Some changes in pregnancy


Pregnancy articles:

Changes in skin color after conceiving-

        After conceiving, few organs of the female body are changed in to dark color. Example- a line is appeared above the navel and vagina. The yellow edges of nipple are changed in to brown. These types of changes appear in the body due to stimulant hormones and other marks are also changed in to dark.

Changes in the breasts after conceiving-

        During pregnancy, the size of breasts starts increasing and pain also starts in them. This type of pain takes place up to 4-5 months. The color of nipple’s edge is also changed. This type of changing is permanent in few women. Increasing breasts’ size and weight are the main changes of pregnancy period.


        Due to deficiency of calcium in the body of pregnant, symptoms like- crackling of nails, shine less nails, breaking of nails, etc. are found. If we use nail polish in this period, the nails do not able to get air and starts converting in to dusty. Nail polish should not be used in pregnancy period and the pregnant should take food stuffs enriched with calcium additionally. Addition to it, olive oil should be used on the nails which makes them shiny and strong. This type of treatment should be started in the beginning of pregnancy. It provides relief.   

Changes in hairs during pregnancy-

        In pregnancy period, female’s hairs are dried up and changed in to grey. In this period, symptoms like- stop growing of hairs, two ended hair, hair falling, etc. are found. Hairs are dried up and lost the ability of growing. Therefore, quality shampoo and oil should be used on hairs. Hairs can break too by combing many times. She should not allow hairs entangled (quarreled/coiled) to each other. They should be combed slowly. It is more important in the second or third trimester.    

Changes in teeth and gums in pregnancy period-

  • In pregnancy, gums swelling and toothache are common and generate other teeth related diseases that occur mostly in women who take sweet eatables additionally. Therefore, we should massage the gums and clean the teeth well. The mouth must be washed once with alum water. The brush used for this purpose should be small and soft so that it can be moved inside the mouth easily.        
  • Today, teeth are cleaned with the datoon (brush) of Neem (margosa tree), acacia tree, etc. too in our country that is very useful for the teeth. Cleaning the teeth with the fine powder of mango leaves is also beneficial.
  • In the uterus, when the body of foetus starts growing, first of all, it needs calcium from mother’s body causing deficiency of calcium in mother’s body suddenly. This deficiency is found mainly her bones and teeth that affects her teeth as well as gums too. Due to excess deficiency of calcium, a disease named ostomlasia is occurred. In this disease, bones are curved after becoming soft.    
  • In pregnancy, food stuffs having calcium should be used in appropriate quantity and she should take advice from dentist.
  • Gingivitis is a gums disease in which, gums are swelled with pain. Due to blood circulation in them, food generates wound and bleeding starts from it.
  • A membrane is formed in between gums and teeth due to hormonal changes and deficiency of calcium in the body of a pregnant. Due to removing of this membrane from the teeth, this disease is reached to teeth root and toothache starts and pits are formed in teeth.      

Caring of teeth:-

  • The pregnant should brush her teeth daily thrice a day. At night, she must brush her teeth before going to bed.
  • The brush used for this purpose must be movable and small headed. Teeth should be cleaned properly with brush.
  • The brush should be used as dry.
  • Well, any quality paste can be used for this purpose, but paste having chloride is the best.
  • The tablets of chloride should never be used without taking advice from a doctor.
  • In case of swelling and pain in the gums, alum water should be used for washing the gums.
  • After eating food or anything, if food particles entangled in between teeth, it must be removed with the help of thread.

Increasing stomach size during pregnancy-

        In pregnancy period, the stomach of pregnant is become heavy and big. It is less big in few women or remains normal in size in other ones till one month. Increasing of stomach size depends on their work, body structure and muscles. Big or small child depends on muscles and amniotic fluid. Therefore, women should not worry even little about the size of their stomach.

Marks on the skin-

        After conceiving, marks start appearing on the skin of stomach, hips, thighs or chest, etc. such types of marks appear due to stretchiness of the skin, because the skin have fibers responsible to such stretchiness. But, when it is stretched more, white or brown spots start appearing on the skin. Such spots are found less in few women or much in other. Such spots depend on their works, living place and food they eat. For the treatment of such spots, using olive oil and oil enriched with vitamin ‘E’ is beneficial. Women should take care of their skin from the beginning of pregnancy period.


        Pregnant women can put on small shocks or long shocks up to knees in their legs. If the upper part of these shocks is made up of nylon or elastic, they can be harmful for the pregnant. Due to it, blood circulation is affected and veins are appeared on varicose vein. Therefore, they should put on small cotton shocks or shocks whose upper part is not made up of nylon or elastic.     


        During pregnancy, women can wear panty like that of she wear in normal day, but be careful because as your body size increases, clothes start becoming short and extra pressure can fall on your thighs and stomach. Nylon and polyester clothes can be harmful. Sweat comes out in these places naturally, so itching and burning are possible. So, only neat and clean cotton clothes should be used and clothes should be loose.                 

Women bath during pregnancy-

        Taking bath regularly and cleanliness are necessary for pregnant women. Too hot water should not be used for bath and bath should not be taken for long time. While taking bath, she should remain careful that feet did not able to sleep, because it can harm the pregnant badly and baby inside the stomach can get harm. Due to increasing the stomach of the pregnant, she can become unbalance and can fall down. 

Discharging of fluid from the vagina-

        In pregnancy period, coming fluid from the vagina is a natural function. There are many such glands present inside the vaginal path that secretes additional fluid and greasy substances that make the door of ovary clean and smooth and she does not feel any difficulty at the time of giving birth to young ones. If offensive smell comes out from this fluid, or it comes in yellow or green appearance or excessive itching in the body, we should consider that any disease has occurred. For this purpose, we must take advice from a doctor. After completing 9 months, if red greasy fluid is coming out from the vagina, it is the time for delivery.        

Anemia in pregnant-

        The blood is life for animals (living creature). In the uterus, RBCs carry blood having oxygen to the baby. When blood is decreased than 9 g per c.c, she is considered as anemic. For this purpose, taking tablets or liquid medicine is necessary. But when a doctor observes that baby does not able to grow inside the stomach and delivery is nearer, this deficiency can be eliminated by injection. In this condition, she should take such food stuffs that have iron in enough quantity like- spinach, mustard, cabbage, coriander, mint, jiggery, currant, etc. due to deficiency of blood in pregnant, symptoms like- body swelling, panting (short breathing), weakness, undesired for doing any work, becoming angry even on small matters, tiredness, etc. are found. In this period, pregnant should remain careful about her weight, because due to increasing body weight, additional blood is required.     


  • In pregnancy, pregnant should take light and normal food that can be digested easily and drink enough water. Urine comes in large volume by drinking enough water and she does not able to become the victim of constipation. Addition to it, green leafy vegetables and fruits should be taken regularly.
  • After it too, if constipation does not eliminate, she should consult a doctor.