Solanum lycopersicum



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          Solanum lycopersicum has proved as very beneficial drug for curing arthritis and problems, which occur after influenza

Useful in various symptoms:-

Head-related symptoms:-

          Solanum lycopersicum is an excellent remedy in the cases of bursting pain of the head, which begins from the rear of the head and moves in the entire head, and scratching pain in the whole head and head skin after abolishing head pain.

Eyes-related symptoms:-

          Solanum lycopersicum drug should be used in the cases of heaviness and contraction of the pupils, feeling of watery eyes, pain in the eyes and around them, inactiveness of the eyes and feeling of contracted eyeballs. It provides complete relief from above symptoms.    

Nose-related symptoms:-

          Solanum lycopersicum is a great remedy in the cases of excessive discharge from the nose caused by cold and catarrh, which reaches in the throat, and itching of the nose extreme, which aggravates by entering little dust in the nose and ameliorates by living inside the home.

Respiration-related symptoms:-

          Solanum lycopersicum drug is used in the cases of hoarseness; chest pain which is moved to the head, throat irritation by that crop of, the patient wants to clean his throat again and again, sensation of the obstruction in the chest and frequent cough at night by that crop of; the patient is not able to sleep properly at night. This medicine provides quick relief from above symptoms. 

Urine-related symptoms:-

          Solanum lycopersicum is a beneficial remedy in the symptoms as frequent urination due to which, the patient has to go for urination many times at night and constantly dripping of urine drop-by-drop in the open air.

Symptoms related to the external organs of the body:-

         Solanum lycopersicum drug can be used in the cases of slight pain of the back, pain of the entire back, intensive pain in the chest muscles and triangle muscles of the right shoulder, pain in the deep of the middle of right arm, rheumatic pain in the right elbow, wrist and both the hands, intensive pain in the genitalia organs and neuralgic pain in the right side of the thigh. This medicine provides complete relief from above symptoms.  

Heart-related symptoms:-

          The patient feels fear all the time caused by low pulsation. He imagines about the strange views as if something is about to happen with him. Giving Solanum lycopersicum to the suffered patient makes him normal within few days.


          These symptoms are aggravated by walking continuously, due to loud noise, in the right side and in the open air. 


          These symptoms are ameliorated by taking tobacco and in a hot room. 


          Solanum lycopersicum can be compared with drugs like- Belladonna, Eupatorium-Perfoliatum, Rhus-Toxicodendron, Sangvi, Capsicum, etc.


          Giving 3x to 30th potencies of Solanum lycopersicum to the suffered patient makes him healthy within few days.