Some rules of massage



           Often, people think that rubbing any portion of body by applying oil there is called massage. But people who think so have not understood that massage has a scientific cause and several kinds of diseases can be cured by it. Rubbing any portion of the body by applying oil is not massage. We can get lots of benefits by massage if we know the science of massage and follow its rules properly. None can get benefit by massaging the body if we do not have knowledge about massage. One thing should be remembered when we get massage by masseur or masseuse, the warmth and strength of them enters into our body. The strength of the person who massage decays very much if he involves in vibrating action because the strength of the masseur or masseuse enters into the person who is being massaged through fingers.            

Some essential rules which should be remembered at the time of massage:

  • A masseur or masseuse should have tendency and concentration at the time of massage because he will provide as much benefits to the patient as he is quiet and focuses on his work. If a person massages by concentrating his mind, the deadly like body can be animated by him. Wonderful benefits can be gained if massage is done with positive thinking and pure ideas. Patting with affection of a mother provides lots of joy to the child and when the child gets such pleasure, he sinks into sound sleep.   
  • If a masseur has not pure ideas in his mind, he wants to collect money only. The patient gets no benefit and massage proves harmful for him. 
  • The place should be clean, peaceful and airy where massage is to be done. In addition to, the place should be open and full of light. Conversation with the patient at the time of massage is not good. It is essential that a masseur should pay his attention on the portion where he is massaging.   
  • Massage should be started by making the patient lie. Make the patient lie on the ground by stretching mat, cushion or on the big table. Massage should not be done on the cot. If the patient massages himself, he should always massage by sitting not standing. 
  • Hands and feet of the patient should be completely loose at the time of massage. The patient gets lots of benefit if the hands of masseur are loose and soft. The patient should loose his body completely like shavasana and unconsciousness stage. 
  • Massage should be started from below side to towards heart. Veins of the body get strength by massage and excite them to run fast so that they may send polluted blood and supply pure blood in the arteries of the body. Supply of blood into the arteries of the body provides freshness and activeness but this massage is not applied on cold massage. Cold massage is started from head downwards to hands. Cold massage helps to increase the movement of arteries.    
  • Massage should be done slowly and by giving pressure. The patient gets lots of relief if the masseur massages to the patient by balancing his hands and by giving pressure according to the strength of the patient.
  • A weak patient should not be massaged more than half hour but a healthy person can be massaged from 45 to one hour. Consent of the patient should be kept in the brain of the masseur. If the patient is not able to lie for long time or he is not feeling well at the time of massage, massage should be stopped at once whether the period of it is complete or not or the massage is started before a few minutes. Thereafter, make the patient rest for sometime and then bathe him. Finally, make him lie.  
  • Generally, massage is done with oil by the people. Massage with oil is considered good. Sometimes, massage is done with dry hands and by using powder. Massage is done by rubbing body with towel after sitting in the tub. Ubtan of gram flour and flour of wheat are used for massage but different kinds of massages have different methods. Massage should be done by understanding and adopting such uses properly.      
  • Oil of mustard or coconut is considered the best in massage. To get good relief, oil of mustard and coconut should be kept in bottles. These bottles should be kept in sunlight for some days. Impact of sunlight mingles in the oil of these things. The oil provides lots of relief to the patient.
  • If a person has been suffering physically, oil of fish should be used for the massage of the patient. Massage with olive oil is also beneficial. Massage with almond oil is useful too. Massage head with almond oil proves very beneficial.  Massage head with the oil of pumpkin seeds is considered beneficial. Oil of such things is very costly.
  • It is essential for massage that the masseur should be healthy. If the patient has been suffering from any disease, massage should not be done by him at any rate. A weak person is not just for massage anyone. If a person knows the nature of the masseur, it proves very beneficial for him. The patient should try to find out whether the masseur is an angry person, greedy, satisfied, cool and soft natured, lascivious, self restraint, ascetic or not. These things of the masseur play an important role in massage.   
  • If the patient is weak, make him lie on a cushion before massaging him and if the patient is the victim of obesity, coverlet, drugget and cloth of rubber should be stretched before massaging. If the patient is to be massaged on the grass, drugget can be used. One thing should be neat and clean.    
  • Massaging on the table is very good because the masseur moves his hands easily at this time. The table should be 6 foots long and 30 inches wide. The height of the patient can be from two to two and quarter feet.
  • The masseur should warm his hands before doing massage because warm hands are soft and the patient gets lots of relief during massage. Only face should be massaged with cold hands and massage of the face should be done after massaging the whole body. At that time, if the hands are warm, make them well by washing hands.
  • Massage should be started from the toes and legs towards up. First, legs and then both arms should be massaged. After that, stomach, chest, back should be massaged. Finally, head and face should be massaged. The patient gets lots of relief if these rules are followed. One thing should be remembered if the patient is the victim of high blood pressure, massage should be done from up to below. This massage should be done slowly and carefully.    
  • If the patient is very weak or the victim of tuberculosis, massage should be done with oil. Massage should not be done with dry powder or water at any rate. Massage should be done slowly.
  • One thing should be remembered at the time of massage that if the weather is cold, massage should be done at warm place or the weather is hot, the place of massaging should be cold. The room should be airy where a patient is massaged. Warm room means that all the windows and doors of the window should be closed. If the patient has the capacity to bear sunlight, the patient should be massaged in sunlight because massaging in sunlight proves very beneficial. One thing should be remembered at the time of massage if the patient is feeling cold or fierce sunlight.  
  • Massaging in dim sunlight in summers’ morning is very good otherwise, massage should be done in shadow or in the room where fresh comes properly.   
  • Making the patient bath after massage proves very beneficial. If the patient is not able to take bath because of body weakness, oil should not be used while massaging him. Such patient should be massaged with talcum powder.   
  • Make the patient bath always with fresh water as far as possible because fresh water provides freshness in the body.
  • If the patient wants to take bath with hot water, he should take bath in a closed room. Make the patient bath with a little water or make him spongy bath with wet towel. Mop the body of the patient with dry towel and make him sleep by covering a coverlet for 15 minutes. Thereafter, give him something to eat.
  • Besides the patient, a healthy person can take bath with hot water after massage he wants to take bath with hot water but bath should be taken with cold water finally. Bath with cold water open the pores of the body and there is no fear of air and chillness. Body should be dried after mopping with dry towel. 
  • A patient should be massaged by covering his body if there is too much cold. A blanket can make cover to the patient. The organ, which is being massaged, should remain only open condition. 
  • If the patient has fast, massage of oil proves beneficial for him. Massage of oil supplies dose directly through skin. The patient does not feel excessive weakness and physical strength keeps on sustaining. The patient gets complete benefits of fast. 
  • The patient should take deep breath at the time of massage so that impure blood which comes in lungs from the heart through the blood veins may enter into the body with complete velocity. The patient fees conscious by doing so.
  • Massage before bath in the morning or before sleeping in the morning proves very beneficial. Generally, there is no definite to time to do massage. A person can get massage as he wants. Stomach should not be loaded with meal and this thing should be remembered at the time of massage. If a person does not want to take bath, he can take spongy bath before sleeping. Massage with talcum powder or dry massage should be done in special condition. Massage at night proves very useful in such kinds of diseases as insomnia, weak nerves etc.  The patient sinks into the lap of sleeping soon.
  • If there is no food in the stomach, stomach should not be massaged in this situation. Several kinds of stomach disturbances take birth if the stomach is massaged after taking meal. The patient gets harmful effect in this situation.
  • Massage should not be used in fever or swelling too.
  • The drugget, mat and cloth of rubber should be washed in dettol water properly.
  • Pressure of the hand of the masseur should be different on child, youth, fat, thin, woman, man, weak and stout. The masseur should give pressure according to the strength of the patient. Children should be massaged with excessive pressure and healthy person should be massage with light hands normally.    
  • The masseur should remember one thing in his mind why is he massaging any organ of the body and what kind of benefit is being provided to the patient. If the masseur has such kinds of ideas in his mind at the time of massage, he will provide relief to the patient necessarily.  
  • The masseur should wash his hands with earth or soap properly after massage. Clothes of massage should be separate which should not be put on at the time of having meal and while doing other kinds of jobs. By doing so, filth, bacteria and other kinds of disorders of patient’s body may not affect to the masseur. Thus, the masseur will remain far from any disease.  The masseur or doctor should take bath necessarily after massaging the patient so that the warmth produced in the body due to massage may cool.
  • One thing should be remembered by the masseur that he should not massage two patients without washing hands. He should not massage another patient just after massage a patient. He should not touch another patient without washing his hands and arms after massaging a patient whether the massage is dry or it is being done with talcum powder or oil. On one hand, the patient remains far from germs and other patients will not become the victim of any disease after massage on the other hands.  

Essentials rules for women massage:

  • The whole body of a woman can be massaged except uterus during pregnancy and menstrual excretion.
  • A woman should be massaged by a masseuse because the patient can give permission to her by loosing her body completely and without hesitation. The husband of a woman can massage her in need.
  • Breast of a woman should be massaged in special way. Their breast should be massaged with soft hands from every side. 
  • Body of the woman should be massaged necessarily by nurse or masseuse after deleivery because the whole body of the woman becomes loose and weak. The skin especially of the stomach, waist and thighs should stretch during pregnancy. The skin gets excitement becaus of massage and it returns in its previous stage. Organs become strong and weakness disappears by doing so.   
  • Massage in hysteria, sterlity and in other disease proves very beneficial.

Massage of the stomach, abdomen and breast of women:

  • Marks appear on the skin because of excessive contraction. Flexibilty of the skin ends because of this reason. When obesity reduces or marks with lines appear on the abdomen, stomach of women after delivery, the skin hangs towards below.
  • Marks are not only external but also they appear after cracking the flexible tissues situated under the skin. Such kinds of marks appear on the breast, thighs, upper portion of the arms along with stomach. Natural treatment can be used to get rid of such kinds of marks. Prebath cream can be used on the breast and stomach to get good result. Massage with this cream should be started before the appearance of such spots. Softness and flexibility of the skin remain present in the skin and the skin is able to defend itself. 
  • Massage should be done for some months after delivery. The cream which is used for massage should have such element which may dissolve into the skin easily. Elements of turmeric, lemon and khubani prove very beneficial for it. Khubani works as astringent on the skin. This element provides humidity to the skin too. The Skin becomes dry in the last period of pregnancy and itching and inflammation increase too. In this situation, itching proves harmful for the skin.  
  • Use of natural resources gets rid of a person from itching, inflammation and other problems. Complexion of the body becomes fair too. Creams which have proteins provide relief to the tissues of the skin. Use of body pack cream on the skin sustains the flexibility of the skin. 
  • Marks which appeared on the skin after delivery vanish by regular use. Massage should be done with light warm oil of yelow colored mustard should be used for massage. In winter season, cook caraway in mustard oil and fill into a bottle. Massage with this oil by making it a little warm. A woman should do so as mentioned here after delivery.