Some sexual diseases of men



In this modern era, man has invented such things which were beyond dream in past. He reaches on moon. In spite of so development, he is not able to provide sexual dissatisfaction to a woman. He ejaculates soon at night when he makes sexual relation with his wife. In this situation, the woman keeps on agonizing throughout night on bed in the lack of sexual satisfaction. What should it be called? A man is not able to get over a small disease named premature ejaculation since long time.  

Man has been suffering from this disease since long time but a large number of people have been becoming the victim of this disease in India since last a few years. Approximately 50 % men have been facing this problem in our country. Several families are about to lost their existence due to this problem.

Now, question arises here that what the premature ejaculation is in true sense. The facts that have been made described that ejection of semen within a few seconds or minutes are called premature ejaculation. This problem cannot be measured properly in this way. Counting the minutes during sexual intercourse is very difficult task. Many people include the period of foreplay as the period of sexual intercourse.  

With this thinking, they think that they are not the victim of premature ejaculation. Truth comes before when they are asked about the number of strokes while making sexual relation. Number of strokes decides whether a man is the victim of premature ejaculation or not. There is no doubt by doing so. One research describes that at least 60-100 strokes are essential for a woman to get climax during sexual intercourse.

If a man is not able to satisfy a woman through so strokes, he is the victim of premature ejaculation definitely.  Ejaculation of semen should be after many strokes because a man gets too much sexual pleasure through these strokes. Strokes are essential to a man to get climax during sexual intercourse.

          To know one thing about premature ejaculation is essential that premature ejaculation is the primary symptoms of impotency. If it is not treated on time, a man becomes the victim of impotency one day.


          Knowing about the causes of this disease is very essential after becoming the victim of this disease. There are three sex centers in cerebrum, one part of every man’s brain. These centers play very important role from the fore plays to ejaculation of semen.  

1.  Erection Centre

2.  Retention Centre

3. Ejaculation Centre

Erection center:

Whenever a man looks a girl, touches her body or reads pornographic books, he feels sexual excitement in his mind in the beginning. After arising sexual excitement, messages are send to the erection center from the mind to fill the blood in spongy tissues of the penis. Blood starts to fill into the penis slowly and after sometime, the penis gets full erection.  

In the same way, vesicular seminalis, prostate gland and camphor gland start to throb in a strange way. Waves start to be produce from that place and a man starts sexual intercourse after getting full erection in his penis. Pleasurable waves start to produce from the glans of the erect penis when a man strokes while making sexual relation. All these waves reaches first on the retention center and finally these waves are send to erection center. The man absorbs in the deep sea of sexual pleasure and sexual intercourse remains continue.

Some information about the period of sexual intercourse:

Strength of retention center:

When a man is in normal stage, waves come into the retention center and then they are sent to erection center from there. In this way, retention and erection work altogether. After several strokes during sexual relation, one stage comes in which retention center is not able to bear or face too many strokes and the man advances towards ejaculation.

If retention center weakens because of the disease named premature ejaculation, it is not able to face normal strokes and ejaculate semen soon. This stage is called premature ejaculation or early ejaculation.

In the way, it is cleared that the time of sexual intercourse is depend on the power of retention center. If retention center weakens, period of sexual intercourse reduces.

fast process of strokes:

If a man is very excited, number of waves that have been sent to retention center will be very strong. If this center is already weak, it cannot bear the fast process of strokes and in this way, he ejaculates soon. It is heard that a man ejaculates soon if sexual relation is made with a woman after a long period. The cause of it is the fast process of strokes during sexual intercourse. Many men consider excessive excitement of their body the cause of premature ejaculation.

In reality, retention center of such men is not in normal condition. Retention center bears light and gentle strokes but it is not able to bear fast strokes. A man ejaculates soon when he makes sexual relation with a woman after many days because retention center is not so strong as it should be in real. Men with strong retention center bear the fast process of stroking. He takes normal time in sexual relation.

Movement of strokes:

Sometimes, prostate gland, camphor gland and glans of the penis become too much sensitive due to premature ejaculation. as men in the process of stroking in retention center, they ejaculate as the process of stroking completes. 

Treatment of premature ejaculation depends on the identification of disease in reality. An experienced doctor can find out what the disease is in reality on the base of his treatment. Sometimes, retention center and glans of the penis are both affected with this disease. In this situation, such medicines, which have the power to strengthen retention center along with the glans of the penis, should be taken by men. Such medicines end sensitiveness if the glans of the penis by reducing the swelling of the affected part.

Causes of premature ejaculation:

  • Masturbation
  • Too much sexual intercourse
  • Nightfall and disease of semen
  • Unnatural sexual activities
  • Internal coition
  • Sanchite coition
  • Sexual arousal


Masturbation is considered the main cause of the disease named premature ejaculation because nervous system becomes weak due to masturbation. In this way, a man fails to control the ejaculation of semen while making sexual relation.

Too much sexual intercourse:

Several men always keep on searching the chance for coition repeatedly. Such men make sexual relation with their wives at night when they feel sexual excitement and they do so during day if they get chance. This thing remains good for sometime but glans of the penis becomes too much sensitive due to excessive sexual intercourse. In this way, a man becomes the victim of premature ejaculation.

Muscles of the penis, retention center and erection center work within limit like other organs’ muscles. If one man takes too much work from these muscles, they get tiredness. As the muscles of the legs of a man get tired and stop their work after constant walking 30-35 kilometer. Muscles get relief after tiredness.   

Heart is such organ of the body, which keeps on throbbing without break but one research has described that muscles of it get relief during the process of throbbing. Tiredness something like this takes birth in the muscles of sex center and muscles of the penis. If relief is not provided to these muscles, they become tired one day necessarily. Such symptoms appear in the form of premature and impotency. Hence, men should not take excessive work from their sex organs than the requirement.    

Men, who are habitual of too much coition, become the victim of premature ejaculation and lack of sexual excitement. In addition to, such men make their wives habitual of too much sex. They forget what they will do in old age after losing their sexual power of their sex organs. They are involved in too much sexual relation due to excessive sexual urge and excitement of puberty.

A wife knows nothing about the lack of sexual power in her husband. She will want to make sexual relation with her husband like before. If the man becomes passive towards sexual relation, the woman feels that she is not attractive and charming now like before and in this way, she becomes the victim of frustration. Some women consider it in a wrong way.

They think that their husbands have illegal sexual relation with other women and this is the reason that their husbands have not been showing interest in them. There are several other things, which can break a family of husband and wife. This is the reason that a man should establish sexual relation according to time. Normally, it is said that excessiveness of anything proves harmful.

Nightfall and Prostatorrhea:

Third cause of impotency or premature ejaculation is nightfall or Prostatorrhea. If a man has been suffering form nightfall or Prostatorrhea since long time, glans of the penis of a man becomes too much sensitive. In this way, he starts to feel such problems as premature ejaculation and other sexual diseases within a few days due to this reason.

          Knowledge about one thing related to nightfall to men is also essential that if a man faces nightfall or Prostatorrhea once or twice a month, there is no need to be worried. They should not spend their money and time in treatment by fake docotors because it is a normal process. If a man faces this problem many times in a month, he should consult to a doctor immediately because it is abnormal.  

Avoidance from sexual diseases:

Consulting to a sex specialist about sexual disease proves very beneficial because a man gets too much information about sexual diseases. On one hand, there are some sex specialist doctors for treatment one the other hand there are many hakims and fake doctors for treatment. None thinks about the real cause of the appearance of such disease and about the precautions. 

It is observed generally that a man wears woolen clothes in winter season to avoid from cold. He suggests to his family members about it. He forecasts the harmful effects of cold to the family members too. Why does a man not tell anything about sexual diseases to his family members? Why do we not give instructions to avoid from sexual diseases to the growing young generation?  

We are living in modern era and we should tell some essential things about sexual diseases to the young generation. Sexual disease is a disease that makes a youth hollow from inside gradually. Therefore, making alert to all is very essential. Some essential information has been giving here for young generation to avoid from several sexual diseases.  

Need of sex education:

There are several slogans in India about education, which have been making by us. Such slogans are as ‘Read and teach’, ‘Getting education is our right by birth,’ ‘Equal education should be given for both the boys and girls’ and India will advance if Indian will get education. This thing is very good. Our country is becoming alert towards education. One is also essential for children along with schooling education and it is sex education. This education will save our new generation by going on wrong path but none is paying attention towards this subject.

All the persons know one thing that a person attracts towards opposite sex in young age soon. A boy thinks about sexual intercourse by seeing a girl. He wants to get that girl. Such kinds of views produce sexual excitement in his mind and he takes the help of masturbation to satisfy his sexual urge.

It happens because he has no sex knowledge. Sometimes, several young men go on wrong path in the lack of proper and sufficient sex knowledge. They become the victim of masturbation or premature ejaculation. They start to think that they will not able to satisfy their wives after marriage. Hence, father or elder brother should give essential sex knowledge to the younger growing boys of their family.

Girls become depressed as they face menstrual excretion on the first time in the lack of sex knowledge. They think that they have become the victim of any disease but they cannot tell about it in the family. In this case, elder sister, bhabi or mother should give essential information to the younger girls of the family because it is essential for a girl’s bright life.

They should tell about all kinds of troubles that appear after the menstrual excretion. If appropriate and sufficient knowledge is given to the young boys and girls, they will pass their married life happily and without sex problems.  


          A young boys several kinds of misconception relating to sex of which he considers true. A misconception is that semen is made from blood and if a man destroys it, he loses his life too. He considers about premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse after nightfall or masturbation. Such kinds of ideas take birth in his mind. In this way, a boy becomes the victim of wrong misconceptions. In this stage, a young boy faces two kinds of things first is nightfall and another is masturbation.

A man checks himself by adopting the habit of masturbation but he has no control on nightfall and in this way, he keeps on puzzling continuously. At this period, several kinds of misconceptions take birth in a young boy’s mind, which push away him in wrong direction. Hence, a man should not think about such kinds of thing at any rate and he should try to keep his mind peace and clean by taking appropriate and sufficient sex knowledge.

Avoid from bad company:

A man affects very much with the locality in which he lives or the people to whom he interact. Mostly, young boys and girls get affected through locality. Many young boys and girl think that school is a spot for fun and pleasure. They do not read there and disturb other students who want to read. When such boys feel sexual excitement, they become the victim several bad habits as masturbation and anal intercourse. This is the result of bad company.   

In this way, a boy becomes the victim of several sexual diseases. He thinks that his life has been destroyed because of sexual diseases. He spends his money and time to get treatment by hakims and fake doctors. In this way, he destroys his life. Therefore, young boys should avoid from bad boys. They should spend their time on study to make their future bright.

Self-restraint or have patience:

Young age is the age in which if a man stumbles a little, he keeps on stumbling continuously. In this age, a boy entangles himself in several kinds of troubles by attracting towards opposite sex. He becomes puzzled if he thinks about sex or he feels sexual arousal. Sometimes, he commits serious crimes. Therefore, a boy should have control over himself and over his senses completely. If he does so, he can avoid from sexual diseases and sex offences.

Vedas and puran gives too much stress on self-restraint. A man, who passes his life by adopting self-restraint, achieves his goal soon. By passing a self-restraint life when a man enters into married life, he is welcomed at the gate of puberty. 

Incoming future:

          All the people know one thing that young generation is the future of our country. Therefore, young generation should be strong physically and mentally. A completely healthy man can fight from all kinds of difficulties but in this modern age, several young persons become weak physically and mentally because of sexual diseases.

Therefore, young generation should think about the country. If they will become the patients of sexual diseases, they are not able to run country properly. Therefore, they should think about their future and goal. If it is done by young generation, they will not become the victim of sexual diseases.

Avoid from shame and hesitation:

Several young boys become the victim of sex disease because of bad company or they consider their bad habits as a disease. In this situation, they do not tell about their problem or their disease because of hesitation and shame. A boy has not so knowledge at this time that he may tell about his disease in his family by giving up his hesitation and shame.

If he does so, he can get good treatment along with good advice. The young boy will get two kinds of benefits in this way. If he is the victim of any sexual disease, he can get rid of this disease in the early stage. It is the first benefit. Second benefit is that appropriate sex knowledge will not give chance to produce misconceptions in his mind.

Appropriate treatment of sexual diseases:

If a man suffers from cough, cold and catarrh, he gets treatment soon but it is not possible in sexual diseases. Reason behind this is that another person knows about normal diseases easily but he cannot get knowledge about sex diseases of a person. The patient talks about his normal disease to someone or he gets his normal disease everywhere. A man neither tells about his sexual disease to a person. Besides it, these diseases show their symptoms outwardly.    

This is the reason that such diseases are called private (secret) diseases. a man who is the victim of sexual disease goes to hakims and fake doctors for treatment. He spends his money there and gets no benefit except loss. A small sex disease will change into incurable sex serious disease if the patient meets to hakims and fake doctors. Therefore, men should consult to well-qualified doctors or able sexologists to get rid of sexual diseases.

Avoid from any kind of intoxication:

          Several diseases and offences of a man are related to intoxication. A man becomes the victim of several diseases if he is the habitual of intoxication. A man becomes the victim of intoxication if he lives in bad company. He starts smoking and drinking by living in bad company. Several kinds of salacious ideas are transferred in bad company.    

Conversation is full of salacious things and a man adopts such kinds of bad habits as masturbation, anal intercourse and relation with call girls or harlots. Thereafter, when he returns from there, he brings several kinds of sexual diseases, which prove harmful for him mentally and physically.

Many men get no way to come out after going once in this bog. They are not able to do so. Answer of it is very easy that he should give up everything, which is harmful for him. A man can get rid of sexual disease by giving up bad company and habit of intoxication. A man becomes the victim of sexual diseases because of bad company and habit of intoxication. If he remains far from such kinds of bad habits, he will get rid of several kinds of problems along with sexual diseases.

Read good books:

Often, mind of a young boy keeps on wandering here and there. He remains restless towards opposite sex. This is the reason that he starts to read pornographic books. Material that has been written or printed on the pages of this book is enough to misguide a young boy. He starts masturbation unwillingly, which takes the form of sex disease in future.

Young boys should read pornographic books. They should read good books, which contain precious things. Everybody knows that a man with good character gets success in all direction. 

Family support:

Role of family is very effective in making or breaking the character of person. Family is the place where a man has to return after going anywhere. If a man faces any kind of difficulty, it is the duty of a family to support the family member in all kinds of circumstances. All the family members should try to get rid of the problems of a family member. If a young boy lives silent or puzzled, family members should try to know the reason behind this silence.

Elder son of the family or father should try to know the cause why a younger boy is depressed or puzzled. It is the duty of them. One between the two or both should talk him lovingly and to solve his every kinds of problems. He should not be disturbed by family members at any rate. Family atmosphere should be very good so that he may feel good from the behavior of his family member.  


Aids means acquired immune deficiency syndrome. We used to hear only this name before some time but this disease has spread all over world now. This disease can be called the father of all sexual diseases because every disease can be cured by any way but aids is incurable and none has got success to find out the treatment of this serious disease. Death is essential if a man has become the victim of aids.  

Something about aids:

It is a disease, which spreads through sexual intercourse. It spreads rapidly after taking man in its grasp. Neither an injection nor a medicine has been made for the treatment of this serious disease. There were a few patient of this disease in India before sometime but this disease has rooted its root deeply in India too. Virus of aids attacks on the white blood cells just after entering into the blood and destroy them soon.

Body gets fighting power against several diseases from these white blood cells. When these cells are destroyed by the virus of aids, several diseases attack on a man. Diseases become serious gradually but no disease disappears. A man goes towards death because of these diseases and weight of his body start to reduce day by day. The patient starts to feel weakness and one day he leaves this world.    

Cause of aids:

Lots of about aids has been told already that it is disease spread by a virus. Its virus is too minute that the bacteria. Its full name is human tee lifatripic virus type-3. It is called H.I.T.V.-3 in brief. There was no openness about sex in india before sometime and this is the reason that this disease takes more and more people in its grasp. After getting openness about sexual relation, this disease has been taking many people in its grasp. Causes of this disease are something like this as mentioned below.  

  • Homosexual and eunuchs
  • Those men, women or harlots who establish sexual relation with many person
  • Foreigner patient of aids who come in India and transmit this disease making sexual relation with Indian woman, makes a man the victim of this disease.  
  • Some Indian players, who are not the victim of aids, keep on going another country for the matter of work. When they make sexual relation in foreign country, they bring the virus of aids with them and spread this disease here.
  • Sometimes, the people, who take injection for intoxication, become the victim of this disease. Sometimes, it happens that they inject through an injection, which has been used by the patient of aids. In this way, a man becomes the victim of aids.

Avoidance from aids:

          No effective treatment of aids has come before us even this day. No vaccination has been prepared by scientists to get rid of this disease until now. Although, scientists has been trying their best to find out any treatment of this disease. There is a hope to get success to find out a treatment of this serious disease. There are some tips to avoid from this disease. A man can avoid from this disease by adopting the tips, which have been given below.

  • Sexual relation should not be established with strangers, harlots, and call girls at any rate.
  • Avoid from unnatural intercourse as anal intercourse, oral intercourse and homosexual sexual relations.
  • Used injection should not be used again. A person should observe minutely before taking injection whether it is unused or used. If it is used, it should not be used again at any rate. Injection should purchase from the shop of a chemist if it is possible.
  • Tablets or capsules can be taken in place of injection after consulting to a doctor because a few medicines are as which cannot be given as a tablet or capsules. 
  • Adopt condoms before making sexual relation with a woman. It is consider very effective formula to avoid from aids.
  • Intoxication is not good by any way but try to avoid from the intoxication that is got through injection.
  • Say to the barber to change the blade or razor before shaving.  Used blade and razor should not be used again.
  • If there is a need to inject blood because of any accident, there is a need to adopt carelessness at that time. The blood that is injecting the victim should be checked up. The blood should not have the viruses of HIV.

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