Soya Bean



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These are very useful and protect a woman from breast cancer and endometriosis diseases. Introduction:

Soya bean has such elements which protect us from cancer. It contains caytochemeicals especially phaytoastrogan and 950 types of hormones. These are very useful and protect a woman from breast cancer and endometriosis diseases. It has been found that cancer tumours do not increase because of these elements and tumors’ size also reduces. Taking soya bean regularly reduces the doubt of cancer 30 to 45 percent.

          It has been found after analyzing that taking soya bean with meal reduces the doubt of breast’s cancer. Soya bean is very beneficial for women. An acid named as omega-3 protects women from the breast’s cancer before their birth. The woman, who takes meal with omega-3 acid during pregnancy and while suckling her babies, there is a little bit doubt of breast cancer in their offspring. Omega-3 is found in soya bean, fishes and wall nut. So, a woman should take soya bean and wall nut during pregnancy and while suckling her baby.

         The patient of cancer, who goes through chemotherapy and radiation, suffers from intensive pain, bleeding, anaemia, exhaustation, weakness, retching, vomiting, loose motions, constipation, anorexia, hair fall, despair and incurable diseases. These are the side effects of chemotherapy radiation.

Soya bean milk: Doctors consults that we should change our diet instead of the use of medicines to control cholesterol. The use of soya bean can reduce 14 percent quantity of protein’s LDL. Drinking 2 glass milk of soya bean regularly is beneficial of it. Besides it, barley seeds are also useful to get rid of the problems pertaining to LDL.

Soya bean is nutritive and useful for the heart. Eating 25 grams proteins of soya bean regularly provides relief.

          It has been found after analyzing that soya bean reduces fat in the blood and there is no fear of the growth of CHD. The persons who take 47 grams soya protein daily, they lose 9 percent fat of the blood, 13 percent LDL of disturbed cholesterol and 10 to 11 percent triglycerides but the amount of HDL good cholesterol increases. Its use provides relief magically.

Soya bean’s dahi bada: One should collect 100 grams soya bean, 50 grams washed pulse of hoarse-bean, ghee or oil for frying, ¼ spoon ground dry ginger, 500 grams curd, toasted cumin seed, red chilly, black salt and salt according to taste.

Method: Soak soya bean and kidney bean pulse separately in water at night. Peel soya bean and mix kidney bean pulse in this. Prepare paste by grinding of this mixture and mix dry ginger in it.  Shuffle it properly and make Bade of this paste then fry them. Mix a little salt in lukewarm water and soak fried bare in this water for 2 minutes. Take out these out bare from the water then wring them and soak in curd. Mix spice in this curd and serve.

For taste: Mix spices, green chilly and green coriander in this paste and serve it with sauce.

Whey of soya bean: Mix water (According to need) in soya bean curd. Shuffle this curd properly to prepare whey and butter.

Soya bean elements:

Proteins               -        40 percent

Carbohydrates      -        24.6 percent

Salt                     -        48 percent

Oil                       -        20 percent

Calcium                -        about ¼ gram

Phosphorus          -        about ½ gram

Iron                     -        about ¼ gram

Vitamin A            -        710

Vitamin-B  -1       -        730 Micrograms

Vitamin-B-2         -        760 micrograms

Naysin                 -       about ¼ gram

Calorie                 -        432

Precautions: A pregnant woman should not use soya bean because it affects bad on the offspring.

Useful in different diseases: 

1. Mental diseases: Soya bean contains good amount of phosphorus, so it is very useful for the treatment of brain problems and sense-organs’ disorders as- epilepsy, hysteria, memory weakness and rickets as well as lungs’ problems. The flour of soya bean contains a substance named lecithin which is very useful in tuberculosis and mental disorders. In India, the poor who can not eat fish and other products, soya bean is main food for them that supplies phosphors. It is a nutritive food for the poor.

2. Heart problems:

  • Soya bean contains 20 to 22 percent fat. Its fat has about 85 percent fat acids which are very useful for the patients of heart. It contains a substance named lecithin which is necessary for the heart pipes. Cholesterol does not freeze in the pipes of heart because of lecithin.
  • Soya bean reduces cholesterol in the blood, so it is very useful for the patients of heart. Mostly in heart problems, some types of fat increases in the blood like- triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL while useful fat viz HDL reduces. Soya bean contains 15 percent soluble fat, 25 percent mono soluble fat and 60 percent poli insoluble fat. Specially, it has 2 kinds of acids which are very useful for heart. Soya bean’s protein is helpful to control cholesterol and LDL. It enhances useful cholesterol HDL in the body.

3. High blood pressure: Toast half cup of soya bean with a little salt and take it regularly for 8 weeks. Its use normalizes blood-pressure. One can mix black pepper in this mixture for taste. Take half cup of roasted soya bean to reduce high blood-pressure of the woman. Give soya bean to the woman regularly for 8 weeks. Its use reduces 10 percent systolic pressure, 7 percent diastolic pressure and 3 percent blood pressure. Soak soya bean in water for 8 to 12 hours at night and take after heating it in the morning.

4. Liver: Soya bean contains lecithin substance which is useful for the liver and sense-organs of the brain.

5. Body strength: Protein is very necessary for the growth of body. Skin, muscles, nail and hair build with protein. Besides it, the brain, heart, lungs and other internal organs of the body also build with the help of protein. Soya bean, sprouted wheat, flour of cotton seeds, gram, kidney-bean, pea, bean, ground nut and different kinds of pulse are good sources of protein.

6. Bone weakness: Soya bean ends the weakness of bones and cures other problems of the bones. Taking soya bean makes the body healthy. The decay of bones is a disease in which the patient suffers from bones’ weakness and fractures of the bones. Calcium quantity also reduces in bones.  

7. Troubles associated with menses

  • Woman feels intensive pain during menstrual excretion. She suffers from bone decaying consequently she becomes the victim of onstiyo arthritis and knees’ pain. She suffers from above problems due to the lack of estragon in the body caused by amenorrhea. Soya bean contains a substance named faytoestrogon which is useful in this disease. So, taking soya bean regularly for 3-4 months cures all diseases of the women.
  • Soya bean not only provides a good quantity of proteins to the women but it is also beneficial in the troubles before menses as pain, backache, exhaustation, swelling and body heaviness.

8. Stomach worms: Drink whey of soya bean to destroy stomach worms.

9. Diabetes: Soya bean is a good meal for fat and heavy persons as well as diabetes patients. Bread of soya bean flour is the best meal.

10. Arthritis: A person gets rid of arthritis by eating the breads of soya bean’s flour and drinking milk.

11. For breast milk: The woman, who feeds her baby, should drink soya bean milk. Its use increases breast’s milk.

12. Diabetes mellitus: Take soya bean regularly to get rid of diabetes mellitus.