Often its tree is 15 meter long with 150 cm circuit. Its leaf is 15-30cm long. Its white flowers grow in clusters. Fruits is hairy in the beginning and they become blackish-brown with contraction. Seeds are like pea’s seeds and remain in black marrow. Introduction:

        There are two kinds of soapnut tree. First is Sapindus mukorossi and second one is sapindus trifoliytes. Trees of Sapindus mukorossi are found mostly in Himalayan region. Besides it, planted trees are found in North India and villages of Assam. Sapindus trifoliyates trees are found mostly in South India.  Its fruits grow in bunches and there are three fruits in a bunch. Its fruit looks like kidney but its shape looks like heart after separation. Its fruits appear like light red-brownish after ripening.

Name in different languages:

Sanskrit           -        Aristak, raktabeej, fenil

Hindi               -        Soap nut

Gujrati             -        Asoap nut      

Marathi           -         Ritha

Punjabi           -         Retha

Telugu             -         Fenilaamu, kukudukaylu

Tamil               -         Pattaran kottai         

Assam            -         Haithaguti     

Parsian           -         Fundak


Marks and flecks of the face are removed by applying ground peels of soap nut tree on the face. It fairs complexion. Burn its seeds and prepare ash. Mix double quantity of alum than ash. Teeth make strong, clean and neat by brushing with its powder. To cure hemicrania pour 2 drops of Soap nut tree peel ground with water into the nose. It is more pungent so it is unbearable but bear it. The patient does not become the victim of migraine again. Grind 20 grams its peel with 10 grams green vitriol (hara kasis) and prepare tablets like gram. Put these tablets in shadow. Taking one tablet on stale mouth for 10-12 days, piles moles destroy and this disease is cured. Grind 75 grams its kernel and mix 75 grams unrefined sugar (khaand) in it. To enhance sperm count, take 5 grams Soap nut tree powder with milk twice a day. Swallow 14 gram its ground kernel with cream to throw out the phlegm out. Asthma patient gets relief also if he takes it once a week. Epilepsy fits also stops if its patient takes 0.5 grams Soap nut tree powder with water in the morning.


Often its tree is 15 meter long with 150 cm circuit. Its leaf is 15-30cm long. Its white flowers grow in clusters. Fruits is hairy in the beginning and they become blackish-brown with contraction. Seeds are like pea’s seeds and remain in black marrow.  Its tree flowers appear in November-December and fruits are prepared from February to April.

Chemical structure: Saiponin, sugar and packtin are found in its fruit which are destroyer of phlegm. Its seeds contain 30 percent fat which is used for preparing soap.


It is anti-tridosha (vatta, pitta and kaffa) and remains a person far from Grahas. Mostly it is used to reduce the poison of opium. It is also used for the treatment of kaffa and pitta.

  Soapnut is useful in different diseases:
1.     Hemi crania:

Hemi crania:

    • Grind soap nut tree fruit with 1-2 black peppers and pour its 4-5 drops into patient’s nose. Its use provides relief.
    • Immerse the peel of Soap nut tree fruit and rub it in the morning and filter through cloth and drip its 1-1 drop into the nose. Its use provides relief to the patient of hemicrania.
    • Smelling the powder of Soap nut tree fruit is useful for the treatment of hemicrania.
    2.     Eyes Diseases:

    Eyes Diseases:

      Boil Soap nut tree with little water and apply this boiled water under eyelids. It provides relief.
      3.     Teeth Diseases:

      Teeth Diseases:

        Toast Soap nut tree seeds and grind. Mix this mixture with alum in equal quantity. Rub this mixture on teeth. Its use cures all the kinds of teeth diseases.
        4.     Excessive gas:

        Excessive gas:

          After menstrual excretion women’s mind becomes senseless due to gas. A lady feels darkness before her eyes. Her teeth stick to each another. In this condition grind soap nut with water and prepare its foam. Apply foam in the eyes like collyrium. Its use ends gas effect and woman becomes healthy.
          5.     Dandruff:


            • Washing hair by Sapindus mukorossi, hair become shiny, black, thick and soft. Its use ends dandruff also.
            • Dandruff ends by washing hair with Sapindus mukorossi’ water.
            6.     Epilepsy:


              • Epilepsy is cured by smelling the powder of Sapindus mukorossi.
              • Grind Sapindus mukorossi’s with stone and peels. Give this powder to the patient of epilepsy to smell. This disease is cured by its daily use.
              7. Heads Ache:

              Heads Ache:

                Mix 1 gram powder of Soap nut tree and 2-3 grams Trikuta’ (dry ginger, black pepper and long pepper) powder in 50 ml water and keep for whole night. In the morning filter this mixture and fill into a bottle. Pour 4-5 drops into nose of this mixture on stale mouth. Nose pipes puff after its use and headache disappears soon.
                8. Blood Piles:

                Blood Piles:

                  Separate seeds and other material from the soap nut. Toast the remaining substance on the grid except seeds. Mix papria catechu in it in equal quantity. After that grind and filter it through a cloth. Take 125 ml this medicine with butter or cream for seven days regularly. The patient should not take salt and sour things (khatai) during treatment.
                  9. Diarrhea:


                    Grind 4 grams Soap nut kernel with water until foam makes. Give this water to the patient to drink.
                    10. Anuria and dysuria:

                    Anuria and dysuria:

                      Immerse 25 grams Soap nut in one liter water for whole night. In the morning filter it and give it to the patient to drink. It is useful medicine for the treatment of anuria and dysuria.
                      11. Amenorrhea:


                        Grind soap nut kernel and peel properly. Mix honey in it and put it in vagina by wrapping this preparation with a wick. Its use starts closed menstrual excretion.
                        12. Pain:


                          Take 1\4 gram kernel powder with syrup or simple water. Its use ends pain.
                          13. Sperm count:

                          Sperm count:

                            Grind soap nut and mix with equal quantity of jiggery. Take 1 teaspoon this preparation twice a day with one cup milk. Its use enhances sperm count.
                            14. Poison:


                              Boil soap nut fruit in water. Its use throws the poison out with vomiting.
                              15. Opium poison:

                              Opium poison:

                                Boil soap nut in water until steam produces. Give half cup this water to the patient to drink. By taking it opium poison ends.
                                16. Scorpion bite:

                                Scorpion bite:

                                  • Grind its fruit and apply it into eyes like collyrium and apply on the affected portion. Its use provides relief.
                                  • Grind its kernel and mix equal quantity of jiggery in it. Prepare 1-2 grams tablets this preparation. Take one tablet at the regular interval of five minutes. Three tablets should be taken within 15 minutes. Scorpion poison ends by taking these tablets.
                                  • Put pulp of Soap nut fruit into Hubble-bubble and smoke like tobacco. Its use ends scorpion poison.
                                  17. At the biting of poisonous insects:

                                  At the biting of poisonous insects:

                                    Grind its kernel with vinegar and apply it on the affected part. Its use provides relief to the patient.
                                    18. For soft hair:

                                    For soft hair:

                                      Grind headychium spicatium (kapoor kachri) and nut grass each 100 grams, camphor and soap nut kernel each 40 grams, 250 grams acacia concinna (shikakai), 200 grams Indian gooseberry (amala). Mix 50 ml water in this preparation and then apply this paste on the head. After that wash hair cleanly with hot water. Lice and tiny louse are killed by its application. Hair becomes thick, silky, shiny and dandruff less if head is washed with the mixture of soap nut, Indian gooseberry (amala) and acacia concinna (shikakai).
                                      19. Asthma:


                                        • Phlegm comes out with the vomiting by taking 1\4 gram to 1.20 grams soap nut powder
                                        • To smell fine powder of soap nut is also useful for the treatment of asthma patient.
                                        20. Blackening Hair:

                                        Blackening Hair:

                                          Grind soap nut and ground Indian gooseberry (amala) each 250 grams, acacia concinna (shikakai) pods and henna’s dried leaves and nut grass each 25 grams. Shampoo is ready. Take spoonful this preparation and boil with some water. Wash hair with this water. White hair becomes black by its use.
                                          21. Pyorrhea:


                                            Grind 250 grams toasted Soap nut peel and prepare fine powder. Take one fourth tea spoon this ash by mixing 5 drops of mustard oil. Brush your teeth with this powder. The problem of pyorrhea ends if a person brushes teeth with this powder for two months regularly.
                                            22. Night Blindness:

                                            Night Blindness:

                                              • Grind soap nut with water and apply it in the eyes twice of thrice a day. It is good treatment of night blindness.
                                              • Immerse two Soap nut into little water at night. In the morning grind these with the same water and filter. Apply this water in the eyes with the help of surgical probe. Its use cures night blindness.
                                              • Grind its peel and mix with water and pour its drops into nose in the morning. Its use cures night blindness.
                                              23. Emetic Medicines:

                                              Emetic Medicines:

                                                The patient starts on vomiting by taking 3.50 ml to 7 ml water of Soap nut powder.
                                                24. Diarrhea:


                                                  Cook one soap nut into one liter water. Cool this water and take half cup twice a day. Its use prevents diarrhea.
                                                  25. Piles:


                                                    • Mix ground peels of Soap nut with the milk and prepare tablets equal to plum. Taking one tablet with salt and whey twice a day provides relief in piles.
                                                    • Burn Soap nut t peel and prepare ash. Mix 10 grams this ash with equal quantity of white catechu. Take half to one gram this powder with butter or cream twice a day. Its use ends itch and provides relief in piles.
                                                    26. Sprue:


                                                      Heat 4 grams soap nut with 250 ml water until foam produces. Sprue is cured by taking it. It should be taken in lukewarm condition.
                                                      27. Disorders relating to menses:

                                                      Disorders relating to menses:

                                                        Dry Soap nut after unpeeling in sunlight and grind it. Take 2 grams this powder with honey. It is a fail proof medicine to normalize menstrual excretion disorders.
                                                        28. Wax in the ear:

                                                        Wax in the ear:

                                                          Pour Soap nut water into the ear with the help of a syringe or any other means. Wax becomes soft by pouring its drops into the ear. Pull this wax with the help of any small stick covering with cotton.
                                                          29. Coryza:


                                                            Prepare powder by grinding Soap nut peel and bay berry each in equal quantity. Smelling this powder cures coryza.
                                                            30. Coryza or new catarrh:

                                                            Coryza or new catarrh:

                                                              Grind Soap nut peel, Kashmiri patta and coriander each 10 grams to prepare powder. Smelling this powder ends coryza.
                                                              31. Syphilis:


                                                                Mix ground Soap nut with water and prepare tablets equal to gram. Dry these tablets into shadow. Take one tablets in the morning with curd. Little curd should be taken after taking this medicine. Its use provides relief in syphilis. Don’t take salt and hot things during this period.
                                                                32. Unconsciousness:


                                                                  Grind soap nut with water and pour some drops of this water into the nose of the patient. Its use breaks unconsciousness and the patient returns in his senses.
                                                                  33. Gout:


                                                                    Application of soap nut paste is useful for the treatment of gout pain.
                                                                    34. Ulcer (head ulcer):

                                                                    Ulcer (head ulcer):

                                                                      Apply Soap nut paste on the head ulcer. Pain and swelling caused by ulcer cures are cured by its applying it.
                                                                      35. Ringworm:


                                                                        Dissolve 50 grams bark of Soap nut, rotten and decayed coconut, fresh coconut, rotten and decayed betel-nut and 100 ml sesame oil into 400 ml water and boil until oil remains only. Filter it. Apply this oil on the eczema, ringworm, itching, rashes, boil and pimples. Its use ends all these and other skin diseases.
                                                                        36. Hysteria:


                                                                          Grind 4-5 soap nuts with one cup of water. Immerse a cloth in its foam produced after grinding. It should be given to the patient to smell. Its use breaks unconsciousness caused by hysteria.
                                                                          37. Jaundice:


                                                                            • Immerse 15 grams Soap nut peel and onosma bracteatum in 250 ml water at night. Drink this water in the morning. Take this water for seven days regularly. Its use cures chronic jaundice.
                                                                            • Immerse ground peel of Soap nut into little water at night. Drip 2 drops into the nose thrice a day. Its use provides relief in jaundice.
                                                                            38. Itching:


                                                                              Applying Soap nut paste is a good medicine for the treatment of itching.
                                                                              39. Leprosy:


                                                                                Applying ground Soap nut on the patient’s wounds cures he wounds soon.
                                                                                40. Headache:


                                                                                  • Grind Soap nut with water until it produces foam. Warm this water and pour its 2-3 drops into nose. The water should be so hot that patient may bear it. Dripping this water ends headache.
                                                                                  • Grind Soap nut peel with water and pour into the nose. Its use provides relief.
                                                                                  41. Different diseases of Children:

                                                                                  Different diseases of Children:

                                                                                    Grind Soap nut peel and prepare powder. Mix honey with 1\4 gram this powder and give to the child to lick. Its use throws the phlegm out with stool and provides relief in running ribs. Dissolve mica into milk equal to kidney bean. Its use destroys thick phlegm and cures locked gums. The child does not hate of drinking milk. Ribs pain is also cured. Make heat mustard oil, asafetida and garlic together. Apply it on running ribs but don’t apply it on the chest.
                                                                                    42. Baldness:


                                                                                      If there is baldness on the head, wash head with soap nut leaves and Indian beech and bitter wood apple’s oil mixing with lemon juice should be applied on the head. It use provides relief.
                                                                                      43. Throat pain:

                                                                                      Throat pain:

                                                                                        Grind peel of soap nut and mix with honey. Give this mixture to the patient to lick twice a day. Its use cures throat pain.
                                                                                        44. Throat diseases:

                                                                                        Throat diseases:

                                                                                          Grind 10 grams peel of soap nut into fine powder. Take 1\4 gram this powder with honey or betel leaves twice a day. Its use provides relief in throat diseases.