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Grind soap-nut and apply in the head, soup has not to be needed. Introduction:

          Mostly, soap-nut tree are found in many places of India. This tree is very huge and its leaves are also big than cluster fig leaves. It should not be considered that soap-nut tree is common tree but it is only illusion. Grind soap-nut and apply in the head, soup has not to be needed. 

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. The poison of snake, opium and somal: Soap-nut is very useful to alleviate poison. If someone becomes the victim of snack bite, apply soap-nut water in the eyes as collyrium to alleviate snake poison. If the poison effect has increased, soap-nuts water should be drunk. Using this process causes vomiting and alleviates poison quickly. This medicine removes the poison of opium, Somal and other things. Apply it in the eyes as collyrium and after that rub the juice of soap-nut leave on the body. After subsiding poison, inflammation begins to start in the eyes and eyes become dark redness. Butter or fresh ghee should be applied in the eyes as collyrium for 2-4 days regularly to get coolness and remove dryness. If someone needs to apply its collyrium in eyes, he should apply butter or fresh ghee in eyes before other inflammation occurs in the eyes.

2. Scorpion poison: Mix powder of one pieces soap-nut with jiggery and prepare three tablets from it. Take one tablet and drink some cold water after sometime take second tablet and drink lukewarm water, thus take third tablet and drink cold water after sometimes. Using this process alleviates poison effects quickly. If someone is addict to take tobacco, he should smoke with soap-nut leaves by Hubble bubble. It alleviates scorpion poison too.

3. Congeal phlegm in the chest:

  • Eating fine powder of soap-nuts bark brings out phlegm from the body after smelting.
  • The patient should drink soap-nuts water and rub its foam on the stomach.

4. Headache: Smelling about 180 to 240 mg. soap-nut seeds is useful to end unbearable pain of the head.

5. Brain disorders: Grind black peppers with juice of soap-nut leaves and drip it in the nostril. Using this process is useful to end headache, migraine and all type of brain disorders.

6. Different types of disorders of the pregnant woman: If any pregnant or delivered woman suffers from brain heaviness, giddiness, darkness in front of eyes and teeth sticking, it should be considered that she suffers from ‘AnantVaat’ or ‘Nandvayu’ disease. Collyrium of soap-nuts foam should be applied in the eyes and butter or ghee should be applied in the eyes for 2-3 days regularly.

7. Disorders caused by warmth: Soap-nut foam should be applied on the affected part 2-3 times a day and after that wash the affected part with lukewarm water. Using this process provides relief in disorders caused by warmth.

8. Inflammation caused by walking bare foot in sunlight: Rubbing soap-nut foam on feet provides coolness.

9. Guineaworms (which occurs due to drink pollute water): Grind kernels of soap-nut seeds with asafetida and heat it. After that, tie this preparation on the affected part to get relief in above disease.

10. Epilepsy:

  • Filter ground soap-nut and make the patient smell regularly. It is useful to cure epilepsy.
  • Putting kernel of soap-nut seeds in the patient mouth ends giddiness caused by epilepsy.
  • Filter soap-nut powder with the help of cloth and give it to the patient to smell. It is excellent treatment to cure epilepsy.
  • Grind soap-nut with lemon juice and drip it in the nose, it cures epilepsy fits.

11. Vomiting and loose-motions: Rub the foam (which originates caused by crushing of soap-nut) of soap-nut on the stomach and feet as well as take it too. Using this process stops vomiting with loose motions.

12. Blood tumours in the body: Grind root of bitter Varndawani with soap-nut water and give it to the patient to drink, it smelts blood tumours.

13. Eyes web: Foam of soap-nut should be applied in the both eyes as collyrium. If the patient feels relief by applying this foam, butter should be applied in the eyes until 3 days.

14. Snake biting to the cow and buffalo: If any cow and other pet animal suffer from snack bite, soap-nuts foam should be applied in the eyes of cow or buffalo as well as give about 500 to 900 grams soap-nut water to the suffered animal. Using this process alleviates snack poison.

15. Stomach worms of children: Grind fine soap-nut bark and mix jaggery in it. Prepare tablets equal of ¼ grams from this mixture and store it. After that, give 1-1 tablet to children regularly to destroy stomach worms.

16. Stomachache:

  • Mix powder of soap-nut seed’ kernel with equal powder of fever nut (Katakarnza) stone kernels there after mix half quantity of asafetida, sanchal and ginger juice in it. Prepare tablets equal of gram from this mixture and store it. After that, take 2 tablets with lukewarm water thrice a day to get relief in unbearable pain of the within one week.
  • All the types of stomach diseases are cured by taking bark of soap-nut with cuttle fish bone.

17. Giddiness caused by fit (Doura): Crush 36 to 48 milligrams soap-nut with water and drip it in the nose. The patient becomes sensitive by dripping this mixture. Using this experiment in every fits cures this disease. Or give its smoke to the patient should to smell.

18. Hysteria: The women, who suffer from hysteria, should smell soap-nuts smoke. If any woman suffers from disorders of menstrual excretion, soap-nut is very useful medicine to end such types of disorders than other medicines.

19. Menses disturbance: The women, who suffer from menses disturbance, should take water of 3-4 pieces of soap-nut at bed time regularly because it makes menstrual excretion normal.

20. Delivery problems (embryo does not come out during delivery): Grind bark of soap-nut and prepare a stick from it. Embryo comes out quickly by putting this stick in the vagina.

21. Menses disturbance and Stomachache: If any woman suffers from menses disturbance and stomach, grind bark of soap-nut and prepare stick from it. Putting this stick in the vagina makes menstrual excretion normal and ends stomachache too.

22. All types of poison: If someone suffers from any type of poison, apply water of soap-nut in the eyes and drip it in the nose too. Using this process alleviates all the types of poison.  

23. Brain temperature in fast fever: Soak a bandage in soap-nut water and put it on the head. By using this process any type of brain problem does not occur and fever subsides.

24. Asthma: The person, who suffers from asthma, should take soap-nut kernel or mango stone because it cures asthma.

25. Pain in menstrual excretion: Taking tablets of 3-4 soap-nuts water ends menses pain and makes clean.

26. Scrofula: Coat a paste of soap-nut on the affected part to end swelling caused by scrofula.