Some important tips to enhance sexual power



There are some tips, which have the capacity to enhance sexual power very much. Such formulae have proved beneficial very much. Many men are not aware with this fact. Here we are describing some tips, which will prove very effective in enhancing sexual power of a man.



Pink, red, brinjal and blackberry color are hot by nature. Such colors enhance sexual power. If walls of the room and doors are painted with such kinds of colors or curtains of such colors are hanged on the windows, sexual power of a man becomes very much. An electric bulb of any color mentioned above can be lighted in the room.


Fill oil of one thing mentioned below in a bottle of red color. Oil of groundnut, castor, mustard, sunflower and olive oil can be filled in a bottle. Keep this bottle into sunlight for 40 days. Apply this oil on the penis, testicles, belly and backbone with hands gently. Its regular use ends impotency or premature ejaculation

Wooden sandal:-

Sexual power of a man enhances very much by wearing wooden sandal. In ancient time, a large number of people used to wear wooden sandal because which they possessed excessive sexual power. This is the reason that they used to take great sexual pleasure in old age too. Reason behind this is that if a man walks by wearing wooden sandal, a pressure falls on the joints of the sex glands situated in the soles of the feet. Regular use of wooden sandal gets rid of a man from impotency and premature ejaculation.


Fill oil of anything mentioned above in blue color bottle of glass and keep it into sunlight for 30 days. Thereafter, apply this oil on the backbone from below to upwardly. Massage the region between testicles and anus with this oil. Sexual power of a man enhances too much by using the oil kept in sunlight.

  • Take a bathing tub and fill cold water in it. A man should sit in this tub properly by putting off his clothes. Water should be in so much quantity in the tub so that the waist of the man may touch to the water. Thereafter, a man should immerse one piece of cloth in water properly and he should rub his penis with the help of cloth piece. He should wash his penis many times while sitting in the tub. This process should be continued for ten minutes. Penis of the man becomes clean by doing so and blood circulates in the penis properly. Testicles should be washed and cleaned properly in the same way. Thereafter, thighs and backbone should be washed with the help of clean clothes properly. Regular use of this method enhances sexual power of a man.  
  • A man should rub his body with a dry towel properly and tightly. Body should be rubbed rapidly. A strange kind of electric power takes birth in the body by rubbing this body. In this way, body gets activeness. Blood circulates properly in the body. 
  • Penis should be washed with cold water after evacuation of stool or urine. A thin stream of cold water should be poured on the penis and its root. In this way, a man gets rid of premature ejaculation and nightfall.
  • Pour a stream of water on the backbone while taking bath. A man gets rid of premature ejaculation by doing so.
  • If a man feels lack of sexual power, he should foment his lower portion of the back from hot and cold things. Foment this portion with hot things for two minutes and with cold things for one minute. This process should be continued for 10-15 minutes. A man regains his lost sexual power by adopting this process regularly.

Some formulae have been given in Ayurveda to enhance sexual power and to gain excessive sexual pleasure through sexual intercourse. If such formulae are not used on large scale, there will be no side effect on the body of these formulas. Such formulae have their special quality. On the contrary, a man can adopt such formulae at his home without any help.

Some essential uses:-

Treatment to get rid of impotency:-

Take seeds of basil, seeds of shivlingi, seeds of silk of cotton tree, seeds of country mallow, seeds of black cow hage, dry bark of the root of sida albo and bark of the root of cuddapa almond each in equal quantity. Grind all of these things properly. Mix sugar candy in half quantity of this mixture and keep in jar of glass. Take 10 grams this medicine followed by milk at night before sleeping. The user should not take spicy food, fatty food, heavy meal and sour things at any rate while taking above medicine. Sexual relation should not be established during this period. Taking this medicine for one month regularly makes a man very strong sexually.

Formula to get strength:-

Mix 150 grams seeds of cow hage in half liter of cow milk and cook it on light fire. Boil this preparation until it cooks well. Put down the vessel from the oven. Grind the seeds of boiled cow hage on the grid into fine paste. Mix ground fine flour in it and knead like flour. Prepare tablets equal to blackberry. Fry one tablet with ghee until it gets pinkness. Thereafter, draw out this tablet mixing with the treacle of sugar.

Now fill everything into big-mouthed jar of glass and fill honey in the jar so much that all the tablets may sink in honey. Take one tablet on empty stomach in the morning and evening followed by milk. Meal should be taken after one hour of having the tablet. This medicine proves beneficial for both young and old person. This proves very effective to those who do not feel stimulation in penis or who are the victim of premature ejaculation.

Powerful powder to enhance sexual power:-

Grind 25 grams seeds of black basil, 30 grams ground sugar candy and 5 grams pure pyllitory root properly. Fill this preparation into a bottle. Take 10 grams this powder followed by cold water before two hours of having meal at night. Make sexual relation after two hours of having meal. This powder enhances sexual power of a man because this powder is very nutritive. Take this medicine for two weeks regularly. Sexual relation should not be made while taking this medicine if it is possible.

Formula for producing strength:-

Immerse one kg seeds of tamarind in water for 3-4 days. Peel the seeds and grind the kernels of seeds properly. Mix double quantity of old jaggery in it and knead like flour. Prepare tablets like plum with this preparation. Take one tablet with milk before two hours of making sexual relation. This medicine strengthens a man sexually and provides a man sexual power.

Nutritive powder to enhance semen:-

Mostly men make sexual relation many times consequently quantity of semen reduces in them and sperms of their semen become weak. Take 2 grams fine powder of cinnamon with milk in the morning and evening. Take this medicine for two months regularly. The user will feel the result of this medicine. This powder can be taken regularly. There is no side effect of this powder on a man. Quantity of semen and number of sperms enhances by its use.

A kind of dish (kshirpak):-

Grind soft root and fruit of pipal tree each 25 grams into a fine sauce. Mix 400 ml water and 100 ml milk in it. Boil it on the fire until milk remains only. Filter the milk properly and drink in the morning and evening. Men who do not feel erection in the penis should take this medicine to get rid of this problem. This medicine proves very beneficial for such kinds of people.

Nutritive pudding (kheer):-

Immerse kidney bean pulse (without peels) in water at night. grind this immersed pulse in a mixer. Fry this paste with ghee until it gets pinkness. Thereafter, boil 250 ml milk and mix this preparation in the boiling milk. Keep on shaking this mixture with a spoon until the mixture mixes with the milk properly. Put down the vessel after thickening the paste. Mix two spoons honey in it after cooling it and take this nutritive pudding in the breakfast in the morning. A man becomes stout and strong by its use. This pudding should be taken for seven days regularly. A man of every group of age can eat this pudding to get great sexual and physical power.

Powder to purify semen:-

Take gum of acacia arabica, raw pods of it without seeds and soft leaves of its tree. Dry them in shadow and grind them separately. Mix equal quantity of all these three things properly.  Mix one spoon sugar candy in this powder by grinding and take regularly. Milk should be drunk after taking this medicine. Its regular use for two months provides lots of benefit to the user. This medicine thickens the semen of a man. A man gets rid of nightfall, premature ejaculation, flabbiness of the penis and sexual weakness.

Formula that provides sexual pleasure in every way:-

Grind by taking indian gooseberry, rudanti, juice of tinospora, winter cherry, myroblan, asparagus, piper chaba, naagbala, ipomoea petaloidea, iomoea digitata, indian pennywort, prunus mahalele, sweet flag root, leptadenid reticulata, hogweed, meda, mahameda, kakoli, kshir kakoli,jivan rishbhak, phaseolus trilobus, teramnus labialis, seeds of cowhage, seeds of basil, seeds silk of cotton tree, muscle, kaknasa, pipal badi, bikenard, convolvulus pluricaulis, long leved barlaria, sonpatha, indian sesaparlla, liqurice root, elephant creeper, sour yellow dock, dry ginger, white sandal. Each should be taken in the quantity of 50 grams.  filter this powder through cloth. Mix vasant kusumakar juice and sidha chandrodaya no-1 each 25 grams in this preparation in it.

Take half spoon this powder in the morning and evening. Drink hot milk after taking this medicine. This powder should be taken for three months regularly. Stop its use for next three months and take this powder in the next three months. This powder provides excessive sexual pleasure to a man. This powder should not be taken by the patient of high blood pressure, heart and diabetes.  

Powder of cow hage seeds:-

Take 30 grams long leved barlaria, 30 grams seeds of cow hage, 50 grams seeds of caltrop, 40 grams poppy seeds, 30 grams root of shalmalli, black muscle 20 grams, 20 grams white muscle. Grind these things into fine powder and filter through a cloth. Take 3 grams this powder with hot milk in the morning and evening. This powder is nutritive and enhances sexual urge of a man. This powder makes a man’s body strong physically and sexually. 

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