Some important tips for wives



An ideal family is a family in which there is calmness and happiness and both husband and wife love to each other very much. They rely to each another. There is happiness and prosperity all around in such kind of family. Both husband and wife should try to gain this happiness and prosperity. A woman runs a family properly with disciplines. It is the responsibility of a woman. If there is a little carelessness in this job, the whole family breaks completely.  


A girl has to go in a quite new family and new surrounding just after marriage. A woman has to make a harmony at inlaws’ house with father in law, mother in law, sister in laws and brother in laws.  

Several women cannot accord with the family members at inlaws' home because a woman does not bear examination according to the family members. Family members desire many expectations to the woman. A woman meets with inlaws in the form of parents. Therefore, she should tend and respect them properly because it is her responsibility. Many mothers in laws are strict by nature but if a bride wants, she can win the heart of her inlaws by her soft and sweet voice. A bride, who knows the tricks to win the heart of mother in law in this way, gets excessive love in her husband’s home. 

If mother or father in law scolds a bride because of any fault or without fault, she should not reply because she was scolded at her parental house too. The bride should think so at this time. When a husband finds that his wife loves all the family members, he loves and respects his wife more than before. Here it means to say that love for wife increases in the heart of a husband. Therefore, a woman should try to win the heart all the family members with her good attitude and sweet voice. Happiness and calmness always present in such kinds of families.  

Establish closeness to the family members of her husband’s house:-

Often, a bride does not love too much to her sisters in laws. Here it means to say that there is lack of love towards sisters-in-laws in the heart of a bride. A bride argues with her sisters-in-laws on tiny disputes until they get married. When a sister-in-laws comes at home after marriage for some days, the bride starts to think her as a burden soon and she does not host her properly. This behavior towards sister in law by the bride is disliked by the mother in law very much. Sometimes, a dispute takes place in a family because of this reason. Hence, a bride should behave with her sisters in laws politely and give honor to them. She should behave with them like her real sisters. It is duty of a bride. If a bride does so, all the family members will be happy.   

Participate in all the activities at in law’s house:-

A bride should participate with an open heart and do lots of work. She should participate happily in such functions as marriage of sister in law and brother in law as well as in other functions. Several women pretend to be ill at such occasions and try to get rid of domestic deeds. They should be aware about this fact that if a woman does so, all the relatives and family members think that she is not ill but she is pretending to be ill. Generally, the deeds that have to be done, is started and completed. At last, all the people finalize who is truant and who is not. Therefore, a bride should consider her inlaws’ house as her real home and participate actively in all the functions. It is necessary for a bride to understand it.

Do not tell home secrets to anybody:-

Several brides have habit to enlighten to the tiny disputes of their homes with the neighbors. Women, who live in neighborhood, tell to the things told by bride to the mother in laws exaggeratedly. Consequently, a tiny dispute changes into big quarrel. This thing worsens to the relation of bride and mother in law. Of course, family disputes take place almost in all the families but it is not just if someone tells about disputes to other persons. If a person tells about disputes with the other persons, they will not solve this problem but they will make fun. Therefore, solve all the family problems within the walls of house. It will be better. A bride should not tell her family disputes even to the family members of her parental home.       

Balance in sexual relations:-

There is one kind of relations too along with the relationship of family members. Such kinds of relations are sexual relations between husband and wife. If there is a harmony in sexual relations between husband and wife, everything in married life runs smoothly. Sexual relations play very important role in enhancing the love between husband and wife. Both husband and wife come close together if their sexual relation is good. A woman should participate in sexual relations more actively. If a wife does so, sexual life of a couple runs happily. Several women do not take interest in sexual relations after the birth of a child. Perhaps they think that sexual relations end after the birth of a child. Sex is an eternal hunger of a person viz a person wants to make sexual relations forever. According to scholars, sexual relations filled with zest and enthusiasm sustains the vitality of a man and gives a capacity to the person to face all kinds of circumstances in life.      

It is necessary to understand a woman that need of physical sexual relations does not end after the birth of child or after growing the child. Hunger, whether it is sexual hunger or stomach hunger remains with a person until the last moment. No epic has ever described that sexual relations should not be made after the birth of children. Here it means to say that sexual intercourse is vain after the delivery. Successful sexual intercourse ends the mental disturbances of a person. Therefore, a woman should try to cooperate of her husband very much in sexual relation.      

Rubbish or extra conversation at the time of sexual intercourse:-

Several women talk on several kinds of topics when they are involved in sexual relation with their husband. They talk on home affairs at that time. They consider this time better to talk about everything because they do not get chance to talk because of the lack of time. Here it means to say that several women consider the time of love making apt for talking of every kind. Whereas a husband wants cooperation in sexual relation from her wife but his wife wants something else. Thus, a man remains deprived the real sexual joy because of this kind of behavior of his wife.

Here it is clear that a wife should talk to her husband about those topics, which arouse the sexual excitement of both. She should not involve in tedious conversation to her husband at any rate. Tedious conversation turns the mind of a man. If a woman gets no chance to her husband except the time of lovemaking, she should end her conversation before establishing sexual relation. Generally, a couple gets hardly the chance to establish sexual relation after the birth of children. They make sexual relation once in a week hardly after the birth of child. If a woman talks about domestic affairs at the time of lovemaking, it can disturb the mood of husband. Hence, it is clear that a wife should not talk about such kinds of extra topics instead of involving in sexual relations. Sex is such kind of play which gives great sexual enjoyment both husband and wife.

Suspicion on husband:-

Today, man and woman are working altogether at offices. Several women have a habit to suspect on their husbands if their husbands do the work with women. They look their husbands always with a suspicious eye. If husband of a wife comes late at home, she thinks that he will have been making fun with a girl or another woman. When husband returns at home, she taunts her husband. This is the reason that often they involve in tiny disputes. In reality, a woman suspects on her husband though there is no definite proof to suspect. Such kind of woman keeps on suspecting on her husband because of her suspicious nature.

Therefore, all the wives should be aware about the fact that they should trust on their husband fully. If some men make sexual relation with other women or girl instead with their wives, this thing is not applied on every husband. A minute suspicion can destroy a happy family fully.   

Competing with other women:-

Several women have a habit to compare themselves with other women. If a woman’s friend living in neighborhood buys some ornaments or sarees, she also demands to her husband to buy such kinds of things. All men have no such amount of money that they may fulfill their wives demand immediately. In this situation, if a husband says to his wife to buy to the objects after sometime, the wife does not understand the conditions and becomes angry to her husband. This is not just at any way. In this era of high price crisis, all the men do not have too money to fulfill their wives demand immediately.   

Generally, happiness and pleasure come in the life and goes soon but if grief and sorrow come, it takes time in its departure. A wife should cooperate to her husband in all kinds of difficulties. Often, a husband spends his money over his wife and children if he has money. It is the habit of a husband. A husband always wants to please his wife and children all the time. Therefore, a wife should understand this compulsion of her husband.  

Question after question at the arrival of husband:-

Some women put question after question before their husbands at night when they come back home from the office after exhausting. A woman of this habit tells to her husband all the problems happened during day. On one hand, the husband is tired because of daily routine work on the other hand he becomes more disturbed by hearing the problems depicted by wife. The husband becomes too much disturbed with this habit of his wife after some days that restlessness takes birth in the nature of husband.    

A wife should not put all the problems before her husband just after coming back from the office. A wife should pay attention on this topic necessarily. If something is essential to tell before the husband, mention about it after dinner. Here it means to say that a wife should tell a compulsory issue to her husband after dinner. Besides it, a wife should talk lovingly to her husband after arrival at home viz she should try to end the exhaustion of the husband. Physical tiredness disappears itself soon after ending the mental tiredness. Therefore, each woman should change such habits if she has.  

Observe her before establishing sexual relation:-

Several scholars think that a man gets energy or strength through the bedroom and this energy ends in the bedroom too. Many women become passive towards sexual relations after some days of marriage. Besides it, they become careless towards their clothing and body. Clothing of a person tells about the personality of him. Simple garments make a person beautiful and attractive if clothes are put on after washing and ironing. On the other hand, if costly and gorgeous clothes are put on randomly, a beautiful person can become ugly in spite of good and gorgeous clothes.     

Self-inspection and clothing of a woman has a very important place in sexual relation. A woman has to do several works during day. She makes lunch, breakfast in the morning and prepares her children for school.  Besides it, she washes clothes and makes dinner at night. In such kinds of situations, a woman’s body and clothing both affect by doing work all over the day. Dust enters into the clothes and there is a smell of sweating in the clothes too because of doing work. Many women change their clothes after the gap of two or three days. There is no problem with such clothes during day but a problem creates when a woman goes to sleep in the same clothes. In this situation, when the husband embraces his wife, bed smell of the clothes of the women reduces the excitement of the husband. Smell comes not only from the clothes of the woman but also from her body. In such kinds of circumstances, sexual relationship is not possible. Here some tips have been given for those women who have been losing their charm and attraction after marriage or they are careless towards themselves.

  • Pay full attention on the beauty of the body. If you feel that your body is becoming fat, you should pay attention over the daily diet and exercise. Obesity is the curse for the beauty of a woman. Several other diseases appear in the body because of this obesity. Such diseases are blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatic pain and heart diseases.
  • Sustain the beauty of the body. Make a habit of regular bathing. Change your clothes before going to bed. Here it means to say that a woman should not go into the bedroom by wearing the clothes which were put on during day by her.
  • Clothes should be put on according to husband’s choice at night. Many husbands want to look their wives by wearing whit gauzy night and bra. Some men like different colors of gown and bra. It is considered that if a man finds his wife in those clothes of which he like most, he becomes more excited during sexual intercourse.
  • Bed sheet should be changed once or twice a week necessarily.
  • Hang such curtains on the windows, which arouse the excitement of both man and woman. A woman can take advice to her husband about this subject.    

Some tips for husbands:-

In this modern era, each girl lives in the world of dreams. A girls has different kinds of dream concerning to marriage. She thinks that her husband will be like a prince; she will have a big house as well as a car. Generally, dreaming is not a bad thing but many girls think such dreams as a reality viz they make such dreams an inseparable part of their life. They want to fulfill their dreams and do everything for achieving their goals.    

It is said that a person can fulfill his/her dreams but he has to dream first. It is right that try to achieve dreams after dreaming. A person should not dream about those things, which demands everything in fulfillment.  

A woman should pass her life after marriage at her inlaws home. She should try to please everyone at her husband’s house. She should try to bring happiness and calmness in the family. She should pray for prosperity and no kinds of troubles over the family. Such dreams have positive results. A woman should try to gain all these things throughout her life. It will be beneficial for her and her family. There will be no harm to the woman by doing so. A woman should adopt positive attitude to obtain happiness and pleasure. She can take the help of her husband for the welfare of her family. Nothing is bad in it. The whole family can help to the woman to gain her goals. If a woman’s dreams fulfills, life of the woman fulfills completely.

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