Generally, people drink soda with great gusto but it is also used as a medicine. Soda and lemon are famous beverages. Soda eliminates gas trouble and gets rid of stomachache. Its use is beneficial in indigestion, colic pain and vomiting. Mixture of soda and lemon is very tasty and beneficial. Some people drink soda mixing with ice but the qualities of soda are not increase by doing this. Taking soda mixing with ice in winters is harmful for health. Packed-bottles of lemon and acid are also available in markets. Sometimes, tamarind’s cheap acid is used instead of lemon acid because lemon acid is costly.

Useful in different diseases:

1. Tonsillitis: Make the powder by grinding equal quantity of baking soda, salt and alum together. Mix half spoon powder in one glass water. Gargling with this mixture thrice a day is beneficial in the treatment of tonsillitis and makes the throat clean.

2. Anorexia: Take one spoon of baking soda mixing in warm water. Its use provides relief in anorexia. It increases digestion power and appetite. This remedy provides very useful in rainy season.

3. Loose motions: Give a little quantity of soda bi-carb mixing with mother’s milk to the child who has been suffering from loose motions. Its use provides relief.

4. Hemorrhoids: Mix 50 grams nitre and equal amount of pure Indian berberin in radish juice. Make tablets like a gram of this mixture and dry them. Take 3-4 tablets mixing with water twice a day. A victim of hemorrhoids gets rid of this disease by its use.

5. Stomachache:

  • Taking half spoon of baking soda mixing with water gets rid of stomachache caused by gas.
  • Mix 5 grams baking soda in warm water and make the patient drink. Its use gets rid of stomach pain.

6. Arthritis: Mix 3 spoons soda of washing cloth in one liter boiled water. Pour this mixture on the knee in a stream and then clean with water. Now, rub castor oil on the knee. Its use gets rid of rheumatism.