Some other treatment systems contained in nature therapy


        It has been cleared out in ancient time that several diseases can be cured with the help of natural elements existed around us. These elements help us to run the life. If there is a disturbance in these elements, we fall ill. An ancient medical treatment, which cures many diseases with the help of balanced use of exercise, rest, cleanliness, fast, meal, water, air, light, soil, etc. is called nature therapy.  Nature therapy contains several other medical systems, which have been given below.

  • Yogic therapy
  • Hydropathy
  • Chromopathy
  • fruit-vegetables therapy


        Our country is called the country of yogis. Today, Indian yoga has its own importance in this world. Western countries consider that ‘Pushpak Viman’ described in holy Indian epic Ramayana is not a thing only imagination. Ravan had been got immortality because of the presence of nectar in the naval. Scientists of European countries observe truth in this fact. Now, it has been proved that burning of the chariot as Arjuna boards from it after the battle of Mahabharata. Everything that has been mentioned was done by Lord Yogiraj Krishna. Yogiraj Krishna had been lifted the mountain on his one finger of hand because of the power of yoga. Due to this power, hanuman had brought mountain named Gandhmadhan from the Himalaya. Sudarshan Chakra moved on the desire of lord Krishna. Ancient poet named sankaracharya had adopted another’s body by leaving his body to learn about Kamashastra and thereafter he entered into his previous body. It is all due to the power of yoga.

        It has been proved by the experiments was done by Japanese doctors that six chakras existed into the body described in Yoga Shastra has lots of energy. Magical power is produced by making alive and controlling these powers. Solitary person has accepted that yoga is the source to use the hidden power of the body.   

        Different kinds of postures and their magical impacts have been described in Rigveda, Atharveda and Purva Upnishads but in the field of treatment, scientists of Europe paid too much attention towards the uses of yoga. They found that blood is supplied in that portion of the brain where there is a lack of blood generally if a person does Shirasashan. When impacts of yoga have been presented in 1945 before us after studying all the Asanas, a new medical treatment has been established named Yogic therapy. In the present time, people of the whole world have been attracting towards Yoga Asana and adopting them.    

  • Yam (self control or restraint)
  • Rules
  • Asana
  • Pranayam
  • Diet
  • Conception
  • Meditation
  • Mausoleum  

        In all these yoga sutras, restraint (yam) is the first and mausoleum is the last phase of yoga. Only Asanas and their impacts have been described in Yogic therapy. Generally, restraint (yam), rules, Asanas and Pranayam are considered very essential to make the body healthy by every way. There are different impacts of meditation along with Pranayam. We get different kinds of results from pranayam and meditation. Circulation of vital power keeps on spreading all the body organs by nervous system according to yoga. Disease is a symbol that there is an obstruction in the circulation of vital power. Seven centers of nerves are present in hands and feet. Impact of yoga makes proper to the circulation of vital power in the whole body. Circulation of all the postures of yoga affects all the body organs. Regular use of Yoga Asana keeps on making proper to the circulation of vital power. A man who adopts yoga remains far from mental and physical problems. He remains healthy throughout his life.

Special note:

        We should do Yoga Asana in the observance of a specialist of yoga. There is a doubt of harm in place of benefit if Yoga Asana is adopted without observance of a yoga specialist. Asanas should be started in the observance of experienced and able trainers. There are limitations of doing Yoga Asana, which is called self-restraint (Yam), as persons who adopt Yoga Asanas should not involve in truth less, forgery and falseness. They should pass their life according to rules and regulations. There are different rules to do yoga Asanas by which a person becomes able to do Asanas.     

        We drink as much water as we can drink in ‘Dhauti Kirya’, thereafter, sit on a high place and put two fingers into the throat. A person starts to vomit by doing so. Internal disturbances of the stomach are ended and throat becomes clear by doing this process named ‘Dhauti Kirya’.

        Take some water in the palm of the hand and inhale this water through one nostril upwardly. Thereafter, nose becomes clean by sneezing outwardly with pressure after closing other nostril. Similarly, other nostril is cleaned. A little salt is mixed in the water, which is inhaled through nostril.  Both Dhauti and Neti provide lots of relief in the diseases of stomach, throat and nose. Neti is very beneficial process to cure the disease named allergy

        In Tratak Kirya, a person gets rid of several disorders of eyes as squint and wandering of the mind here and there. In this process, a burning candle is kept on a distance of 120 cm from the eyes. Thereafter, burning candle is observed by the victim until tears come in the eyes. In the beginning, the victim should take relief by closing eyes for one minute after doing Tratak Kirya for one minute. Thereafter, period of rest for eyes is enhanced as the period of Tratak Kirya is enhanced. Power of hypnotism is enhanced after getting command over Tratak Kirya. Besides it, there are other methods of yoga Asanas as Nauli and Kalpawat. These are related with stomach and lungs.   


        Water keeps our body and circulation of vital power safe. Nature of the water is cool. Our body contains 70 percent water. Thus, water plays a very important role in the temperature of the body and blood circulation.

        Lots of importance has been given to the morning bath in all the medical systems of the world since ancient time. In our country, bath is adopted on the day of full moon. This tradition has a long history. It is nothing but only a form of water therapy. According to water therapy, water is the only element, which ends physical and mental exhaustion. Besides it, a person gets rid of thirst, unconsciousness, laziness, vomiting, constipation, sleeping on wrong time, indigestion. Water provides calmness and happiness in the mind. It is beneficial for the heart. Water is cool and it can be compared with nectar.

        A brief description has been described in the reference of ‘Avgahan of Rakat Mokshna’ in charak samhita a famous epic of Ayurveda. In the same way, pouring water into the nostril and then bringing water out from the mouth by the patient with the help of water jug is advised in ‘Indrajalik kamrat’. Water is compared with mother milk and base of life. It is a medicine, which cures many diseases, and it is called health saver. Water increases the life of a person and it cures hereditary diseases. It cures sexual diseases and makes the body healthy and beautiful. If there is a lack of water, excessiveness of water or imbalanced quantity of water in any body organ, any kind of impurity is the cause of this reason. We adopt different kinds of methods are accepted for the supply of water, excretion of water, flying of vapor or purity of water.   

        Water is used with the help of different kinds of methods as temperature and machines in water therapy. Cold water constricts the small blood pipes. In this way, the skin becomes pale and cold for some time. The blood pipes stretch as the use of water is stopped and blood runs towards skin to fill the vacuum portion. This is an impact because of which water is used for treatment. Simple water is used on the body of the patient in the beginning. Temperature of water is reduced slowly as the patient gets relief. In this way, the ability of bearing power is enhanced. Water therapy has been considered a good therapy in modern allopathic treatment along with nature therapy and Ayurveda treatment. Water therapy is used by us to get rid of many diseases.     

        Several methods of taking bath are used by us on a large scale in water therapy. Fat of our body and different disturbances are cured in vapor therapy. Modern allopathic treatment advises using ice water on the burnt portion. In modern time, Hip bath (Kati Sanana) with hot water and after that with cold water has been giving lots of importance to cure the diseases named arthritis, heart diseases, bronchitis, swelling of the brain, fever, lack of blood, etc.

        Different kinds of activities are used in water therapy. Such activities are as drinking too much water, drinking water by mixing juice of fruits, taking bath for long time in the tub filled with cold water, use of cold and dry sheets of cloth on the disease affected body organs, treatment through vapor, use of hot water and the water that has been kept in sunlight. The biggest quality of water therapy is that a man can adopt this therapy to get rid of several diseases by reading a book. There is no need to take the help of an experienced person or any specialist but we should take the help of a specialist in fatal diseases.

        Eighty kinds of diseases and 25 kinds of physical disorders can be cured successfully by adopting water therapy. Thin and thick stream of water is poured on the head to get rid of different kinds of diseases in water therapy. For example, if a person is the victim of chronic headache, he makes his hair wet with lukewarm water and thereafter thick and fast stream of cold water is poured on the head. In this way, the patient gets rid of chronic headache. Stone comes out through urine by drinking too much water. Water stream is used in heart diseases. A man pours the fast stream of water on his penis to get rid of different kinds of its disorders. In the same way, women get rid of several genital diseases with the help of Hipbath.       

        Blister of the stomach is cured by taking Hipbath and pouring water by keeping a bronze pot on the naval. The victim of chronic expectoration and phlegm gets rid of these problems by taking bath with water and wet sheet. A person should take bath with rainwater to get rid of stomach diseases, constipation and gastric problems. Besides it, drinking water that has been kept in sunlight is very beneficial for health.


      Chromopathy is older than the Ayurveda medical treatment. Chromopathy is very useful for human being. Modern doctors accept that diseases will be cured by sunlight in future because it enhances resistant power of the body.

        Sun has the capacity to cure heart and all the skin diseases according to Rigveda. Many diseases are cured before their birth because of sunlight. This is the oldest and systematic medical treatment of the world. There is a description in the epic named Mahabharata. The description is in this way that Samb son of Lord Krinshna had some disturbances by birth, which had been cured by sunlight.

        Too much importance is given to the sun bathing in European countries. It has been cleared out by modern researches that sunlight has the capacity fight against several diseases of the body. Several researches about Chromopathy have been done in European countries. Modern scientists accept that several diseases as cough, catarrh, pneumonia, tuberculosis, white marks, different skin diseases and blood disorder can be cured easily. According to sunlight therapists, other medical therapies kill beneficial bacteria along with harmful bacteria but Chromopathy saves the body of the person. 

        According to modern sunlight therapists, nature depends on sunlight. Earth, all the creatures, plans pass their life with the help of sunlight. All the earthly objects are the parts of sun. Sun is the source of our meal too. According to the heart specialists of France, number of heart patients increases when storms come in the universe. According to other specialists, body takes long time to absorb the power of medicines but rays of sunlight enter in our body directly. The biggest characteristic of this therapy is that there is no charge of this therapy. We can say without hesitation that sun is health, sun is life, and sun is power. Lack of sunlight is the cause of many diseases. Balanced use of sun rays are used by people to get rid of many diseases.

        It has been written in famous research epic that vitamins are produced in plants because of sunlight. Even then, all the medicines that are used by us have medicinal traits because of sunlight.

        Our body gets vitamin D when sunlight falls on the skin because of which body gets prophylactic power to fight against contagious diseases. It has been described in ‘British encyclopedia of medical practice’. Sunbath is very essential to enhance the physical power and strength of muscles, nervous system, bones, teeth, gums and to get rid of allergic diseases. 

        Radiotherapists consider that rays of sunlight, which fall on the nude body of a patient of cancer in pre stage, stop the origin of new cells of cancer. Rays of sunlight destroy the old cells of cancer too. 

            According to sexologists, prophylactic power is enhanced in our body with the help of sunlight. Therefore, it can be believed easily that sunbath is very beneficial in the pre stage of sexual diseases.

        Diseases occur in our body because of the imbalance in color and powers according to Chromopathy. According to Ayurveda, disorders of Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the causes of diseases in our body. The color of Vata is yellow, color of Pitta is red and color of Kapha is blue. Color of the mixture of Vata-Pitta is orange, color of the mixture of Vata-Kapha is green and the color of Pitta-Kapha is brinjal color. Ayurvedic treatment system works by identifying the color and their lack and excessiveness.

        According to modern scientists, our bodily organs are mainly made from the different mixtures of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. Hydrogen has blue, sky blue and other dark colors. Carbon has orange color with paleness, brinjal color with paleness and blue rays. Oxygen has all kinds of color’s rays. There are six micro Chakras inside the body in Yogashastra. Muladhar (one of the six ganglions in the human body) is situated above two finger’s length from the genitals and below two finger’s length the anus. Shape of it is like a lotus flower with four petals in red color. Swadhisthan chakra is situated above the Muladhar chakra. It appears like a lotus flower with six petals in red color. Manipur Chakara is above the Swadhisthan chakra. It appears as a lotus flower with 12 petals. Its petals color is red like red ochre.  

        Chromopathy specialists think that stomach diseases are cured if yellow color rays are fell on the body. The patient feels too much hunger and he gets rid of constipation and low blood pressure. His digestive power becomes well by this treatment. Complexion of the skin becomes fair after ending the dryness of the throat. The victim gets rid of body pain, insomnia, urine disorders, etc.

        A person becomes the victim of constipation if there is a lack of red rays in the body. The victim suffers from exhaustion, no hunger, too much sleep and change in the color of urine and stool. Color of the nails, skin and eyes are changed by this reason. A person becomes the victim of loose motions if there is a lack of blue color. The victim suffers from inflammation in urine, eye diseases, fever, headache, irritation, high blood pressure, jaundice and other disorders. A person suffers from constipation due to the lack of brinjal color and the victim suffers from light fever, regular headache, laziness, acidity. Disorders of the body are produced due to the lack of green color of sunlight and it is produced because of the lack of blue and yellow color too. The victim suffers from nervousness, vomiting and weakness of the body due to the lack of this color. A person suffers from loose motions, change in the color of urine, pre stage of jaundice, excessive sweating with foul smell, eye diseases, cholera due to the lack of sky blue color in the body. Prophylactic power of the body is ended because of these diseases. A person suffers from mental disorder, paralysis and collapsing fever due to the lack of white color of sunlight.

        Color of the urine-stool, skin, phlegm, eyes and nails are examined minutely by sunlight medical system. Thereafter, it is found out what color and imbalance of how many colors is the cause of disease. A person becomes the victim of many diseases because of the lack of one color and excessiveness of other color in the body. On the other hand, the victim gets too much relief through medical treatment.  

        In sunlight medical system, the enema of medicines and soap is not adopted. Water that has been charged by keeping in sunlight is used to cleanse the stomach. If there is a lack of red color in the body, the victim should use red color water charged by sunrays. Keeping fast on the juice of fruits, lemon water and milk is considered very important.


        We have to become nude for sunbath. Sunlight should be as much that the person may bear it properly. A person should lie in sunlight for 20-30 minutes after evacuation regularly. After sometime, the person should drink cold water. In this way, the victim gets relief in almost all diseases. At the time of sunbath, the person should cover him with a blanket and he should keep a wet cloth on the head. He should keep on changing his side while lying in sunlight after short intervals so that sunlight may fall all over the body. Besides it, in Vata, cold generating diseases and impotency, the victim should massage the body with mustard or sesame oil while taking sunbath. A person gets rid of chronic cough, premature ejaculation, impotency, gastric problems, phlegm, joint’s pain, injury, sprain, blood disorder, bones disease, skin diseases as acnes, etc.  

        Besides it, different kinds of water bath, bathing with vapour bath, cold sitz bath, wet bandage, covering wet bandage around the waist, hot fomentation and cold fomentation are used to get rid of different kinds of diseases. Such kinds of baths should be taken according to the advice of a specialist.

Surya Namaskar:

        Surya namaskar is beneficial by three ways. First is Sunbath, second is exercise and third is getting calmness by prayer. Surya namaskar is adopted after sun rising. Time of Surya Namakar should be done for 9 o’clock in summer and for 10 o’ clock in winter season. There are six postures of Surya Namakar. These postures have treatment benefits.

Colorful bottle:

        If there is a lack of any color in our body, we can fulfill this lack with the help of colorful bottles. For it, first of all take a colorful bottle and fill water in it and then charge it with sunlight after that us it. If you have no colorful bottle, use colorful cellophane paper to make the bottle colorful after covering the bottle with it. Water can be filled to drink or oil can be filled into the bottle to massage the body. 

Note: Bottle should be filled third part and one part of the bottle should be vacant. Bottle can be kept on a plank of wood in place of floor. Plank should be painted as the color of cellophane paper and mouth of the bottle should be closed with the cork of wood. This bottle should be kept in sunlight after sun rising. After sometime, when small drops of water like dew appear in the vacant portion of the bottle, this bottle should be kept in dark room to make the bottle cool. This water can be used for 2-3 days and this bottle should be kept far from the humidity of dark room. Oil is used after certifying like water by filling in water. A bottle with oil should be kept in sunlight from sun rising to sunset for 40-45 days regularly.   

        Make a thick mixture of sugar and fill into colorful bottle. This bottle is kept in sunlight like oil and prepared to eat. Air is made energetic by filling the traits of sunlight, which is used to cure breathing problems. Thus, all kinds of diseases are cured by the use of water, ghee and mixture of sugar, which have been kept in sunlight.

Treatment of diseases with the help of fruits and vegetables:

        Bodily structure of human being is vegetarian. Stomach, digestion system is not to digest meat and other complicated foodstuffs. That’s the reason why we should not use heavy meal and meat in our meal and other complicated substances. Different kinds of disorders take birth in our body because of the disturbed stomach and intestines. In this way, a person becomes the victim of many diseases. In the chronic stage of disease, we should take the juice of flowers, fruit, vegetable and roots according to doctors. Here different types of fruits are being given below.


        Applying the pulp of pineapple on the wart of piles provides relief. Use of pineapple is beneficial if there is swelling in the body. Pour pineapple juice into eyes if there is swelling in the eyes. The victim of urinary disorder should drink pineapple juice many times a day if there is stone in bladder. It use provides relief. 


        Use of apple is very beneficial if the patient has been suffering from heart problems, joint’s pain and bodily weakness. Mental weakness is ended by eating an apple. Apple should not be eating by peeling. We should eat an apple with the bark.


        Mix orange juice and pure honey each in equal quantity properly. Pour this preparation into eyes. Its use provides lots of relief in many eye diseases. The patient of heart problems should eat orange flakes with Indian gooseberry. Its use is beneficial.


        Ringworm is cured by the use of chestnut oil and it is beneficial to end pain occurred due to cold. Its oil should be poured into the nose of the patient of paralysis many times a day. Grind the bark of chestnut and rub on the teeth to get rid of pyorrhea. Besides it, all the gums’ diseases are cured by using this powder.


        Stomach disturbances are ended by taking pomegranate.  Blood is also purified by it. Acnes and liver problems end because of using pomegranate. Fill pomegranate juice in iron pot for whole night and drink in the morning regularly for some days. Jaundice is cured by its use.


        Mix honey in lemon juice and take in the morning on empty stomach. Stomach becomes clean and fatness is ended by its use. It is beneficial in heart problems and diseases of gall bladder. Mix honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water to get rid of catarrh. Skin becomes fair by rubbing the peel of lemon on the face and beauty enhances.

Indian gooseberry:

        Using Indian gooseberry to get rid of cough, piles, blood disorders, sexual diseases, urine diseases, vomiting, dryness, etc. Its use is very beneficial in heart problems. Vegetable and compote can be prepared from raw Indian gooseberry.


        Use of guava is very beneficial to end the problems of stomach, intestines and blood disorders. Stomach becomes clean and constipation breaks if guava is eaten regularly with seeds. Its use breaks the intoxication of Indian hemp (Bhanga), Charasa and Indian hemp (Ganja). Leaves of guava end all the problems of teeth, mouth and gums’. Guava should be eaten by chewing properly. In the condition of madness and inconstant brain, a guava should be given to the patient by keeping in water for whole night. Its use provides too much relief to the patient.


        One spoon juice of grapes can be given to break the constipation of the child. Juice of grapes should be also given to the child necessarily. By using it, the child faces no problem during dentition and teeth come out easily. Its juice provides lots of relief soon if some one has been suffering from mystification. Boil dry grapes and raisins in milk and drink. Its use breaks constipation. Its use enhances sexual power of a man.


        Use of mango provides lots of relief in blood disorder, stomach diseases and impotency. Its use as pickle, compote and with milk provides relief.


        Blisters of the mouth are cured by eating banana with curd.  Digestion system of a person becomes well by its use. Constipation breaks because of eating raw banana after boiling in water.


        Use of date ends the lack of blood in our body. If a person wants to enhance sexual power and digestion power, he should eat date with milk twice a day.


        Mix one-gram opium in 10 grams pulp of jambul properly and then sprinkle water on this preparation and make tablets like mustard seeds. Its use in the morning and evening with milk provides relief in diabetes.  Vinegar of jambul cures liver, spleen and stomach diseases.

Some medicinal use of vegetables:

  • Grind garlic and apply on the head to get rid of migraine. This preparation can be applied on scorpion biting place to remove the poison. Its use provides relief soon if someone has been bitten by a scorpion.
  • Stomach worms come out with stool if half-liter carrot juice is drink regularly.
  • Eat 10 almonds and drink 250 grams juice of carrot. Its use enhances brainpower of a person.
  • Mix radish juice in equal water. Gargle with this preparation by mixing a little rock salt in it. Its use heals up the sores of throat.
  • Rub leaves of white goose foot on the white mark and eat with breads. White marks disappear because of its use.
  • Grind mint with alcohol and apply on the face. Its use ends marks, freckles and dark circles around the eyes. Face becomes beautiful.

Some medicinal uses of spices:

Spices are used for the treatment because of their medicinal qualities.

  • Take one piece of rock salt and suck by keeping into mouth. Its use starts fast cough because of which stuck phlegm comes out from the body.
  • Grind rock salt into fine powder and sieve through cloth. Apply this powder into eyes to get rid of eyes itching, eye web and weak eyesight.
  • Mix rock salt in hot water and drink to get rid of all throat diseases.
  • Mix salt in water and take bath with this water. Its use ends the weakness of nervous system.
  • Lick ground salt by tongue and drink water to get rid of headache. Its use provides relief soon.
  • Tea of ginger provides lots of relief if a person has been suffering from cold and catarrh.
  • A person should take salt with ginger if he has been suffering from sore throat. Its use provides relief if the patient has been suffering from constipation and gastric problems.
  • Use of ground turmeric stops bleeding. Turmeric powder is filled into the sore to clean it. If injury is internal along with swelling, mix one pinch powder of turmeric in milk and drink. Its use provides lots of relief. Stomach worms are killed if one pinch turmeric powder is taken mixing in hot water for three days regularly.