Sneeze Weed




Sneeze weed is also known by the names of Chhikni, Chhikkika and Teekshna.

Taste: It is pungent.


Sneeze weed increases appetite and bile. It cures leprosy, diseases produced due to Vaata, phlegm and other diseases.

Useful in Different Diseases:

1. Toothache: Grind sneeze weed and prepare a paste and heat it. After that, apply this lukewarm paste on inside and outside of the mouth, it ends fast toothache quickly.

2. Jaw’s Pain: Grind it with water then heat. After that, apply this hot paste on the throat, it provides relief in pain.

3. Constipation: Grind dried leaves of sneeze weed and prepare powder. Smelling this powder is beneficial to get relief in constipation caused by sneezing.

4. Choked nose because of Cold: Smelling sneeze weed helps to open chocked nose and its use cures common cold.

5. Hozkin (Increased Gland): Grind dried sneeze weed and prepare the powder. After that, take 1-gram powder with butter regularly for 6-7 days, it provides relief in this disease. Keep attention, if patient stool’s colour changes into red, there is no need to worry.

6. Nose Diseases: Dripping juice or powder of sneeze weed into the nose starts sneezing and throws the dirt out. If one does not get sneeze weed then try to sneeze by anyway. Pierce yarn in the nostril, it helps in sneezing. Cardamom powder is also useful for sneezing.

7. Migraine: Smelling juice or powder of sneeze weed is useful to cure migraine.

8. Epilepsy: Grind 10 grams sneeze weed and give it to patient to smell. Its use provides relief quickly.