Snake Biting



         Poison starts to spread in the body when he is bitten by a snake and the patient dies because of this reason.

Natural treatment to subside or to remove the effect of snake poison:

         If a person is bitten by a snake, we should tie the bitten portion with a rope by leaving the point where the snake has stung. We should tie at least three bonds forwardly and backwardly from the bitten portion. Cut the main bitten portion with the help of a blade or knife and whole blood of the bitten portion should be expelled out by pressing. Thereafter, purify the wound by washing with neem juice mixed hot water. Untie all the three bonds and the affected area should be sunk into the deep of cold water. Thereafter, wash the wound with lemon juice mixed lukewarm water. Make the patient adopt enema with lukewarm water. After that, make the victim steam bath according to natural treatment. After sometime, make the patient bath with cold water and then cold mudpack should be applied on the wound. Tie cold mudpack again when this bandage becomes hot after sometime.   

        If 24 hours have passed after biting a person or there is no hope of the life of the victim, dig a well equal to the length of the victim. Make the patient stand in this well but the mouth should remain out of the well and fill clean soil in the well. Then, keep a wet towel on the head by drenching in cold water. The patient should be kept in the same condition for at least 24 hours. Get the victim out when he returns in his senses. Thus, poison of snake reduces or ends by doing the treatment in this way and the patient becomes well completely.