he has become beautiful and disease free. This faith takes long time to become true, but it influences the body molecules soon. As soon as the patient decides in his mind to cure diseases, the molecules of disease start changing and the magical power of the soul will remove all the molecules of disease from the body and he will become healthy (disease free).