Ayurveda is a very easy medical treatment. Sexual diseases, sexual weakness, partial impotency or impotency can be cured completely by ayurvedic medicines. Charak Sanhita and Shrushrut Sanhita are the main medical epics of Ayurveda. These epics describe the causes and different conditions of sexual weakness and sexual diseases. Besides it, several medicines have been described in these epics to enhance sexual power of a man. If a man adopts these medicine described in these epics, he can get rid of many sexual problems surely.   

Causes of mostly sexual problems are our ignorance and bad thinking but some causes are such, which are connected to the bodily actions and reactions. According to Ayurveda, a man can pass a happy sexual life by adopting the rules of Ayurveda. A man should pass his days according to Ayurveda. He should take different things in different seasons as mentioned in Ayurveda. He should take the juice of fruits and aphrodisiac substances. By doing so, a man can get rid of several sexual diseases.  In this way, a man will live long sex life.

According to Charak Samhita  a process in which man’s sexual power is made like a horse is called sexual aphrodisiac. By using the tips mentioned in Charak Samhita, a man can get every kind of sexual pleasure. There are three substances to enhance sexual power.

1. Semen starts to come out from the penis of a man as he observes a woman or touches her.

2. Winter cherry, white musli, milk and ghee are some substances, which have the capacity to enhance the quantity of semen.

3. There are some substances like kidney beans, which makes and excretes semen altogether at one time.

According to acharya Charak, a most beautiful woman has the power to enhance sexual power of a man. Sexual power of a man is enhanced by a woman if the man likes her age, voice, face, bodily activities and ideas.

Some ayurvedic tips:-

Pulse of kidney beans:-

Toast pulse of kidney bean with ghee and mix milk in it. Prepare a pudding by cooking well. Eat it by mixing sugar and raw sugar in it. Its use enhances semen of a man and the man become sexually strong.

Powder of asparagus:-

Mix 20 gram powder of asparagus in 150 ml milk of cow and 600 ml water properly. Boil this mixture until milk remains only. Mix sugar or raw sugar in it after putting down the vessel. By drinking this milk, a man feels excessive sexual power. The penis of the user gets strange erectness.

Indian gooseberry:-

Soak 100 grams powder of Indian gooseberry in the juice of fresh indian gooseberry fruit. Keep it into shadow to dry. Grind it into a big mortar (immamdasta) after drying it well. Take one spoon (5 grams) this powder mixing with honey. Lick this powder followed by one glass of milk. A man will feels strange kinds of sexual power in him after its use.

Root of the silk of cotton tree:-

Extract 5 to 10 ml juice of old silk cotton tree and prepare its decoction. Mix sugar in it and take this preparation for seven days. Semen of a man will enhance very much by drinking this mixture.

Ipomoea digitata:-

          Mix sugar and ghee in 6 grams powder of Ipomoea digitata. Take this powder followed by milk. A man regains his sexual power.

Seeds of cow hage:-

Take equal amount of long leved barlaria powder and the powder of cow hage. Mix ground sugar candy double in quantity than the powder of long leved barlaria and cow hage. Take two spoons this powder (about 10 grams) and take mixing with fresh milk regularly. Its use ends sexual weakness.


Take seeds of long leved barlaria, caltrop, pure seeds of cow hage, asparagu, root of kanghi and naagbala each in equal quantity. Prepare powder by grinding all the medicines. Take 6 grams this powder with milk at night. Sexual weakness of a man disappears by its use and he becomes sexually strong.

Black sesame:-

Take 6 grams powder of caltrop and 10 grams powder of black sesame. Boil this mixture in 250 ml milk of nanny goat. Mix honey in it and take after cooling. Its use ends the weakness originated because of hand practice.

Seeds of tamarind:-

Immerse 10 grams seeds of tamarind in water for 4-5 days. Remove their peel on fifth day and note down the weight of the seeds. Mix old jiggery with these seeds in double quantity. Grind this preparation properly and shuffle the mixture. Prepare tablets like gram from this preparation. Take one or two tablets before making sexual relation. A strange kind of sexual power comes in a man after the use of these tablets. 

Nagauri asgandh:-

Take 500 grams elephant crepeer and equal quantity of nagauri asgandh. Grind both of them properly and filter. Take 2 grams this powder in the morning. Drink sugar candy mixed hot milk after taking this powder. An old person will establish sexual relation with a woman like a young man. It provides great sexual power.

Foodstuffs and meal that have the capacity to enhance semen and to end sexual weakness:-

          If we take such kinds of foodstuffs regularly and in winter season, a man will not feels sexual weakness. Such kinds of formulae have been given below:


  • Mix sugar candy in cow milk in winter season. Sexual weakness disappears by drinking this milk.
  • Mix sugar candy in the cream of milk to prepare pudding (kheer). Its use ends sexual weakness.
  • Sexual weakness disappears by eating pudding that has been prepared from the pulse of kidney bean and almond.
  • Boil date palms in milk and drink this milk.
  • Use cow ghee to enhance sexual power.
  • Use of sweet meat of gum and sweet meat of sesame ends sexual weakness of a man.

Dry fruits:-

Immerse 4-5 almonds, 2-4 piece of fig, kernel of coconut, date palms, edible pine, long leved barlaria, pistachio and 8-10 pieces of raisin. Take one thing as mentioned above according to physical power. Its use ends sexual weakness of a man.


Use of sapodilla plum, banana, sweet pomegranate, mango, raw coconut and juice of fresh fruits according to season ends sexual weakness of a man.

Sprouted corns:-

Sprouted wheat, sprouted groundnut, sprouted green kidney beans and rijka- Take one thing mentioned above with meal or without meal. Chew it properly. Its use ends sexual weakness completely. 

Other substances:-

Use of saffron and cinnamon ends sexual weakness of a man.


Seeds of cow hage, ipomoea digitata, white muscle, winter cherry, caltrop, naagbala, asparagus, indian gooseberry, root of basil and pyllitory root are the herbs which have the capacity to enhance sexual power of a man. Consult to well-known and reputed doctors about to know the way of their use.

          Ayurveda treatment is such kind a treatment in which not only but also many formulae are present to enhance sexual power of a man. There are different kinds of treatments to cure different kinds of patients. These treatments depend on the living styles of man and other things. Therefore, treatment should be started by a good and experienced doctor.


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