Solanum xanthocarpum




         Solanum xanthocarpum is considered as the best remedy for curing breathing problems as cough with throat irritation, fever with cold and catarrh, chest pain, pneumonia associated with the respiratory pipes, suppressed voice with breathing problems, retention of urine, burning sensation in the respiratory pipe and asthma.  

Useful in various symptoms:- 

Fever-related symptoms:-

         Solanum xanthocarpum is a great remedy in the cases of fever with over thirst, ending of hunger itself by looking at food and burning sensation in the whole body with pain.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

         Solanum xanthocarpum should be used for curing symptoms as cough with the feeling of throat irritation, pneumonia caused by burning sensation of the respiratory tubes and asthma.

Urine-related symptoms:-

         Solanum xanthocarpum is very useful remedy in the cases of retention of urine, ureter contraction, stone with urination and suppressed urine.


         Mother tincture or 2nd to 3rd potencies of Solanum xanthocarpum should be given to the suffered patient according to his symptoms. It makes the patient healthy within few days.