When any acute disease of the patient is in the last stage of recovering after treating, the patient starts suffering from weakness in his body, excessive tiredness even after doing little physical work, drenching the entire body with sweat and skin dryness if he does not work. Sorinum is very beneficial in above symptoms. 

Useful in various symptoms:-

Skin-related symptoms:-

         Sorinum is an excellent remedy in the cases of excessive warmth of the body with itching, itching which aggravates by lying down on the bed at night and the patient suffers from skin bleeding due to intensive itching, dry pimples on the skin with coats which is ameliorated in the summers and aggravated in the winters, itching in the knee joints and in between the fingers, seeming of dirty skin and offensive smell from the skin which does not ameliorates even after bathing.

Mind-related symptoms:-

          The patient suffers from depression all the time and feels as if his life is vain and worthless. The patient feels as if he is very weak and suffers from even after little movement. So, he goes on lying down without any movement (motionless). Giving Sorinum to the suffered patient checks above symptoms.   


           These symptoms are aggravated by movement, in cold air, by sitting or standing and by bed heat.


            These symptoms are ameliorated by donning clothe on the chest and bringing the arms near the lower portions of the body.