Solanum nigrum




         Solanum nigrum acts better on the eyes and head.  

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

         Solanum nigrum is an excellent remedy in the cases of giddiness caused by head roaming, intensive headache, weeping loudly due to headache, feeling of fear by going in darkness and headache due to blood accumulation in the head.

Nose-related symptoms:-

          Solanum nigrum should be used in the cases of excessive coldness of the body, excessive discharge from the right nostril like water and chocked left nostril with feeling of coldness. This medicine checks above symptoms completely.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

       Solanum nigrum is a great remedy in the cases of pain in the upper portion of both the eyes, dilated or contraction of the pupils, weakness of eyesight and seeming of spots before the eyes all the time.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Solanum nigrum drug is used in the cases of feeling chest contraction with dyspnea (difficulty in breathing), cough with sough ness inside the throat, thick and yellow phlegm coming with cough and pain in the left side of the chest which aggravates by touching. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.

Fever-related symptoms:-

        Solanum nigrum is a beneficial remedy in the cases of body pimples during scarlet fever, sensation of excessive coldness of the body suddenly and sometimes feeling of excessive warmth in the body. 


          Solanum nigrum can be compared with drugs like- Belladonna, Solanum, Caorolinens, Solanum memosam, Solanum olireshiyam, Solanum tuberosam, Solanum besicariam, Solaninam Aceticum, Solan-Syudocaips, Solan-tuberosa-egrotans, Solanum tyaberosam, etc.  


          Giving 2x to 30th potencies of Solanum nigrum to the suffered patient makes him healthy within few days.