Some important facts about natural treatment

Adoption of the nature rules and excessiveness of any work is the main principle of nature therapy.

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The origination of human being is made by nature. The nature also gives life to each plant, animal and human being.Adoption of the nature rules and excessiveness of any work is the main principle of nature therapy. It seems very common thing but it is not so in reality. Diseases occur if the rules of nature are broken whereas adoption of the rules of nature makes and defends our body. We should have full knowledge about the important principles of nature if we want to follow or adopt the rules of nature. Some principles about nature therapy have been given below.

1. Our body has a power, which gets rid of our body from many diseases. The condition is that this power may be used properly.

2. The main cause of the origin of diseases in the body is impure blood.  

3. Mind and body of the patient should be treated altogether on the same time.  

4. Treatment cannot be started or done without cleanliness.

5. The patient should start treatment himself because each man is responsible for his health. 

Internal power of the body to fight against diseases:

 A person lives a healthy life if he passes his life according the rules of nature. Our life assumes itself according to nature because of the velocity of vital power of our body. This vital power makes harmony between vital power of human body and atmosphere.

If the vital power of our body does not assume itself according to atmosphere or assumes in a wrong way, the body becomes unhealthy and suffers from any disease. There is a need of energy to the body in definite quantity to pass the life according the rules of nature. This energy does not make from any medicine. Self-defiant vital power saves our body from many diseases. Self-vital power enhances the prophylactic power in our body.

Guardian cell (cell):

Sometimes, a boy refuses to adopt treatment or the use of medicine after any injury. Strange thing is that the wound of the boy heals up within some days without treatment. Reason behind this is that small cell existed in the blood work properly when someone gets injury. Cells increase on a large scale in the skin of wound and the wound heals up slowly with new skin. These cells are called police cells. These cells save the skin from infection until the wound fills.    

In the case of serious or deep injury in which muscles becomes destroyed badly, internal wounds start to heal up the wound from inside. Bones joint itself with the help of soft tissues if bone breaks by any way. Minerals existed in the body is very beneficial for the maturity of these cells. Cells of the body have the power to make new skin after injury except backbone and neural cells of the Brain.

Vital power-a wonder:

Often, it is observed or heard that many people, inhabitants of far distant places or in villages where there is no medical treatment, get rid of serious diseases or accident. 

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