Some tips to live healthy



          Adoption of some rules is very essential to become healthy. A man can pass a healthy life by following these rules. When a man eats something against these rules, several kinds of diseases occur in his body. The health of the person becomes worse day by day slowly. Hence, all the people should follow all the rules relating to meal.

Some tips relating to having meal:

  • All the people should take less meal than the appetite. Meal should be taken by chewing properly. We should take nutritive meal. In this way, health of a person remains good by having such kinds of meal.
  • People should take such kinds of meal, which has medicinal traits. Here, it means to say that all the people should take pure meal. We should never take polluted meal and the meal, which proves harmful for the body.
  • All the people should do yoga and exercise in the morning and evening regularly because a person remains healthy by doing so. Yoga and exercise provides relief to person more than the medicines. As medicines cure the disease, as yoga and exercise makes a man healthy without paying anything.
  • All the people should live happily and calmly because it is good for sound health. These qualities of a person make him healthy.
  • A person should not show anger and wrath. He should not involve in fighting. Because these things are harmful for body and health of a person becomes worse day by day.
  • A person should remain far from despair in life. He should try to pass his life happily if he wants sound health.
  • All the people should eat such kind of food, which is beneficial for health and makes a man healthy. All the people should speak in sweet and melodious way.
  • Meal once a day is equal to yoga. Here it means to say that if a man takes meal once a day, he remains healthy. A person who eats twice a day is equal to a person who enjoys. We can say that the man does not remain healthy who eats twice a day because several kinds of disease take birth in the body by doing so. The health of the person becomes worse day by day. When a person follows the rules, he remains healthy and no disease take that person in its grip.